T-Mobile customers buying apps from the Android Market have only been able to use credit cards for their purchases ... until now.

An update is being silently rolled out to T-Mo customers that will allow app purchases to be added to their T-Mobile bill. The update is being staggered, and should be complete by Dec. 30. And as per the usual, any app deleted within 24 hours will not be charged to your credit card or T-Mobile account.

That's a good option that T-Mobile customers should have had by now. But better late than never.

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No credit card for the Market? T-Mobile will take your money


I can see this going bad real quickly; people buying loads of apps and then getting a huge bill.

If this new ability to purchase apps through your T-Mobile bill creates an influx of inflated cell bills, as some commenters have suggested, I wanted to add a tip for seriously cutting your wireless costs; an intuitive but often realistically tough proposition. However, I work in the consumer advocacy division of the Houston-based company Validas, where we electronically audit and subsequently reduce the average cell bill by 22 percent through our website, http://www.fixmycellbill.com (and I'll add that 22 percent equates to over $450 per year for the average user).

You can find out for free if fixmycellbill.com can modify your plan to better suit your individual needs by going to the website. Check out Validas in the media, most recently on Fox News at http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/dpp/consumer/conlaw/lower_cell_phone_bills_... .

Good luck to everyone reading on retaking control over your wireless expenses and potentially freeing up some extra cash this holiday season.

Consumer Advocacy, Fixmycellbill.com

Making it easier to purchase applications is a great idea. Many people are not familiar with Google Checkout, or they do not feel comfortable paying with their credit cards at all.

To keep the bill under control, some new features could be implemented. For example, the total for the apps purchased that month could be shown before each payment. Also, a monthly-maximum setting could be added, so additional purchases are denied (or at least the user gets a warning). The maximum would be particularly useful to control how many games your kids are buying.


thats nice! since its really hard to get a creditcard in the netherlands becouse u need to earn ALOOT money to get one.. so cant wait! i want a gameboy emulator with saving options.. but there arent any freeones that can save lol.. keep up te good work tmobile! and hurry with this update :)

Well, I have select payment option, but it only allows credit card option. I only want 2 apps that you have to pay for at the moment but I don't have a card so it kind of is hard to buy those apps at the moment. Paypal as option would be nice though since I can control that with my bank account anyway. Oh well in the mean time I guess this saves me the 5 dollars I would have spent.

If i have t-mobile, can i just buy an unlocked iphone and place my simcard into it and would it work?
i was thinking of buying an unlocked iphone off of craigslist but i have t-mobile and im not sure if it is compatible with the iphone.