NFL fantasy

Football is right around the corner (finally!), and that means fantasy players everywhere are gathering information for their drafts. is obviously the official site for the league and therefore is immensely popular with the football crowd. An official fantasy app from the NFL has been added to the Market that will allow users to manage their teams on-the-go. This means that wherever they are, they can look for ways to improve their teams.

Here is what you can do with the app:

  • Join or create a league
  • Check live fantasy scoring
  • Sit/Start and Add/Drop players
  • Propose and accept trades
  • Read up-to-the minute player news
  • Manage teams in multiple leagues

This is great news for fantasy owners who have been calling for a dedicated Android app to manage their teams. The app is available for free from the Android Market, please find links after the break.

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Wooohooo So much easier to do with APPS... Time to get my Teams ready..... LETS GO PATRIOTS!

arundc says:

Good call at the end :-)

Excited so much easier to do this from the couch then go to my PC. Here's to the 49ers going 8-8! Always shooting for the stars with my team!

In that Division 8-8 is ALL YOU NEED to make the playoffs lol

TBolt2011 says:

Not to get into a football debate on a tech forum, but I believe my Rams will hit double digit wins this year. :)

ben dover says:

I'm in the STL and hope for the best but the Rams have an interesting schedule for this year...

Ha ha ha rams double digits... Ahhhh that was a good laugh...

dubdrop says:

For reals!!!! The rams!!!!??? Browns fan here and you just proved how much of a realist i am with my team than you with yours. With that said good luck cause we both need it.

arcadelion says:

The Rams had their chance last year and blew it to the Seahawks. SMH

Show some love for the Houston Texans! Wade Philips defense FTW!

arundc says:

Animosity aside, aren't we all just glad for Football?!?! Good luck to all your teams and your fantasy leagues. I hope my team, Patriots, make it past the 2nd round of the playoffs this year :).

JustNasty says:

Does this APP have a widget? I would be so cool to track your team in realtime without opening the full blown app.

rayln says:

nfl and yahoo have apps for their fantasy football structures.. why is espn slacking?

shmutt1980 says:

6.46MB and cannot move to SD card??!!