Nexus S ICS update

Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich was briefly pushed to the Nexus S last December, before being pulled due to battery life issues on some handsets. Now reports suggest that the official resumption of over-the-air updates to ICS may be just a few weeks away, and that the Nexus S 4G will finally see the latest version of Android, too.

Engadget​ reports via "trusted sources" that the Nexus S and Sprint Nexus S 4G will both receive fresh updates to ICS in "the next few weeks." It's been a long wait for Nexus S 4G users in particular, who've yet to see anything official besides a leaked 4.0.4 build.

If you'd rather not wait a few weeks to get Ice Cream Sandwich on your Nexus S, you can check out our guide to manually installing the update. And like we said, there's always that leaked build for the Nexus S 4G -- though you'll have to muddle through with the same radio issues that affected Gingerbread on some devices.

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Nexus S ICS updates reportedly restarting in 'a few weeks'


I find it really funny how Android Central keeps deleting my comments on this issue, yet you have no problem taking another sites work and pasting it on yours. I asked AC many times to look into this situation with you refusing and going so far as to delete my comments. And now look all I had to do was ask Engadget one time (look at post #182 to look into it and they call Google and write a post within 3 hours of us speaking. Lazy reporting AC, really lazy.

I thought Android Central was supposed to be "the center of the Android Universe" when it came to Android news, not Engadget.

Petro - we get it, your'e angry. Bottom line - it's not AC's responsibility to do research on your behalf. I'd stick by my guns and reiterate again and again that the Nexus S rollout of ICS hasn't been great - but that it's been rolled out to 90% of those, with the exclusion of the Nexus S 4g - isn't too bad. I'd go a step farther and say that "that the upgrade was halted" because of technical issues - and they're being resolved - is a pretty good indication that Google is working on the issue, that they're not on the same time table you'd like them to be on is irrelevent. I don't like that Apple won't write me back and give me basic driver support that I need to finish an App - but I realize that I'm on their time table - they're not on mine - so guess what...I get to wait (oddly, I don't ever have this issue with Google/Samsung...huh).

My time table was the same as Google's as Google was the one that stated that the NS4G would be "first to receive software updates". These are the expectations they set, it is no ones fault but theirs for not keeping their end up.

Not to mentions that the OTA has no were near been rolled out to 90% of Nexus users. Not a single AT&T or Sprint Nexus S received an update, nor did the majority of the T-Mobile users. You shouldn't change facts just so you can make a better argument.

Whether or not you feel AC doesn't need to represent it's users doesn't change the fact that they are hypocrites. To state that Google failing to update their own device with their own OS is not news on an Android news site is ridiculous. To then go so far as to delete comments that pertain to the subject just so the site doesn't look bad is in extremely poor taste. On top of all of that they still have no problem taking the work of another site that does represent it's users and posting it here, were they have already claimed this situation to not be news.

Now who is changing facts. I have in my house right now: A Nexus S from Sprint, (on) Tmobile and (on) AT&T, both my Tmobile and AT&T versions were updated in (IIRC) late November/early December - so yes...updates did go out to the masses. I wasn't one of the ones affected by the "bugs" but they seem pretty widespread across t-mo and AT&T users - so they pulled it...shocking I know.

Sorry you didn't get yours and that your vagina is all sandy as a result - but you're wrong, the update went out - it was got pulled back - end of story. The Nexus S 4g's didn't ever roll out - probably as a result of the same bug (that was identified) before it started rolling - the implementation team made a judgement call (which I'd dare say was correct) and it's taken time to resolve the issue(s) - period the end.

No, AC doesn't need to represent or (do work) research for it's users - it's not a support site, it's a news tech blog - it delivers news. I'm glad the guys over at engadget were nice enough to go help you get an answer the rest of us just assumed (it's coming) - but you can't hold anyone accountable for doing something that a business purpose doesn't support it doing. To be fair, and Tech blogs aren't my business - but if it were mine, if I had an inflamatory, emotional user posting multiple articles on my site with the same basic content over and over and over and over and over again - I'd probably delete them too. You're argument, sound as it may be, doesn't add anything to the resolution by adding frequency to your same...repeated issue ad nauseum - it just makes you look like an ass, and doesn't do anything for the readership - so as a business...I'd taken their side. And guess what - it's a Tech blog - they're allowed to take information from other news sites and aggregate it for users provided that they provide journalistic credit where it's due (which they have done)....don't like that, you should probably start reading fewer blogs.

You are still lying. The AT&T Nexus S never received the OTA update. The only way to get ICS on it is to root and install the update from T-Mobile. Even then you need flash the AT&T radio on it to work. Or flash a custom rom. Either way neither of those are OTA's from Google.

I would also like to point out that I have never resorted to calling names or using foul language. Yet every single person that wants to argue feels the need to do so. Now who are the ones that look like an "ass"?

And just as I stated before, no AC does not "need to represent" its users. But to turn around and print material that someone else did the leg work on, on a subject deemed not news worthy by this very site is very hypocritical. But obviously that point will still continue to escape you as you return to fling more insults at me.

I honestly have no clue where Alex got the information about having to "muddle through with the same radio issues that affected Gingerbread on some devices." I installed the 4.0.4 baseband and my signal improved immensely. Also, Sprint released a PRL update about a week ago, and my 4G has increased by 50%! If anything, 4.0.4 made improvements in almost every area of my phone, and I know for a fact that I'm not the only one. Have a read through NS4G gen chat at XDA and you'll find plenty of threads with users who agree!

Petrochemicals2's attitude is the reason the terrorists hate us. They are trying to find clean water and enough food to get through the day and he's laying in bed at night freaking out about his phone.

You are right. No company should ever be held accountable for false advertising or poor customer service. There are people starving and dying in the world. From now on all governments, companies, organizations get to do whatever they want, people are suffering elsewhere!

What do you want them to do? You want money? Unfinished software? If it's not ready it's not ready. Are you so dense that you can't understand that?

you're the dense one, if it's not ready it's not ready and that is fine. What's not fine by any means is Google's silence and our (the fans of Android) being ignored not only by Google but by sites such as this for information. If Apple did the same thing, it would be all over and I'm more than willing to be this site wouldn't hesitate to post info on Apple ignoring their customers.

Jesus Christ - what is it you want. An update, a press conference every single day, week, month and yearly update that says "Hey, it's still broken, we don't have it fixed yet, we don't know when it'll be fixed.." - in the future, take silence to your questions as one of or all of the above

I urge you to go look through Google's help forum. The only provided customer service for the Nexus and it's OS. As proof that silence is not a very good way to position your CS and PR.

Google has not replied to a single users questions with an actual fix to a single problem in months. This is the lack of customer service we keep on talking about. Even AC reported on how Google is staying completely silent on where their EU developers checks are for their March payments. This is a very real issue that needs addressed sooner rather than later. As this effects every single Android user, not just us Nexus S guys or EU devs. If Google can not provide adequate support for their OS and phones more and more will realise this and abandon the OS all together. I am sure that is something none of us want.

The only thing I can figure as to why the users still do not want to admit this is a problem is because of the fragmentation and fanboyism. Not everyone has the same device. So when one device has a problem others just write it off as something that does not effect them. The problem with that is that now we are bickering among ourselves instead of taking the issue up with Google where it belongs. This is the very reason I believe that IOS and the iPhone get their problems sorted out rather quickly. As everyone owns the same phone, so in turn it effects all of them. Collectively making Apple deal with a very large mass of in unison complainers. This is something Android users need to start doing more of, as there are a lot of things broken with the way Google is handling their OS.

This whole debacle as shown us AndroidCentral's true colors, at least to me. Personally love Android, but rabid fanboism is the only reason I can surmise that this has been ignored. Read this article on another Android site and came here to check to see if they finally reported on the Nexus S issue. Good bye android central!

This makes think twice about buying the next Nexus... @Google, you mean to tell me that YOUR phone, is not working with YOUR software? LoL its been 5 months! Shouldnt you have tested 5 months before releasing this?

Or are you waiting until Sprint gets their LTE ready so you can release the Galaxy Nexus and this update on the same date? Wink wink*

1 year ago I said I wouldn't buy an android device that wasn't a nexus device because software updates are important to me. After this debacle I'm severely concerned that if Google can't even keep up with software updates that I should be looking at another platform. I don't feel burned I get the reasons the software hasn't been pushed to me yet. But I also believe that this is the beginning of the end for the nexus program, because it won't get better next year when the Galaxy nexus on Verizon is still waiting on an update.

True! LOL The HTC Vivid already received it!!! Yet Googles baby ( Nexus S) is still on the "pending list" LoL sorry guys but I think the Nexus program is DEAD. 1. They dont release the NEXUS to ALL carriers 2.Othr phones are getting update BEFORE ...Wow

Jay-Z - "A wise man told me don't argue with fools
Cause people from a distance can't tell who is who"

First this is opinion but I really think the editors don't want to report anything too negative because android is the hand that feeds them. These sites wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for android. There are plenty of other places to get windows, iphone info without ever coming to android central. I visit this site daily just for news and only that. I don't use the forums because there just isn't enough going on.

This NExus S crap that is going on is a joke and really shows Google's true colors. Fanboys in here will stand up and say it is OK for them to be that way because most of them don't even have the nexus s. ICS has been out for months and Google just stays completely hush mouth about not getting the update out sooner. Now all of a sudden when there is word it's coming all the tech blogs are reporting the update is coming. Where were you guys when the update was missing for three months??? I saw post on Android and Me touching on the fact that this is crap and needs to be brought to light. I was glad to see someone stand up and say something. Google is slowly showing their true colors and showing that they are NO Iphone or Apple and never will be. I have been using android since day one and due to the fragmentation just getting worst and worst, I have decided to move on to the iphone. These phones cost way too much to not be getting support from Google. ICS comes out in December and here it is mid march and Samsung and HTC although late to the game are already updating their phones. What a shame to see what android has become. The whole buy only Nexus phones is a complete joke. They will do the exact same thing with the Galaxy Nexus.

If you think iOS is better than Gingerbread than you should have bought the iPhone in the first place because, apart from Siri, iOS5 is the same as iOS4. I've never understood the "updates are too slow" argument as a reason for switching to the iPhone. If you get an iPhone, you quickly get updates from one crap version of iOS to the next crap version. How is that better? The only app specifically for ICS that is worth getting is Chrome and even then Dolphin HD is better in a lot of respects. Really, what has been so bad about being stuck on Gingerbread for the last 4 months?

What all of you need to understand is that every company has its problems .I bet if the initial rollout was never pulled all of you would be whining that your phone is screwed and Google messed your phone up.Yet they pull the update to fix it and all you guys can do is complain. I understand it was wrong for them to keep silent but sometimes they just have to much work going on for them that they can't address every little problem. Also, if you are so dissatisfied with android why not leave the OS already?or is Google binding you down by the chains.Because from what I understand when someone is dissatisfied with their product and receive no support for it from the products company they get rid of it,yet your still here.

I believe there is a binding agreement with my service provider that "chains" me to this phone. The NS4G is still under a year old. Got more than half of my contract with Sprint ahead of me as I am sure the other NS4G users do as well. As a matter of fact we are still paying off the price of this subsidized phone with our contract fees. So we are still paying for a phone that has absolutely no customer service. How awesome is that?

And it seems to me that if Google is "too busy" to make a working OS, or provide adequate support then maybe they should not be allowing it to be put onto devices. It's not like this is Google's first crack at making an OS. This is the fourth iteration. These kind of problems should not be so prevalent at this stage of the game.

I have an evo 4g and am stuck on gb and rooted it and put ics and its not all that.Why because it just wasn't made for that phone so theres constant lag as well as force closes here and there so i flashed back to cm7,so maybe google is just trying to make sure there are no lagging problems with the nexus s 4g ics update so people wont complain about it. You stated that there's been 2-3 phones that have been updated to ics, are any of those single core?Didnt think so. There is a reason they take their time on the ns4g its single core and they want to make sure ics works perfectly fine on it. Also,you do know you can sell your phone and then just buy a used phone that's not android online right? If i was really mad at google and their os and no longer planned on using their products i would have done that. You can easily sell your nexus4g if its in like new condition for around 150.if it okay condition 100..with that look around online or on craigslist and buy a new phone simple as that.

I think some of you in here are treading close to the line in this discussion. No I'm not taking sides. I see valid points both ways. The bashing of AC is going to get some accts banned. Phil has a short leash if he feels his credibility or journalistic credentials are questioned.

On a side note. I just bought an off contract Rezound. Seeing this mess with the NS4G made me wary of the GNex. Particularly as it's on Verizon. I just unlocked the bootloader & rooted this phone & will soon completely kill Sense & all bloat. It's mine to do with as I wish & the dev community has already cooked up some goodness. I decided to no longer wait for updates from Verizon/Google or some manufacturer.

It seems that was supposed to be the promise of the Nexus. I wonder if that is still true.

I have had my nexus s since it was released before that a nexus one..the reason I buy nexus phones is because they get great from support. I have been running ics for months now...mostly the ota version 4.0.3 but recently re rooted and running miui ics. The only thing that has kept me from upgrading to the g`nexus is Verizon...once the GSM unlocked version hits US I will upgrade. I don't buy $500+ unsubsidized phones to run stock. I have no complaints with my nexus s but will be upgrading the hardware to the galaxy nexus