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Google's "social media streamer," the Nexus Q, looked to be approaching launch just a few days ago, with its Google Play Store listing being updated to "in stock", and apparently shipping in 3-5 days.  Well, either the initial stock has entirely sold out, or a snag has been hit somewhere alone the way, as the Q has returned to its previous status of "ships soon," with the glowing multimedia orbs apparently expected to be ready to go in 2-3 weeks.

We ordered a few Nexus Q's to give away right as the device was announced, and none of our orders have shipped so far. If you've placed a Nexus Q order, let us know whether yours has been dispatched down in the comments.

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Nexus Q no longer in stock on Google Play, 'shipping in 2-3 weeks'


Yeah...there have been scathing reviews on most general tech sites, but the Android-specific sites, including Android Central, have been strangely quiet. It's looking like a case of "nothing good to say, don't say anything", for fear of offending Google.

Yup, I did hear that in the podcast, which is part of the reason I'm surprised and disappointed that there's been no official review. Their positive comments made me really curious as to what they were seeing that is so different from what everyone else has reported.

It's probably that crApple has a patent for most of what the Q does and google is quietly changing some stuff.....

On another note, I think Google needs to buck the f*ck up and start taking on apple for some of this frivolous crap they've been spewing. But I don't see it happening and let the manufacturers fend for themselves.