Nexus 4 at Best Buy

The Nexus 4 has just show up for sale on Best Buy's website, with familiar T-Mobile on-contract pricing of $199.99. In typical Best Buy fashion, the off-contract price of the phone has been inflated, showing $599.99 to buy the device outright. This is something Best Buy (and other retailers) does to both cover its overhead and most importantly compel people to sign 2-year contracts, and is nothing new for the Nexus 4.

This isn't likely to be any special deal between Google and Best Buy to offer the device though, as you can bet that Google would rather secure supply for its own store before branching out to yet another retailer. This is probably just T-Mobile's current deals to resell handsets and service with Best Buy extending to the new handset. New stock heading to a wider range of T-Mobile stores means it is ready to also let resellers sell the device on its behalf.

Although not many people are likely to head to Best Buy to pick it up, the Nexus 4 is certainly getting a little more exposure as these new listings arrive. Let's just hope that Google can get its own supply channels sorted out so it can offer the device through the Play Store once again.

Source: Best Buy


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Nexus 4 shows up for sale on Best Buy's website, T-Mobile contract in tow



Best Buy goes around the carriers directly to the manufacturers and makes their own deals. The carriers are a little worried about that... and the fact that they advertise themselves as carrier agnostic.

So... while you may be right, it is theoretically possible that they made this deal with google.

The Play Store says "Temporarily Out of Stock" in white lettering now. If I remember correctly, it used to say something else in red type. Sign of things to come?

No lol. It's not worth it to sign a contract just for a phone, including a Nexus; especially when said phone is significantly cheaper from the source it was intended to be purchased from. $600 is almost double the price of the 16GB model. Hardly a loss; essentially more of a gain if one has patience for LG and Google.

I hate to say this but Best Buy sold me my Sprint GSIII for $100 when the Sprint store was still at $199.