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Even if you've been lucky enough to pick up an LG Nexus 4 in the U.S., you may have had difficulty getting hold of the official bumper case to protect your new shiny. The bumper has been unavailable through the U.S. Play Store for a while, but today it's popped back in stock with a 3-5 business day shipping time and a $19.99 price tag.

The official LG-made accessory protects the sides of the Nexus 4 by covering them, and the glass back by raising it slightly, preventing scratches. We've given the bumper a once-over in our recent hands-on feature, so head on over there for more details.

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Nexus 4 bumpers back in stock at U.S. Play Store


As much as I love day-by-day, up to the minute coverage of bumper cases... can one of you guys maybe put a post together on the 4.2.1 update having basically ruined a lot of Nexus devices? Random reboots, crashes, dying at 40% battery, terribly slow charging.... There are posts on XDA,, and even some mentions in your forums.

I was actually having similar problems on my Nexus 7 after updating to 4.2. I would get random reboots quite often and the performance of the device seemed to be worse than 4.1. I read somewhere online that HD Widgets was having problems on 4.2 and since it was one of the $0.25 sales a couple of months ago, a lot of people have it. I uninstalled HD Widgets and haven't had a single problem with the Nexus 7 since. Device is operating smooth again and have had 0 random reboots in the past week.

I was wondering about something like that myself. The bias for the N4 and "pure Android" was really showing in yesterdays news articles.

It is a bit disheartening

Yeah but you could always walk around with it in your pocket like you have a phone in it! Sadly, I'm in the same boat but at least I'll know that I have a bumper whenever the phone does show up.

While I agree it's overpriced, it's still cheaper than Apple's and it's currently the only bumper option N4 owners have...

i had a bumper ordered today, but thought the same thing about the price. especially for something i don't even know if i'll like (never had a bumper). i actually ended up canceling my order and getting this one.. wait a few more weeks to get it, but it's dirt cheap, and i'll get to see if i even like bumpers instead of impulse buying nexus-related items..
and if i don't like it but still like the idea of a bumper, i'm sure the google play stock will keep flowing more and more. until then, my $4 ebay case is holding up just fine.

The price is right but I don't like the gray color. Definitely not as nice as the official bumper. I too thought $27 is overpriced. I'm hanging tight (literally) and going with a naked Nexus 4....just as I've done with all my previous phones. This one is the first one that scares me though and seems more delicate. Oh well. If it breaks it breaks....I'll just splurge for another one....I just hope it doesn't happen until the Nexus 4 is more readily available. To some people my comment might not make any sense....$27 is over priced but a full replacement cost is okay....the reason is because I don't like cases nor bumpers nor bulk. I like the design and feel and beauty of the phone. Imagine owning a Rolex and buying a rubber bumper for it so that it doesn't get scratched.....You just wouldn't do it. Or how about a sports car and putting a bra on it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I do realize that phone protection is important to those that don't have sedentary lives like I do.

Well shucks, moelsen... You could've gotten your OEM bumper and then resold it to cover the cost of your Poetic bumper and a nice night out on the town!

I decided to order one. Running an Incipio NGP case on my GNex and like it a lot but after having the N4 I just don't want to cover it up. This seems like the best solution to give a bit of protection and keep the camera lens and screen off the table when setting it down. Should be a little cheaper though but I guess we already got the phone cheap.

A bargain at half the price!

I'm waiting for Jerry to grab his X-Acto and carve the back out of a ten dollar Androidified case...

Just be careful taking it off. It will scuff the chrome on the nexus 4. I had mine since launch day don't even use it any more.

In other headline news, some guy in Taiwan released a screen protector for the Galaxy S3!!!

Seriously, are these bumpers made of Nexus-nip or are we really getting write-a-story excited about a Nexus-shaped cookie cutter? Droid-Life did it as well. Great googly moogly.

All this obsession with a phone bumper. It's madness I say.
I can't help feeling that with a small amount of extra thought into the phones basic design, a bumper would be a non-issue.

Just a bit more thought into robustness.

I do agree completely. Even though I use a case on my GNex I don't feel I have too. I can set the phone screen down on a surface and because of the curve the screen isn't going to get a scratch on it. Same on the back, because the phone is curved the camera lens is clear of unnecessary scratches, plus the lens sits slightly behind the chrome ring around it.

The N4 though the screen will be sitting flat on the surface and the back ring around the flash is likely to get beat up pretty bad along with scratches on the camera lens. This is just my thoughts on it, but the bumpers seems like a good solution to add little bulk, keep the stock look and protect the phone ever so slightly. Hopefully it works for my needs.

Some of us don't like to take risks scratching or damaging our devices, I always have a case of some sort on my devices. most phones aren't that great looking so covering up the phone isn't a big deal, with my galaxy nexus covering up the device was a improvement. I hated the design of that phone and the curved glass.

I think a lot of users like me really want to show off the nexus 4 as it's a very good looking device, but we don't want to take risks scratching it. get a full body case that has front and rear protectors and the bumper and your fairly safe carrying it around and not damaging the device, and you can still show off the very good looking phone without a lot of added bulk.

I wish I wasn't in class...oh well. I think it'll be a while before google catches up with the demand on this one. And speaking of accessories, where are those inductive chargers? :)

Well, I can understand that they can't produce the phone itself fast enough to meet the high demand. But come on Google, what the hell! How long does it take to produce a piece of plastic?? My Nexus 4 has already got scratches because of the lack of the bumper case. I think this shows how much Google is behind Apple when it comes to logistics and sales business...