LG G Pad 8.3

Two tablets and a Bluetooth speaker with solid discounts today

It's just after midnight, and that means that the so-called Cyber Monday shopping deals can officially kick off. Electronics retailer Newegg has a nice set of deals again this year, with a few solid choices for the Android lovers out there. First up are two tablets — the Dell Venue 8 is $50 off, down to $129.99, and the LG G Pad 8.3 is $100 off, just $249.99 today. Newegg also has a Bluetooth speaker fro JLab Audio on sale for $59.95, down from a regular price of $199.99. To get the full discount on all three you'll need to enter the promo code on the product page, which is good for today only.

We have a running list of even more Cyber Monday deals available as well for those of you wanting to pick up some new tech at a discount.

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kylecordiano says:

Good deals.

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Uncle Louie says:

Newegg pricing it listed at $279...is there a coupon code needed?

Alex Dobie says:

Yep. As per the post, you need to enter the coupon code on the page to get the full discount.

Uncle Louie says:

Derp. My mistake.

Buy the LG G Pad on Ebay, newegg are selling the same ting on there for $259.99 no tax and free shipping


Uncle Louie says:

The official Newegg site still ended up being cheaper...they didn't charge tax either, and free shipping.

Good job, I didn't notice the code so I was thinking like yourself and it being $279, either way its such good value

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chs80 says:

I grabbed one for 249, being in NJ I had to pay tax, but shipping is free. I was going to get a note 8 at BJ's for 319, but at 249 this is a steal! Thanks AC!

Uncle Louie says:

Was was all set to pick up the Note 8 too...just couldn't pass this up though.

sunburned says:

Picked one up for my mom, great deal on the G pad.

TeknoBug says:

Hmm wonder if i can flash Linux on the Dell Venue.


But, Android is Linux. There! I just saved you three hours of work!! You're welcome!

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Mobius360 says:

Just picked one up. I bought a Nexus 7 2012 last night for a pretty good deal, but this is the one I wanted to replace my Xoom, at 349 it was just too expensive for me to pull the trigger at 249 I think it's a great value.

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doctrsnoop says:

Took advantage of the even crazier Thanksgiving night deal for 175! It arrived Saturday. Lovin' it. Great piece of hardware. Great screen, great size. Not sure I'll be lovin it as much when the Nex 7 is on to 5.0 and this thing is still on 4.2 though.

Brian D42 says:

How come the speaker says $159 and no coupon code

Johnny Z says:

Yeah, I was about to buy one, then they tacked on that $100

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Brian D42 says: