Winamp for Android adds SHOUTcast support.

It was only a few weeks ago when Nullsoft's Winamp exploded onto the Android market. And despite being in beta, we were quite surprised by how usable and polished it was.  Its WiFi syncing alone is reason enough to have it installed on your Android phone, even if you use a different music player.

Fans of streaming radio will appreciate one of Winamp for Android's latest additions, as Nullsoft has focused on implementing support for SHOUTcast -- their proprietary internet radio software.  Functionality may be limited, but this test build allows you to browse top stations, genres, and search terms.  Users can stations to their favorites, and even browse recently listened-to stations.

"Yeah, but Jesse, I already use Slacker/Pandora for my internet radio.  Why should I care about this?"

Well, I'll tell you why, dear pessimistic Android Central reader.  As I type this, there are 44,287 free SHOUTcast radio stations, and Winamp can tune in to any of those, from anywhere in the world (so long as you're connected to the internet of course).

No ETA has been given as to when we'll see this update live in the market.  [Download Squad]

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noszero says:

I love winamp!

HAAS599 says:

Too bad I already purchased XiiaLive for shoutcast stations.

FYI - A lot of the shoutcast stations are crap and various bitrates but I've managed to find about 20 stations worth bookmarking.

viperlmw says:

Here's why some might preferr Slacker: cached stations. I tend to do a lot of driving for work, much of it is outside of data coverage and away from decent FM radio (except for a local country station, KORT, but I don't enjoy country). As a result, I bought a Slacker G2 (a factory refurb unit for $99) and bought the $20 subscription about 9 months ago. I also use the app on my R2D2, and it uses almost no battery, however it doesn't seem to cache as many songs per station as the G2. On the whole, I like Slacker a lot.

Mobius360 says:

Looking forward to this release, any idea when it will be updated in the market?

MowDownJoe says:

I'll use WinAmp for Shoutcast when it has a sleep timer. I currently have AOR for Icecast and Shoutcast, and I pretty much only use it when I'm going to bed, and have the sleep-timer running.

Have they added widget sizes yet? I need a 1 row widget for my setup and that's literally the only thing stopping me from giving Winamp a real go.

Mobius360 says:

1 row widget is now available

Wicket says:

hopefully they also added a EQ. they add that and I can pretty much uninstall DoubleTwist, PowerAMP and Xiia.. All of which have their qualities but I would prefer to only have 1 player. :)

dskwerl says:

I love Winamp on my desktop. And I can scrobbleb tracks to last.fn that way, which is the only thing stopping me from using it on my phone. The app won't scrobble Winamp for Android plays.

fangorious says:

winamp blog says it can scrobble via app. I find the app to be a battery killer on my mytouch (original) with 2.2.1.

dskwerl says:

This is a tad late, but I actually just discovered that it can scrobble through

I've been messing with it for a little while now, and between the Wi-Fi syncing and functionality, I can safely say I absolutely love the Winamp for Android app now.

fangorious says:

Can winamp shuffle by album?

BSG75 says:

I was using PowerAmp for a bit, but now I'm back to using Win Amp on my Incredible. I like the sync option (although I don't need to sync all that often), the track rating support and the overall ease-of-use. PowerAmp is very nice, especially with the equalizers, but I find the UI a little crowded.

Issemann says:

Can this version recognize my music files located in the internal memory location of my Dinc?

Mobius360 says:

New version is available in market now.