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Tired of ever-changing layouts and the important features not being where you want them? Try these Twitter Android alternatives.

Twitter's been experimenting on us, its users, for some time now with its official Android app. But the latest update might just have sealed the deal for many. We don't necessarily want to call it an abomination, but pretty clearly Twitter's all about expanding your timelines — thus the moving of the "discover" and "activity" tabs front and center — rather than showing you the information that you want, when you want it, where you want it.

It's kind of a mess, and it only appears to have gotten worse over time.

So now's a good time to take a look at a few of our favorite alternatives.



Plume is another one of those Android apps that has been around forever — and for good reason. It's a damn fine Twitter app. And like the others in our list, it's got what you want in the places you want it. Your timeline is simple, with you incoming feed, mentions and DMs in a simple, thumbable spinner. You can mute tweets, reorder the columns and have full control over your notifications.

 Plume itself is free but is ad-supported. There's a $4.99 "premium" unlock key that gets rid of all that.

Download: Plume (free); Plume Premium Key ( $4.99)



Tweedle is a minimalist Android app that’s fast, customizable and fits in with Google’s broader design language. Tweets — and replies, website previews and videos if you drill down — are arranged in a card-like layout, and the three (or more) main tabs are customizable through the Settings menu. In fact, there’s a lot to tweak here if you want, including the app’s appearance through skins, filter lists and inline previews. The out-of-box experience is also remarkably clutter-free, in a way that many other clients aren’t.

There’s a free ad-supported version of Tweedle, with an in-app purchase (£0.92 in the UK) to disable ads.

Download: Tweedle (free)

Carbon for Twitter (update: Now out of token)

Carbon for Twitter

Sadly, Carbon has run out of new tokens to distribute. Thanks, Twitter. :-/

Carbon had sort of a long slog to release on Android, but it's still here — and it looks like it'll actually make it to Version 2.x. It's one of the best-designed Twitter apps out there that's not hampered by token limits. And what's more is that it didn't sacrifice function for form — you'll find as many features in Carbon as just about any other Twitter app.

Download: Carbon for Twitter (free)



HootSuite is a client (and web suite) for managing Twitter and Facebook accounts. It’s mainly targeted at people who manage multiple social accounts on mobile devices, so in addition to the usual array of features you get stats for your various accounts, the ability to post to multiple places directly, and a top-level menu to view all your streams.

The HootSuite app is free, but to get unlimited social networks, an ad-free experience and more push notifications you’ll need to upgrade to HootSuite Pro for $9.99 per month.

Download: Hootsuite (free)

Falcon Pro

We have to hesitate just a tad when recommending Falcon Pro, because it's not actually available in Google Play anymore after running headfirst into Twitter's annoying token limits. But it's still one hell of a Twitter app, and easily among the top Android clients. The catch — and it's a big one — is that you'll have to already have a Falcon token to be able to use it, or do a little kung fu to get around that. Be sure to swing by the Falcon Pro beta community on Google+, as well.

Download: Falcon Pro (free)

Those are but five of our favorites. Here are some other Twitter apps you should try:

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samxool says:

First!! 4 firsts in one day. I'm flaming blazing hot today!

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sensory says:

I truly hope you're not proud of spamming the comment section with your inane blather.

Edit: I made the mistake of checking this dude's post history and he's been trolling the comment section here for two weeks. What a tool. Where's the "Report Comment" button?

jonathan3579 says:

I am actually surprised this isn't front and center with reply. I fucking hate first posts with a passion

In other words you have no life whatsoever.

miller7796 says:

And nobody cares.

fuzzylumpkin says:

Achievement unlocked: you have achieved nothing. G0

I hope we all see the irony of feeding him/her attention by replying!

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Yea the best thing to do is ignore

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brendilon says:

Congratulations! You are... the Biggest Loser!

3Dee says:

I'm sticking up the the firsters - chill out everyone ;)

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voiceonly says:

You're an ass... you're proud of the fact that you're first? I bet you finish first before you significant other does... and by that I mean your hand.

And, I'm sure, like you said, your FLAMING!

sjg2846 says:

I don't know what you're talking about I prefer the default twitter app over anything including plume premium from the fact that plume has the ticket limit alone. I love the changes in the twitter app, granted I am on the beta so I'm not sure if anyone is experiencing something different with the official release.

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hynden says:

You are not alone, I prefer the default as well.

mwara244 says:

Default works pretty good now, I did use carbon for twitter before the whole Tickets thing got out of hand. Twitter is pretty simple, but does have faults in using back buttons and search sometimes. I used it yesterday and it worked great.

FYI the founder and CEO of twitter was just on the nerdist pod-cast yesterday for an interview, but they seem to avoid all of twitter's faults from the past, and its great ability to not generate money.

I have to agree. Although the drastic change to the layout that Twitter's developers made this time are disorienting at first, I would hardly call the app as it is now unusable. While I did enjoy the simplicity of the previous iteration of the app, I can understand, from a design standpoint, that Twitter is trying to bring everything to the first layer of interaction with this update.

Phil, you should also give them credit for at least trying to make their Android app better after having flat out ignored it's development for such a long time. Companies don't make changes to their apps with the intention of driving people away.

sjg2846 says:

Exactly right ^

TommyQ94 says:

The new layout prevents drunk tweeting therefore a winner for me

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TommyQ94 says:

The new layout prevents drunk tweeting therefore a winner for me

Posted via Android Central App

TommyQ94 says:

The new layout prevents drunk tweeting therefore a winner for me

Posted via Android Central App

Give them some time to get it right.

bergeronjc says:

I completely agree. The official Twitter app is easily the best out of every Twitter app.

Posted via Android Central App

Howard Sylve says:

Yeah I like default more than others as well and I've tired just about all of the alternatives for a while.

Posted via Android Central App

tranced bg says:

And you forgot the simple Twicca :)

Mathsiel says:

I missed twicca from the list as well.

fingercuffs says:

I agree, twicca's my favorite!

Posted via Android Central App

sassca129 says:

Google+ !

Jaxland101 says:

I love Falcon Pro. I'm lucky to have gotten through before the cap was reached

Posted via Nexus 7 (2012)

cindylike24 says:

Same here.

Shay D. Life says:

No Tweetings?

xd1936 says:

Tweetings is the best Twitter app I've used on any platform, bar none.

regression says:

I have been using TweetCaster forever and keep going back to that one after trying others.

Battleship says:

Agreed. Best Twitter app I've ever used.

vividrich says:


Posted from my Nexus 7 via Android Central App

benurd says:


Totally agree with you on TweetCaster. Happy to pay a few bucks for the "pro" upgrade.

Qbancelli says:

Yeah, there is no better Twitter app for tablets. Period.

grayzweb says:

+1 on Tweetcaster pro. Keep coming back to it.

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bstryd says:

Absotively right - best twitter app

Gekko says:

i don't tweet but i do check Twitter occasionally when i need to search for a specific piece of "real time" up to the second breaking news or information. and for that - i simply go to the Twitter web page via the Chrome browser. no clunky app needed. when existing tools do the job efficiently no need to add to them. same goes for Facebook etc.

cindylike24 says:

Normally, I use Falcon Pro because I've never been a big fan of the Android version of the official Twitter app. I can get notification of new tweets on my timeline by having a little icon show up on my status bar. Big plus for me. Every time I hear about a new update to the official Twitter app, I end up trying it out and being disappointed every time. The Blackberry and iOS versions of the official Twitter app are a whole heck of a lot better than the Android one. Trust me, I've tried all of them.

KPMcClave says:

I find Falcon Pro is the easiest with which to keep track of a smaller group of otherwise unconnected users.

Lists are generally for same topic tweets, but what if I want to know when my wife, President Obama, Bruce Springsteen and Dunkin Donuts tweet? Things get lost in the shuffle without being able to highlight(Star) users as you can in Falcon Pro (or as I could in the BlackBerry version of Ubersocial)to access their profiles and tweets easily. I don't care about all of the accounts I follow equally and it seems the other Twitter apps assume I do.

The push notifications on those starred users amke it even better.

Do any of the other apps do these things? I have yet to find an app that works as well as Falcon Pro in that way (and I've tried many at this point), even though it has largely been abandoned now.

If I had to give up Falcon Pro, I'd go with Plume. Great app.

sensory says:

The thing that really annoyed me about the Twitter app is how they nest the Tweet replies from people you follow. It really throws me off when reading my timeline.

Falcon Pro or Plume all the way for me. Falcon Pro is the perfect balance between features and UI; no unnecessary fluff added.

Argh says:

I'm okay with the nesting on the app -- if I click the tweet, I can see the responses from everyone. I can't work out a convenient way to do this from the website though. I see the tweet and replies from people that I follow, but it seems to take a bit of effort to then see replies from everyone.

I must be missing something, as the only way I know is to go to the timeline of the person who made the original post, then search down the timeline to find that post and expand it. Please tell me there's a better way and I've missed something obvious!

The last update I felt was a real step forward for twitter, in line images and whatnot. After updating to the most recent version last night, it is about 8 steps backwards... Twitter: simple is better, do you hear me? SIMPLE IS BETTER!


PharmNerd says:

For all of the 3rd party apps I've tried, the notification systems have been severely lacking. In general, the only notifications you get are for @ messages.

The official app notifies you for @s, stars, RTs, followers. I know for most people this probably doesn't matter, but losing these notifications annoys me enough that I always go back to the official app.

sensory says:

Enable text notifications on the Twitter homepage and never have to worry about choosing an app based on whether the way it handles notifications is to your liking.

The text notifications are free and instant.

havanahjoe says:

Agreed. Tweetings does a better job than most. It notifies you of all that, AND uses push notifications, but it doesn't have an activity tab where you can go through the RTs, favorites and follows like the Twitter app does. If you dismiss the notifications (which can be configured to be grouped or not), then you can only see mentions in the main app. That was a downside.

tweetings says:

I'm in the process of capturing the notification data to be able to show a notifications tab in the app.

But yes our notifications are true GCM push notifications and support Fav, RTs, mentions, follows, added to lists and DMs

Pytt says:

Definitely Carbon.

teevirus says:

I disagree. I am not a fan of the new design but so far it seems just as functional as the last version.

mzanette says:

Tweedle is my go-to now.

a3uge says:

They hide the Home, Activity, Discover buttons when scrolling down... WHEN DO YOU EVER SCROLL DOWN? These buttons are huge and unnecessary. Not even sure why they exist at all.

Posted via Android Central App

anubis2kx says:

That shouldn't matter since those are not only buttons, but contextual slide menus. You don't need to see them when you scroll down if you can access them by either swiping left or right.

Posted via Android Central App

a3uge says:

I wasn't saying they shouldn't hide them, I want them removed altogether. I just thought it was weird they hid them when scrolling down because you typically scroll going up in twitter.

Posted via Android Central App

wicketr says:

I look at Twitter once every couple days. I'll usually scroll to the very top to see the most recent, and then scrolling down as far as I can until i get bored. If I always started from the bottom, I'd never get to the most recent stuff.

credgett says:

Carbon has been my go to since it launched

TonyHove says:

I'm with you!! Carbon all the way. Solid twitter client. Slick clean interface and buttery smooth :)

Posted via Android Central App

Third party clients are kinda pointless as god forbid you pick one that eventually hits the token limit.

Unfortunately that does for me exactly what twitter wants. I'll be sticking with stock.

What it ultimately does, though, is make me avoid twitter like the plague. The app is installed but I may look once a week or if something is happening.

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orlanka says:

Saying that the Twitter app is unusable is a bit dramatic but it all goes back to the use case. The app itself is fine and but I do use it mainly for the push notification of DM's. That said, I mainly stick with Falcon as it's UI works the best for me along with the dark theme. All the others just have one or two annoying things that keep me away.

Jamaar White says:

I like Tweedle the best. The Holo cards look is beautiful and its snappy and smooth.

Posted via Android Central App

New Twitter app gave me a headache. But Falcon Pro kills me as well because it slows down dramatically if you don't clear the data or uninstall/install it again. Pretty annoying problem that the Dev doesn't seem to care about..and Carbon receives updates maybe once a year. Laziest devs around.

I'm trying Tweedle now though.

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havanahjoe says:

Those are pretty and all, but almost all of them lack the one thing I want from a Twitter app: Push Notifications. The only Android Twitter apps that do push notifications with Google's C2DM are Twitter's official app, Plume and Tweetings. Any others I'm missing?

Tweetings has been my go to app for the longest time because of this. They also do a good job with their interface, and even though it's not perfect or the prettiest, I think it's the most functional. They update it constantly and fix things and add new features all the time.

The one thing that Tweetings lacks is a way to see favorites, new follows and retweets in one place. I get the notifications, but once I clear them, they are gone and there's no way to see them like there is in the Twitter app. I had been thoroughly enjoying this feature of the official Twitter app, plus it's clean interface and perfect handling of image uploads (Tweetings tends to get the long name of the image file when sharing to the app and can have issues with orientation, maybe they've fixed it recently).

After this latest Twitter update, I am hating the interface and will probably end up going back to Tweetings again.

rudyy50 says:

Plume is the best.
Those that don't show images in the timeline, and lack a dark theme are pretty useless.
TweetCaster Pro used to be good but now every time I hit the back button I get its splash page, which is stupid. Also it no longer works properly when sending posts with images. It crashes. TweetCaster Pro is now junk.
Oh, and the official Twitter app has been unacceptable for years.

Posted from my HTC One GPe via Android Central App

decypher44 says:

Official app works just fine for me.

Posted via Android Central App

anubis2kx says:

As for me as well. It's simple, intuitive, and has push notifications. I don't understand the big fuss about it.

Posted via Android Central App

niteowl509 says:

I agree...official app is getting better; now has options that only 3rd party apps had. I would like the option to mark the last read tweet.

I am like the new twitter Andoird layout .

Posted via Android Central App

melomaania says:

I've been using Tweedle for the longest time and the recent update that had a major visual overhaul made it even better. Don't be discouraged by the, in my opinion, ugly shade of blue in the preview image. You have the option to choose from a myriad of other colors that should just about suit any need and even create your own themes! Definitely a Twitter client I can see myself using for the foreseeable future.

codemonkey85 says:

Honestly, the only thing I truly hate about Twitter is the fact that DMs are almost always spam (even from people you know) and there is no way to disable or block them.

Well, their harsh and debilitating stance on third-party developers sucks too.

You forgot tweetcaster. That's my daily runner right there. Got some cool options to.

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Read before commenting

Sent via the Android 5.0 MilkShake.

zackmack7 says:

Plume has been my favorite for years. It keeps getting better and better. I have it installed on my GS2 and my Nexus 7.
I've tried Seesmic, Tweetcaster, and Echofon. Twidroyd, when that was still around, was my go-to. Then it got sucked up by UberSocial and tanked lol.

The official Twitter for Android isn't BAD...but to me its just lacking in a few areas. The one thing I will say, is that I like it notifies you of more than just tweets; retweets, favorites, follows and all that as well. I wish Plume would add those.

It's really not a bad app, but there are better third party apps (which are limited because of Twitter's rules. But the headline to this article is silly. It works just fine. Yes, it's forever changing like they're experimenting and indecisive, but "unusable"? That sounds like hate.

carraser891 says:

I'm actually a huge fan of the new layout

Posted via Android Central App

EvoMCS says:

I've tried them all. FalconPro & TweetCaster for me.

Baleeted says:

I'm in the Beta. If you think this is bad you'd cry at some of the designs we've had to put up with. I did like the one with the Hamburger menu though. Although that was short lived.

Anyway on to this. The Twitter app (V5.0.0-beta.57) is useable. It SHOULD show you around the app and make everything obvious. As someone who has used the Twitter app since 1.x I was lost trying to find my "notifications" today. Took me a good 5 minutes after going through all the menus. However, the rest of the app is well designed. Give it a little time folks! It'll improve again!

alissonhc says:

The best twitter client? The combination of Official app and Flipboard! Believe me, Flipboard is the best for reading the lists. Initially, the work for organize them was hard. I need to classify all people I follow in categories. After, was easy. Sincronize content between Flipboard and Twitter and "voilá": I have a original newspaper and organized with the beautiful layout of flipboard.

I use the official app just for push notificiations. No other app worked fine like that.

boudicca00 says:

A great twitter client that doesn't get any notice is Robird.

When I swapped from using an iphone & tweetbot, I tried lots of android clients, and Robird is almost perfect for my needs. It has an cluttered layout, support for Tweetmarker & muting, and is stable.

kelayz says:

I don't even use twitter. I don't get it nor do I want to.

Posted via Android Central App

Then why bother reading and commenting on the article?

AT&T LG G2 :)

MarkSeven says:

I gotta go with Tweetcaster. I like to post to my Twitter & Facebook at the same damn time from the widget. I don't really care to go thru my Twitter timeline so I don't really care how it looks too much..

TeknoBug says:

Been using Seesmic (I only follow companies, I don't socialize with it), what'd they do to the native Twitter app? LOL

gorebash says:

I hate it. Looks like crap. Only thing I Like is being able to send pictures in DM. The rest I find clutter. How about a simple layout for once. Less clutter more minimalistic

Posted via Android Central App

Unusable? It's better than it ever has been. I don't know what people want. The app is great. I guess people aren't happy if they're not complaining about something. I always have and always will prefer the official Twitter app.

AT&T LG G2 :)

BB_Bmore says:

I like it.

Sent from my Motorola side view pager 4-5683-968

aflacks says:

Teeetings has a translate option that works very well. Do any of the aforementioned clients have that as well? Thanks in advance.

Posted via Android Central App

John Doe40 says:

Not sure why people complain so strongly about it... Yea, the layout has slightly changed but it takes very little time to adjust to it and the app is still perfectly useful and is more reliable than other paid apps or Ad-spamming "free" crap.


Posted via Nexus 7 (2013)


Posted via Nexus 7 (2013)

panda_mode says:

I love the new UI on my phone, but I don't like it on my Nexus 7


Tried them all and went back to Twicca. Funny how it wasn't even listed.

Sent via the Android 5.0 MilkShake.

sladyrko says:

I love the new look of stock Twitter app and I am happy with it.. :-)))

I use Plume and the official Twitter app in unison. If only the official app had a dark theme, I'd be tempted to use it more...

Posted via Nexus 7 (2013)

KPMcClave says:

Yes! Why in the world is there no dark theme yet? That seems like a no brainer. (Facebook app needs one, too).

XavierMatt says:

Because everyone is running away from all this dark mess.

Editor in chief of

rand807 says:

I used to use Tweetdeck forever until Twitter killed it, but now it's Hootsuite simply because it posts to Twitter and Facebook at the same time.

spr33 says:

You can do that with Plume too :)

mrtouchedme says:

Not completely unusable, but annoying. Who cares what other people are favoriting, no need for that as one of the main tabs. Same with discover, pointless. All I need is the main TL, my profile, and interactions as the tabs.

Also, some one make an app that has the lists working like they should. Without list member's retweets showing, only their own tweets should appear. Otherwise it's just like reading the main TL. The desktop site does it right, but they messed up the app lists months ago. Please and thank you.

Posted via Android Central App

Is it just me or is the link alluding to Carbon 2.x broken?

Posted via Android Central App

Eric B1 says:

don't tweet much...but when i do, i love Tweetcaster.

I have used Plume for 2 years now and have liked. It has many ways to personalize your feed. Occassionally it will time out API but usually resolves on its own.

Posted via Android Central App

I_am_cypher says:

I used the vanilla app until this last update, seems very clunky and too busy. I like my feed as is, I have been off and on using carbon anyways so this just pushed me that way again.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm shocked that Twidere is neither on the list nor in the comments. I have tried the other clients and always return to Twidere.

XavierMatt says:

Tweedle sounds like the best option for me.

Editor in chief of

SkinsFan1987 says:

I'm still using Falcon Pro on my tablet and phone, and I have no complaints.

doll1 says:

For me Tweetveo is my day-to day twitter app. I try every client that I hear about but since I have found Tweetveo that is my favorite.

shadlom says:

Overreacting much? It's not that bad, honestly I hadn't even noticed lol.

DoubleA319 says:

Twicca is my favorite twitter app. Straight forward. Simple. Minimal.

Posted from my LG G2 via Android Central App

Falcon pro is best, just trouble if you ain't a geek to log in. After that. Twitter's heaven

Nklst says:

Tweedle is very nice surprise :)

daddyd01 says:

Twitter is an effing abomination. I looked at it the first time, and was confused by it. Second time, couldn't make any sense of it except that there were loads of the so-called "hashtags", and chattering about useless celebrities, and other worthless subject matter. Third time just confirmed that I have absolutely no use for that website, and there would be no fourth visit. I'm so sick of seeing those damned hashtags everywhere I look on the net, that I could puke.

Posted via Android Central App

RunnersKnees says:

Have to thank the author for this. I just got the new Twitter for Android update and suddenly I lose the Me section and the Activity section and seem to have two that are both subsets of my total set of people I am following. Utterly unusable.

After reading this I got PLUME and it does exactly what I need, and looks like the old, pre-unwarranted and unneeded updates Twitter app