LauncherPro with skins

LauncherPro developer Federico Carnales has released a new beta version of his popular Android homescreen replacement, which brings skinnable widget support for the first time. The beta is intended to help skin creators get content created in time for the next version of LauncherPro, which some have already started to do.

Fede also notes that this isn't the completely re-written version version of LauncherPro that was promised a few months ago -- instead it's based on the current version 0.8.4. Hit the source link for more information and the files themselves. [LauncherPro]


Reader comments

New LauncherPro beta released with widget skinning support


Hope we see some quality skins with this. Regina launcher is looking very promising if it continues to develop and increases customization options. It's on the verge of making me abandon launcher pro +.

I got tired of waiting and switched over to GO Launcher EX. I don't know if it's in my head or what, but my phone has felt much quicker, more stable, and smoother with GO Launcher. I'll try LP again when news version is out, but feature wise I'm love GO.

I ran Launcher Pro for a long time, almost a year. I liked some things it allowed me to do.

But when Gingerbread came out, I realized I was not gaining anything of real value out of it, and it was taking up a substantial amount of room on my memory challenged Nexus One.

So two weeks ago, I dumped it. I haven't looked back, and I see nothing of value in any of these launchers over the stock Gingerbread UI, and its nice regaining that extra 7 meg.

I'm a licensed LP+ user, but just tested Go Launcher. I like it better, actually. Seems faster and more customizable. Whoever recommended it, I say thanks. Dumped LP. The only thing I don't like about Go Launcher is the stupid transparent icons on the main menu that I can't seem to disable.

Awesome. I love the current Sense-like widgets, but I'm interested to see what else people will come up with.

I'm hoping that LP will eventually be able to do a fully functional Sense dock -- Right now you can set the dock background to a picture of the dock and place invisible icons in front of it.But I'd rather it have the icons that glow when pressed, and have the dock show up at the bottom of the app drawer and the phone app (with the middle button changing to 'end call').