Lorain Wong

Lorain Wong reportedly resigned for 'personal reasons'

Just over four months ago HTC announced the appointment of former telco exec Lorain Wong as its new head of global PR, replacing Jason Gordon, who was one of many high-profile departures over the summer. Today Bloomberg reports that Wong herself has now left the company, with HTC CMO Benjamin Ho quoted as saying she resigned for "personal reasons." She will reportedly remain at the company in a consulting role for the next three to four months.

This latest executive departure comes at a challenging time for the Taiwanese smartphone maker, which posted its first quarterly loss earlier this month.

Source: Bloomberg


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New HTC communications head departs after four months


I know by recent ads even HTC is trying to figure out what HTC stands for, I have figured it out, Hate This Company! Egads

Can hardly understand what you're saying.
Opinions are opinions, there nothing 'wong' with him

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You obviously didn't understand the wordplay, read the article again.
Having said that, it was very bad spelling, does it really take that long to
at least attempt to type it out properly?

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If I were in a company that's quickly going down the drain, I'd also cite 'personal reasons' when I jump ship :P She must be getting afraid of not being able to cash in those overpaid checks.

Damn she was hot, I was willing to listen to her communications

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

The "One" exec everyone probably wants to see leave is Chou, thought he was suppose to step down if he couldn't turn around this company after the One release, he said so himself. HTC might not even be here by the end of next year.

HTC Hate The Chou

I bet she saw the on coming flop with HTC & Amazon working on that phone project and bounced . That gimmick with Facebook didn't go so well.

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Obviously her appointment was a mistake. HTC's rapid correction of mistakes is a positive development.

President of HTC America Jason MacKenzie seems significantly more effective at PR for HTC in America.

I wonder what the Bezos team is bringing to the table.

The last I heard, Amazon is still not making any significant profit. If I wanted to get in bed with another company, I would at least find one that was profitable.

All the while you heard Amazon wasn't making much profit, you missed what Amazon is doing. Reinvesting in selling everything to everybody.

Total domination.

Amazon may be selling everything to everyone, but if your supply can't keep up with demand, it won't matter. HTC can barely supply enough phones as it is. Amazon is a resller, not a hardware manufacturer. They can't help HTC make more phones. They can only sell the ones HTC produces.

If Jason ever leaves, I'll be very disappointed. I've not seen many people actively engage with the Android Community like he does.

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Jason won't last 6 more months. Why would he remain with a company rampant with incompetence? There's no future there.

Obviously Chou's appointment was a mistake also. It's time for him to step down for "personal" reasons. He said he would if the HTC One didn't turn the company around. Well, 6 months after the release of the HTC One, HTC is in its worst financial shape ever.
HTC does not have one positive thing going for it right now. That includes this big, heavy, slow paperweight named the htc Max, which is already heading for certain sales disaster. Someone needs to takeover that company and give it clear direction.

Actually the HTC One was the best thing that's happened to HTC in years. It sold extremely well. The problem is, it was their only phone that sold well. The HTC First lost them a bunch of money, I haven't heard positive sales figures from the One Mini and various Desire and Butterfly phones, and now the One Max looks like it might have poor sales. They can't just make one great phone and crap out a bunch of other phones that don't sell well. They need most of their lineup to be profitable to turn the ship around.

The First didnt lose them a dime.

Facebook took care of that, just like Google takes care of the Nexus.

The rest, sure your kinda right about.

The line of BS they fed her finally ran out. She's smart, get out while you can still do it gracefully & not be blamed for what going to happen to HTC soon.....

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I don't believe this is by choice. If you recall in the earnings report, Marketing got blamed for their failure and now HTC is taking corrective action.

This "leaving" the company but staying around to consult reads as step down but still run the position until we find a replacement.

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I think she left by choice. She saw the writing on the wall and bailed, just like any smart person would do. But yes, her continuing "consultant" role probably means HTC did not expect her to leave and no replacement is immediately available.

Shouldn't that be "if being with her is Wong, I don't want to be white"?

It's equally stupid and racist but at least it makes more sense.

Y'all are jumping to conclusions. Maybe she just wants to spend more time with her kids or care for an aging parent?

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