Sony Playstation phone

The much rumored about Sony "Playstation" phone has posed for more pictures and let a few more details out about itself. 

Engadget was able to score some more pictures of what appears to be a test version of the device. Here are some details: The phone is codenamed "Zeus," is running Android 2.2, has an 8GB microSD card slotted and has at least 512MB of internal storage. 

Nothing concrete has been confirmed about what the device will actually release with, but the details we've learned over the past week suggest it could be an awesome gaming phone. We'll keep you updated with anything further that is learned. Head over to the source for more pictures. Thoughts? [Engadget]

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Phone should have been codenamed "one night stand" bc you will regret it in the morning.

Ugh, why does it have to be so ugly?

langejl says:

The photo looks faked. Look at the black behind the lettering. Suspicious.

Engadget has quite a few more photos. The phone is apparently confirmed.

Kevin949 says:

You realize it looks like that because of some of the sensitive information they edited out, right?

jeremyseeba says:

It looks like the person taking the picture blurred their own reflection. If I was taking pictures of gadgets I wasn't supposed to, I don't think I'd like to see my reflection in the picture.

in before the "i could tell because of the pixels..."...oh, nevermind. More power to them. Loved my psp and love my Epic. I think competition is a wonderful innovator and I welcome anything that helps all of us have a better experience.

Kyran says:

I would love nothing more than to at least see Sony do this right...

MowDownJoe says:

No Sidetalking?
(If you don't get that joke, you're better off living in ignorance.)

jbuggydroid says:

Just thinking about a psp/ epic combination phone gets me all excited..... sorry wifey lol

tshudyb says:

I want this phone so badly. What are the chances it will be on Verizon and released before Christmas?

McPlot says:

Fake! Sony would never use SD in any form. They have to gouge you with tier Memory Stick crap.

darkmax says:

err.... how long has it been since you've used Sony's devices? Moreover, the PS Phone is clearly (at the moment, anyway) a Sony Ericsson device.

jbuggydroid says:

This would be a cool phone tho.

sookster54 says:

What's with the amateur photoshopping?

caliesv says:

I love all the know it all "professionals" commenting on this.

Eazy123 says:

With the battery life of most high-end phones today, I can see the average owner charging this every 2 hours. Talking on the phone for half an hour+1 hour of gaming...dead battery.