We've heard plenty of rumors about Ice Cream Sandwich being the next version of Android to hit phones. Even at this years Mobile World Congress Eric Schmidt himself was dropping "I" version hints when speaking of taking the best of Honeycomb and Gingerbread for the next Android operating system. Now, a new Dell road map has leaked out courtesy of the fine folks over at WPCentral that not only adds confirmation to the name not being Ice Cream Sandwich but rather Ice Cream. In addition to the name now being confirmed, we get a look at some devices as well. Hancock and Millennium are the internal code names for the phones heading to market while, Opus One, Silver Oak and Gallo are all seemingly Honeycomb tablets or as we've seen from Dell already by way of the Streak and Streak 7 -- MID's. [WPCentral]


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Next version of Android is Ice Cream (no sandwich) per Dell roadmap leak


Too many players. Its going to dwendle down in next 5 years. It always does. Look for android phone competitors to start merging

But what if the Dell roadmap is wrong? Sorry, but a leak from one vendor does not a confirmation make, especially considering when that same roadmap describes the Venue as having "Android Foyo."

I agree. I think the roadmap is wrong. How is Google going to make a Ice Cream sculpture w/out making it look like Froyo? Ha.

Plus remember when we thought 2.2 was Flan? Eh what a horrible name.

Oh and I saw the roadmap, they probably just put Ice Cream since Ice Cream Sandwich is too long.

Of course, they could go with Green Tea as it doesn't look like a mint color. The they could supprise us and go with the Gilroy flavor of Garlic. I have had some and not bad. Probably prefer the former.

Who even cares what its called. It wont be out till summer and phones wont see it for months after. Stock users haven't even got gb yet. I have the evo with 004 hardware so I can't even get cm7. This update crap is really starting to annoy me......sigh.