If you've been planning on grabbing an LG Revolution from Verizon at some point soon, now is as good a time as any. Right now and up until August 28, Verizon, LG and Netflix have teamed up to offer 3 free months of Netflix service to anyone who purchases an LG Revolution for $199 from Verizon. After the 3 months is up, you'll be on the hook for $7.99/mnth but you have no obligation to continue plus - it sure beats their 30-day free trial if you're going to be grabbing and LG Revolution anyway.

Source: Verizon; via: LG


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Netflix offering 3 months of free service when you purchase an LG Revolution


I wonder what kind of person would get the 80$ data package? . . . they should have AT LEAST made tethering free on that damn plan... what a joke.

Sounds like they're having a problem selling these, so try to offer an incentive to increase sales? No thanks. You couldn't pay me to use this phone (and Bing).

Faster devices and miniscule amounts of capped data = Verizon.
"We make money off of customers burning through their data quickly."

AT&T = Slower devices and miniscule amounts of capped data
"We make money when customers slowly run out of data."

Is super specs and a keyboard enough reason for anyone to over pay for data usage?

Sent from my EVO 3D with truly unlimited data

yeah i think its only a one month free trial for a normal sign up. but still that easily takes off 3 months of netflix billing that you could spend on better stuff

I don't really see a point in getting the Revolution over the Thunderbolt and Charge, probably most agree with me. Verizon needs to stop only releasing 4.3" slab LTE phones and spice up the form-factor a bit! I'm exciting over that Epic 4G with LTE that may come to VZW!