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Despite the Amazon Kindle Fire in the UK coming with Amazon's own LOVEFiLM service baked in, that hasn't stopped rivals Netflix trying to muscle in. Netflix is now available to download from the Amazon Appstore for British Kindle Fire owners. 

The experience and content catalog is exactly the same as on regular Android devices, giving new Kindle Fire owners in Britain their choice of streaming providers. Both LOVEFiLM and Netflix come with free trials too, so be sure to check them both out first before committing your cash. 

Source: Netflix

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RaiderWill says:

Congrats UK !

mssca says:

If it is anything like the Canadian Netflix over here, a lot of people in UK will be disappointed in the movie selection.

coronaboy10 says:

Cancelled my US account a few days ago. I really only used it for watching Stargate SG1.Once they took that off I don't use it at all and I have uninstalled it from all my devices.