Share an account, but keep your libraries separate

The latest Netflix app update in the Play Store has a short changelog, but what's there has been a long time coming. That's right, proper profile support has made its way to Android after being available on practically every other platform, and Netflix users are going to be extremely happy about that fact.

No more handling of multiple accounts, and no more mixing of suggestions when you have a few different people sharing an account or device. Just see your most recent movies and shows completely separate from the others using the account. We're sure more than a few of you have been waiting for this one — snag the update from the Play Store link above.

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S_C_B says:

Hopefully the folks will stop whining now.

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No, obviously, they'll find something else wrong, lol.

But, maybe the "whiners" are the reason for this update?

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Jamaar White says:

Yeah people were on Play Store saying the new UI wasn't smooth. Its one of the smoothest apps I've used.

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paulmike3 says:

I wouldn't call it whining. I'd call it asking for features that make it more useful.

Here's something they can improve - how about password protection for profiles. I don't want my son picking up my tablet and watching R-rated movies or TV-MA shows. Right now, he can pick any profile and start streaming. Other than setting up a new Netflix account (and monthly plan), there's no way around this, because they refuse to add parental controls. Profiles are nice for recommendations, but useless for any parent with common sense.


Good point, brother.

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ctleng76 says:

Excellent response! Those without kids (or those with kids who think censorship, even for kids, is an invasion of privacy) will disagree. Companies like Netflix bring in more customers when they cater to their needs. For me, if a company like Netflix isn't going to offer parental controls, then they won't get my business, because the only way to protect my children is to not have the service at all in that case. Hopefully they will realize the benefit or even more customers and add this feature.

If you have a newer Android device that supports user profiles you can do this already:


Awesome. Thanks for the heads up.

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UJ95x says:

About time :p
Nah, I always watch NF on my PS3

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rawpower87 says:


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udazavlanje says:


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Just grabbed the update. I'm so glad we have this now.

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How do you access the different profiles? I can't seem to find it.

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Jamaar White says:

Pull out the side menu, and click the profile at the top.

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briankurtz79 says:

There is nothing in my slide out menu because I haven't set up profile. How do I actually create them? Have to go to computer??

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dc9super80 says:


Definitely a great update.

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MetalMike901 says:

For the life of me I can't figure out why they refuse to allow users to manage a DVD queue from the app. I have no streaming plan and would just like to be able to manage DVDs from the app. It never has even allowed me to login to the app without a steaming plan. Maddening!!

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Cause that's just what it is...a streaming app...

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mck says:

Not to sound over-dramatic, but omg this is the best thing ever for me.

Netflix had become useless as my wife had ruined the default profile to the point that suggestions were useless. So I gave it to her and made a new one to get real suggestions. Since I did that, she now didn't really want my crap in her profile, so I haven't been able to use netflix for android in months.

Just got a new G2 Friday, (LTE finally) and now I can actually use that to watch videos. Today is a good day.

jfs101 says:

Tell me about it... My profile is full of my daughter's suggestions. I wasn't going to reward them with a new account for making mine a scrambled mess of all the profiles in my family. I just hope that there's a way to purge my account to clean it up.

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Nixs1 says:

It works great, I was very much ready for this update.

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Connor Mason says:

Awesome-there was no point in using profiles until all my devices supported it

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Yay I can finally use my profile. It's my account, and I share it with my family. Everyone except me was able to access their own profile, but now I can too!

cammykool says:

Ahh. A futurama cry like a b*tch episode

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galfert says:

Yeah well the forgot about the Sony NSZ-GS8 GTV.

movielover76 says:

Yay! I was waiting for this. I like keeping the recommendations separate for my girlfriend and I. Makes it more useful.

The ps3 and the lg bluray player we use to watch it at home already supports it so this was the last holdout for full profile support for us.

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kcerica says:

It's really cool that they allow multiple profiles for one account. Other companies would've tried charging extra for adding profiles . Netflix is so cheap and has great apps, allows multiple profiles, never buffers, and has no commercials... You can't use any of these points to describe hulu. If it weren't for hulu posting new episodes shortly after they aired, I would've ditched hulu after my 1st free month. Hulu definitely needs to take some points from Netflix before they lose all of their paying subscribers.

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Qwkslvrmz says:

I've been waiting for this!! No more having to dig around all the kids shows to find something for me to watch!

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Noxzoul says:

The app on the Google TV has had this for a few months now.