We still don't have Netflix on Android. And we probably won't tomorrow, either. But that doesn't mean the movie rental company isn't hard at work on an Android app. We've been pretty sure they've been spending their summer on it, and a Netflix employee is on Reddit this morning taking some questions. of interest to us is this answer:

I just know we're actively hiring Android devs. I wish I knew more about a timeframe for you. Good things come to those who wait. Netflix is essentially a tech company and with the way Android is blowing up it would be stupid of us to ignore that.

Cliches aside, we couldn't agree more, what with all these 4-inch and higher phones floating around. [Reddit] Thanks, Kevin!

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Hey Phil... seems like you're usually the main guy posting... Looking for some Part-Time help? hmmmmmm? hmmmmmm Phil?...

jcrus says:

There was a posting a couple of weeks back looking for writers. They would let you know in an email if they wanted you.

Nice shameless plug though...

CaddyDave says:

Shouldn't u be able to watch after we get flash with froyo

Blueman101 says:

no, netflix uses silverlight not flash

ekyle says:

I'm pretty sure it's Flash. If it were Silverlight I wouldn't be able to stream movies on my laptop like I do (I use Linux).

Blueman101 says:

nope, it uses silverlight, does not use flash

Nope, it's silverlight via Microsoft VC1AP Do you have Moonlight installed?

athensjohn says:

If you are streaming Netflix on linux, I'd be interested to know how you are doing this. (assuming you are not running a virtual machine).

storm14k says:

I'm interested as well.

Blueman101 says:

Netflix streams to some Linux based devices, its not that they couldn't make a way for it to work on Linux, the problem is with DRM. Linux an open source platform doesn't play nice with most DRM content. So currently there is no way to watch netflix on a pure linux desktop.

CaddyDave says:

U forgot to say first

Blueman101 says:

Android is one step closer to overtaking THE WORLD!!! MUHAHAHA

bkj216 says:

I'm patiently waiting

elemental says:

It'll be JIT for this fall's Android Tablet flood.

albokay says:

The blockbuster app is a waste of money even if you dont have a netflix account.

Looking forward to it. That blockbuster app is a waste of money on the Droid X when you have a Netflix account already.

dmiller0212 says:

Great even more reason to keep my EVO. An please make it HDMI out portable.

05 TypeS DC5 says:

ok great, i guess i'll just wait to pay my monthly fee then. Since good things come to those who wait.....

would be nice to be able to stream through my cellphone, i'd use this tons.

storm14k says:

Do they still limit what you can stream to old movies? I liked the idea but didn't understand that you couldn't get the latest stuff streaming until I got an account lol. I cancelled and will wait until they stream everything.

storm14k says:

Now I'm guessing somebody gave this a thumbs down by accident or else you can get new releases and they were just too stupid to say so.

Sterlic says:

It depends on the studio of course and usually there is a few weeks to months delay between DVD release and instant queue release but they already have movies like "Up," "Zombieland," and "District 9" available for streaming. I guess those were all released last year but they're hardly old at this point. But they have pushed a lot more content to the streaming service this year, I hardly watch the DVDs I rent from them anymore now that I have an Xbox 360 hooked to my TV.

wg#AC says:

From what I was told the reason they do not stream the newer movies is because the movie industry says they cant. It gives the movie companies the time for everyone to go out and buy or rent the movie first. So when you get it from someplace like blockbuster they get money from every rental. And it comes in as several thousands of $ per movie. So is netflix making money I am sure they are but if they had to pay the premium for the new moves they would have to raise the monthly fee to accommodate the added cost.

jcrus says:

"We've been pretty sure they've been spending their summer on it, and a Netflix employee is on Reddit this morning taking some some questions."

Phil, some some? You're writing like that Easter Island statue from Night at the Museum. :)

Just pullin' your chain man!

squash says:

The program called "Movies", besides being the best movie app available, has the ability to edit your Netflix queue. Add things, delete things, move them around. It's great. More than enough for anyone.