Netflix for Android

Netflix just got itself a little update in the Android Market. First and foremost, new phones are officially supported, with the LG Revolution, Motorola Droid and Casio G'zOne Commando getting access. That brings the total number of supported devices eight, including the Droid Incredible, Nexus One, EVO 4G, T-Mobile G2 and Samsung Nexus S.

There also are a few bugfixes, including:

  • Fixed application failure on startup when phone's embedded storage space is almost full.
  • Removed check that prevented attempt to playback on unsupported devices.

And we've noticed that the volume's not as low as it used to be, so that's nice, too. If you've got one of the supported phones, get your download on in the Android Market. We've got links after the break.


Reader comments

Netflix adds support for three more phones


The eff’n G’zOne gets it before some of the other phones, or any of the Honeycomb tablets… sad.


That was my first reaction as well. I don't think I've ever even seen anyone with that disgusting POS phone!

"Removed check that prevented attempt to playback on unsupported devices."

What is that? It sounds like what the hacked .apk over @ XDA does that has the device check code removed. Wouldn't that mean it would work on more than just the supported devices, because that apk works great on my Droid X w/ stock Froyo already.

Rooted Evo 4G w/ Cyanogenmod 7 daily.
Installed on day 1 it was available for the Evo, no issues. Still works fine after the Update. well as Droid Incredible 2 owners.I'm still laughing that the original Motorola Droid got it.That phone just won't quit. LOL

Dont hate droid 1 is still amazing phone is not outdated the only thing that make that phone bad is ram problem but other than that. It runs gingerbread with better life then htc phone would ever run.

I agree.What the Development Community has been able to do with the OG Droid always surprises me. Too bad hardware can't be upgraded.

If I'm already have Netflix working on my Droid x running gb and apex rom and go back to stock to update it to the official release it wont work huh?? Just wondering

Wait......the Motorola Droid?????? THE ORIGINAL DROID?!?!?! Wow.....don't know what else to say:/

That's what I came here to say. The original Droid gets it, and the Droid 2 doesn't. Motorola must be tired of our money or something.

No kidding... I already have it working my OG Droid with CM7. I want Galaxy Tab support. Screw the 3.7" screen. I want to watch movies on my 7" screen...

To be fair, the movie quality is rather poor on my Droid. But it is nice to have an official client for managing queues and what not.

Are you using WiFi or 3G? I tried it out on my OG Droid over Wifi, and it started with fairly low quality, but after about 3-4mins, it was looking very solid.

I always have a similar experience when watching via my Blu-ray player, though.

By far the best app on android. I've played 4 full movies, perfect quality, no hesitation on 3g this week.

And I still can't stream sirius for more than 10min without studdering

I agree with many of the other comments, quite a confusing combination of phones. No offense OG Droid users, but that phone is nearing fossil status, and the G'zOne? Seriously? I would think think more popular phones (such as the Droid X or the Thunderbolt) would get it first. Quite strange

I agree with many of the other comments, quite a confusing combination of phones. No offense OG Droid users, but that phone is nearing fossil status, and the G'zOne? Seriously? I would think think more popular phones (such as the Droid X or the Thunderbolt) would get it first. Quite strange

Bro droid 1 was the second android phone to be in 1ghz back in early febuary and the first to be overclock to 1.4ghz. So it isnt a bad phone if u know your fact it sold 1.5 million devices in 73 days out selling the iphone original. Duh their going to get the support ppl got into android and htc copy some design of droid . If it wasnt for motorola and verizon promotion android os heavily no one would of bought android like that.

If I'm not mistaken, the OG Droid is still the single bestselling Android handset, totally in the millions. And I don't mean variants of a handset like the Galaxy S. That's a good size customer base,

It is true that the OG Droid is a bit long in the tooth. However, if you're looking to hit the majority of Android users, the Droid would be the logical place to start. There are probably more people still using that phone than any other Android phone out there.

I was hoping when I upadted that detail slipped through the cracks. It did not. I revised my comment on the market for a request of this feature. And a snappier app at that.

Does it play now on the leaked Gingerbread update for the G2? I've been holding off on the leak because it broke Netflix.

If this new phone list was a office pool, our secretary with her Moto Razr would have won. Who would guess this lineup???

What the hell NetFlix?

They must be paying the developers with peanuts, therefore they can only afford an OG Droid to develop / test against...

What abou the Samsung Galaxy S users? When are they gonna get Netflix on their phones? So weird to see it delayed for Samsung devices =(

I love reading some of these post. "The OG droid gets it before my ______ phone "...


You people buy these high end new locked down phones and completely forget about hack-ability and developer friendliness. And if you going to drop _______ phone just because Netlfix doesn't work on it. Grow up grow a pair, root your phone and do it. I'm enjoying Netflix on my MyTouch4G and on my Nook Color. Neither one of those are supported.


@mjneid While I do agree that some of the complaints of the people above are mostly annoying, I think your comment was kinda douchey, mean spirited, and generally uncalled for.

Frankly no Android OS phone is completely locked down, for then if they were Android phones wouldn't be able to be rooted. Your MyTouch 4G is a high end smart phone you dumbass, it's only been out for 6 months. Rooting the MyTouch 4G can take me for 10 minutes to root, while on others it's not as simple. Congrats for having Netflix on your MyTouch 4G and Nook. But the average Android user isn't gonna root, possibly bricking their phone during the process, just to get some Netflix love. And if their phone isn't supported then they can simple click on the link I'm providing and download a hacked Netlfix onto their Android smartphone. Don't be a dick next time you post

I can only speak for myself here but the link you posted may have worked fine for the droid x a few days ago but as of right now, it isn't supported on droid x froyo 2.2.1....I tried it and it can't be downloaded on my fon. Im gonna have to wait for the official app :'\ just an fyi for anyone trying to get it for their dx

Frankly, I started a Netflix trial when it became available on my EVO and I just wasn't very impressed. I'm probably gonna drop it once it runs out (RedBox is cheaper for the amount of movie renting I do anyway, and quicker). Don't get me wrong, the actual streaming works great even on slower connections, but the app is kinda plain and I found their online streaming selection to be pretty weak.

Half the movies I first searched on weren't available, and none of the three or four TV shows I wanted to stream were available either (Mad Men, How I Met Your mOther, I forget the others). What's more, even tho the app won't manage your DVD queue it still gives you all these results for movies and shows that are only available on disc/by mail, what's the point of that? Also, the managed queue system makes no sense for online streaming, it's just a glorified playlist that you're forced to use in order to watch anything.

I'd rather pay for Hulu service on my phone than this... Too bad they haven't struck the right deals to make that a reality (good thing you can make it work if rooted tho). The netflix app is great if you're already enjoying their disc rental service, otherwise it's a definite pass imo. The service isn't worth the $ just for the streaming component (on a phone or otherwise).

Sad thing is, it's not even Netflix's fault, they've got a solid service... It's the greedy TV and move studios that ruin it and shoot themselves in the foot. I can't believe they're going ahead with that $20 VOD rental service for movies 6 months after they leave theaters, even if it were 3 months it would fail (and if it doesn't, I've lost all faith on our consumerist society).

running on CM7 (nightlies) and for some reason after installing the update i got an error saying the device was deactivated and to check my account online. i didn't see any issue with my account so i uninstalled and reverted back to the prior version (backed up on titanium) and everything is back to normal. very weird, im going to pass on this update

The Motorola Droid and Casio G'zOne Commando? Really? I understand the Motorola Droid being the phone that helped kick start Android but is Netflix really adding support to it so soon? What about the Samsung Galaxy S Line? The Motorola Droid 2 and X? The Motorola Atrix? Or even the Samsung Infuse? All these phones are a hundred times better then the Motorola Droid, and especially the Casio G'zOne Commando. Netflix you need to on new high end smartphones.

Despite the lack of comment on phone choices from Netflix themselves, could the Thunderbolt holdup be an issue with Verizon who chose to get in bed with the dying Blockbuster by including that mess of a bloatware app in the first place?

Other blogs (such as AndroidPolice) are saying that the updated app works on "all" devices. What's up with that? I can't really test it out since my device (Nexus S) is already supported.

To me, it sounds like there is a list of "supported" devices, but you can still at least try to use the app on "all" devices.

Nope, I have the DX and that's not it. (Doesn't say Motorola at the top, and you can't see the speaker slot). Not sure what that is... ?

I get an error when I install the package from the market that indicates that it is not signed correctly? Any suggestions to resolve this?

@louis did you forget that droid 1 was second phone overclock to 1ghz and can handle 1.4ghz speed? Ok droid 1 isnt bad u only saying that because u want developer to stop what they suppose to do support phone. Ppl like u is the reason android have fragments if all devs acted this way. Ppl would rather buy an iphone some debs like for ppl to have their phone almost 2 years before upgrading.

It breaks my heart to see my Xoom, with so much potential, continue to be such a bare bones device.

This is pathetic Google. No Netflix, no Hulu, no Google Movies for the Wifi Version... No SD support even with the new update.

What the hell is going on with all these companies?!

But why would they update the 3G version of the Xoom to include Google Movies, and not the Wifi?

Some secret deal between Verizon and Google, perhaps?

Works beautifully on a rooted Epic with the Gingerbread leaked ROM on it... Too bad that ROM is a pig for battery and pretty damn slow...

It's incredibly lame that the Droid 1 has Netflix but the Droid 2 does not. The other way around would make alot more sense.

u know what 4 the people that dont like the casio gzone in my book the best fucking phone on the market yaw are pissed off cause this phone got netfilx support grow up mother fuckers