OK Google, turn on my air conditioner

Nest co-founder Matt Rogers was on the stage at CNET's SmartHome Panel at CES last week, and he had a little bit to say about Google and how things may play out as things push to a connected home.

The timing is interesting, of course, as Google just acquired Nest and their smart controls, and we imagine they have plenty of other smart ideas lined up for Google to make happen.

Could this be the beginning of Google Now in your house? Maybe. Rogers seems to think it is, and we certainly can't argue with someone in his position. There will be privacy concerns, and there will be safety concerns, and there will be all sorts of other pitfalls. But when it all gets sorted — and it will — the connected home working with your Internet of things will probably be worth it. 

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Nest co-founder discusses Google's future in the connected home


Connecting my house to Google now? Sign me up! I would love to see this developed in the future.

Nexus 5...enough said

I'm pleased Google grabbed the technology patents and key personnel from Apple.

Despite there is no more privacy while unavoidably on the grid, the future will be empowering.

Within a few more years practically every one in world will be interconnected and accessing supercomputers.

The point about Apple is a valid one. There's every possibility Apple would have gone after this company, and then it would have only worked with Apple products. Fortunately, Google isn't an adherent of the walled system approach that Apple is.

For a truly hands free home automaton setup from Google, please say "Okay Google Now" to your Moto X and then tell it to turn on your lights, open the door, open the garage, set a certain temperature, and lock the refrigerator until you get home.(A must have feature when you have kids)

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My expectation of this is that this will tie directly to how well Google Now knows your schedule, location, traffic, etc. So it can look at where you are, how long it'll take you to get home, when it expects you to leave, and turn on various components beforehand to ensure your home is comfortable when you arrive, without doing so too soon and using up energy wastefully. It can automatically turn off based on when you're expected to leave, when you have various other plans, etc. Hopefully would also be able to tie into the accounts of your family members, as well, to ensure it works around everyone. This is a very exciting idea.

It is a very interesting idea. Some people may be uncomfortable with that level of automation, but you know what, nobody HAS to use it. If you don't want it, don't use it. Those of us that are willing to give it a try are going to be pretty excited to do so. The rest of you can go back to waxing your horse and buggies.

I fear you get so over excited, you start "waxing" yourself. C'mon, man. not just because people do not like putting their entire lives online means they are antiquated. To each their own. Some people actually enjoy some privacy.

That's would be absolutely brilliant. A one time setup and it's does the rest!

Nexus 5...enough said

Fine as long as you live on your own and/or everyone in the house has an android phone and a correctly configured Google app which knows that data (which implies at the very least filling your calendar with all your activities which is a pain)

As soon as you step outside those bounds, it breaks horribly. SciFi automation works in movies but is a hard problem to solve.. And no, Google now isn't even close.

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I don't think they'll do that.

Who would want a thermostat saying "Special offers only at Chevy dealerships!*???

Then again, I could be wrong.

I think google is much less interested in using it to show advertisements and much more interested in using it to track your habits. What time you leave for work, what time you come home, what time and how often you walk past your thermostat into your kitchen, etc etc.

Do you and those who make similar comments NOT use Google Now in it's current state? It already knows ALL of this from your smartphone. Hell, I stayed very late at work last night and Google Now showed me the route to the closest liquor store. Seriously. Yes, I went there and picked up a sixer...

It knows where I live/work, when I tend to leave/arrive, where I go, wehere I may be going (by habit or calendar), what I may be doing, how long I'm there, where I am in the building (thank you barometer), etc. etc. There's nothing new they could learn from these home items that isn't very trivial...like what temp I prefer and when. Google Now is creepy for sure, but it's extremely useful and helpful. No tin hat here folks.

I expect this will work much in the way security systems can alert your phone to problems in the house. Imagine your phone going off, alerting you to a fire. It just enhances the safety that much more.

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Maybe the price of their thermostats will go down... They're way too pricey. Most home automation hardware is overpriced... It's a great technology though.

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I'm hoping that this pushes the home automation market to create real standards. I would love to set up my house but there is no way I can put out that type of energy and money just to have to redo it in a couple of years.

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I think you have to "sign up" to Google's way of doing things. I know plenty of people who are freaked out by Google Now and don't think it's right that "they" know where you are and how much earlier you need to set off because of a traffic hold up. Once you get over that you have to realise the benefits. I already have an IP connected roomstat so I can already turn on and off my heating from my phone but I still have to remember to do it or I come home to a cold house. Having the stat link into your calendar and being able to talk to it? Count me in!

Dunno, but AC systems and thermostats need to team up to offer great assistance of inside humidity.
I'll be turning Heater at night, all to wake up dehydrated and my skin dried up. I feel like Sponge Bob when he's inside Sally's dome and doesn't have a fishbowl on his head.
And also need of room/independent sensors that somehow the one AC unit will channel its venting powers to the one specific room.

I am sure Google is thrilled that he referred to the iPhone as being the thing in your hand that is "Simple and easy to understand".

Sweet! Now my wife and I can argue “Ok, Google. Turn on A/C”. “Ok, Google. Turn off A/C.” “Ok, Google. Turn on A/C.” “OK, GOOGLE TURN OF THE BLEEPING A/C!!!!!”

So that's what a newly-minted tycoon looks like... :D

Man, I want to emulate these guys! Make a cool product, have it bought by a huge company for Billions, and never have to lift a finger again... unless I wanted to.