Plague Inc.

The folks behind disaster game Plague Inc. — your job is to infect and kill everyone on Earth — today have let loose a preview of what we can expect in the upcoming Mutation 1.7 in a couple months.

First is the addition of "real-life" diseases. You'll be working with the Black Death, Swine flu, HIV or the Bieberic Plague. (OK, we might have made up that last one.) Then there's the new "alternative universes," where such real-life scenarios as the U.S. defaulting on its debts, or xenophobia or an ice age will affect gameplay.

There also will be new achievements, and the requisite bugfixes. You'll get 15 scenarios initially, two of which are free. The rest cost 99 cents each, or you can snag them all for $2.99.

Look for Mutation 1.7 in late November or early December, Ndemic says.


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Ndemic previews Plague Inc. Mutation 1.7 — real-life diseases and alternate universes


Have always loved this game and it just keeps getting better!

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I've never played Pandemic, so I can't comment on it. The game is free, you can unlock all content through game play, or pay to unlock viruses instantly. There is a news ticker that shows as you play which looks like a news organization news ticker.. some are tips on the game, some are funny like "millions of people wait overnight to buy the latest phone." I never thought that destroying the world would be so addicting.

YES! I'm so excited for this update, every time they release a new update (really should be viewed as expansions) I get sacked right back in to the game. Thanks for the coverage AC, this is definitely a game that deserves it.

Plague, Inc. is the only app in which I've made an in-app purchase and never got what I bought.

It's funny, I had liked the game, but after that sour experience (there's no method to refund an in-app purchase, unlike buying an app in the Play store), I stopped playing the game, and have never done a purchase like that again. I know it's silly, but it does point to how important it is to get stuff that that working right.

I loved it initially when it was released. Beat it all the way though the nurax worm then abandoned it because everything started to cost money just to play. Make me pay up front or even for advantages through in game, but not completely shut down advancements unless we pay.

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Every update the dev charges for adds something substantial to the game, be it new game modes, new strains, etc. You expect the dev to put in that much extra work for free? These aren't bug fixes he's charging for, the zombie update for example completely changes the way the disease acted and brought a whole new level to the game play. Adding stuff like that isn't quick.

Zombie update? I'd never heard of that.. Doesn't seem to be an option on mine though I only get they option of cheats (which I refuse to do even if it means I never complete the game).

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Basically you bought Wings of Liberty and now you feel you're entitled to Heart of the Swarm for free, just on a smaller scale.

The entitlement is strong with many people. I want it free, no ads and they must make every option I want, dang it!!!