myTouch3G getting it's froyo on

Who says only the latest and greatest Android phones will get Android 2.2?  Not T-mobile.  HTC already let us know that all their Android devices manufactured this year would be getting a Froyo update, but that left users of 2nd generation hardware wondering if they would ever be seeing it.  That question has just been answered for myTouch 3G users.

What this means for other second-generation hardware is unknown.  Also unknown is the all important date when myTouch 3G users should expect their Android 2.2 update.  We don't have a clue, but you can count on reading about it here when we know more.  [TmoNews]


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MyTouch 3G Froyo update coming 'soon'


I hope that htc is quick with the updates. I really want froyo on my evo. Weren't they going to change the pace of updates with 2.1?

Sick and tired of reading about it , just give it to us already, i have been waiting for at least the promised 2.1 for 6 months now and then it was said it would sure be released when the slide came out and alas, nada as usual.

I think there should be something in the contracts we sign with phone companies that gives us a promise/guarantee that the Android device will be updated to whatever the most current Android is for AT LEAST the duration of the contract (which is 2 years). I think it is horrible to leave customers behind when their phones are just not that old.

As I understand it the myTouch 3G is a G1 with a different case? So what about Froyo on the G1? I agree with all of you that the Carriers or Manufactures should be required to support their products with software upgrades. I also think that this could hurt sales of Android devices. We will stop buying phones with old versions with the promise of upgrade. & so far all Android phones have come out with a old version. Evo has 2.1 not 2.2

no. theres one difference between the g1 and myTouch, which is the amount of RAM the phonea have. there isnt enough space on the g1 to accomodate the 2.2 update. the g1 is obsolete now, because of the myTouch slide. i have the fender edition, and CANNOT WAIT for this update.

This is really great news, but how long is "soon" probably 6 months to a year...Really tired of waiting! Been reading about possible updates FOREVER now...I just hope this is the real thing, and soon=1-2weeks. :)