The new T-Mobile MyTouch Slide comes in 3 different colors.

What's black and white and red all over? The new myTouch Slide, of course! Semi-official (hey, it hasn't been announced yet) pictures have come out showing the next step in the line of T-Mobile HTC Android phones in Technicolor. By offering color options and adding some form of  HTC's Sense to the phone, it looks like they're really pushing the customization of the myTouch series of phones. Hopefully they'll drop those bubbles, though ...

So who wants what color? [CellPhone Signal]


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myTouch Slide coming in 3 colors


That's a pretty phone. Put a 3.7in screen a good size of internal memory and I will re-up with you TMO.

Seriously guys? you think this phone looks good? Its your usual "plastic tween" T-Mobile smartphone. Can't T-Mobile have some good hardware on a Android Phone! Make the HTC HD2 in Android! This thing is Ugly! T-Mobile needs to Ketchup, they are dipping in too much Mustard!

Ya i agree it does look like it will be a nice phone. And to the poster above t-mobile does have a very strong android phone (imo the best one on the market) in the Nexus One.

Gotta agree with jnl813, this thing is the weaksauce. I really didn't care for how cheap and plastic-y the original myTouch felt and this appears to be more of the same. I've been a very happy T-Mobile customer since way back when they were Voicestream and I'd rather not change carriers. But between the EVO, Incredible and Desire (assuming it hits AT&T), it seems like the other 3 are all getting solid looking, higher-end Android + Sense handsets which, unfortunately for me, is what I seem to have my mind set on.

Oh well, as none of those are even available yet I clearly don't have to make any decisions any time soon. Maybe T-Mobile will pull out a bona fide winner eventually.

Many T-Mobile customers don't want to pay $529 for a phone, and you'll ending up paying more if you get the N1 for a subsidized price. So, I'd be a happy customer if T-Mobile were to get the HTC Desire as I can most likely get it for under $300 by extending my contract.

True, it's obviously nearly identical to the Desire and I've definitely contemplated the possibility that I will just end up getting one, rooting it and load it with a Desire ROM. But having seen HTC's latest offerings, I have to admit I like the change from track ball to optical pad and the physical buttons (on the Desire) as opposed to the capacitive ones on the N1.

Nitpicky, I know. And something about beggars and choosers. Or something.

T-MO needs to get the EVO too, once the EVO and the new iPhone come out ALL other phones will start coming out with front facing cams for making video calls. That's gonna become the new standard and if your phone doesn't have it, its outdated already.

I think tmo needs to shop the big phones, they are the only carrier that you can stay out of a contract, yet still amortize the payments for the phone with zero interest. I know most will always have that phone, but even more plus lets you avoid the "crappy upgrade" triangle, of bait and switch to keep prolonging your plan (i.e. VZW, Sprint, and ATT)