Mystery LG Phone

Evleaks offers first glimpse of buttonless LG phone with unique earpiece

Prolific leaker Evleaks has posted images of what could be a future LG handset. The device, pictured on Facebook, shows a spartan front face with only an LG logo down below. There's also a curved glass front and an unusual looking reflective earpiece. In today's post, the leaker offers a guess that this might be the rumored Optimus G2.

The mystery phone seems to share some design cues with the Nexus 4, but there's no suggestion at all that this is a Nexus device -- for one, LG's branding is very much front and center. But it could indicate a change of tack for LG, if it's to join the likes of Motorola and Sony with a push towards on-screen buttons. (It's a move that would undoubtedly please Android purists.)

For the moment that's about all we can surmise from an image showing a featureless phone with a blank screen. If you've got any theories of your own, be sure to shout out in the comments. The original image is linked below, as is a close-up of the bezel.

Phil weighing in here: The Optimus G Pro has nicely hidden buttons as well. I'm willing to bet there are a couple on either side of that LG Logo.

Source: Evleaks (Original, bezel close-up)


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Mystery LG handset leaks out with no physical buttons


I agree, but this exact one is more than likely the Optimus G2, but like the Nexus 4 as based off Optimus G1, Nexus 5, should be based off the Optimus G2, it makes most sense, and allows for a cheaper device.

If I can go in on your side of the bet and take half, that's cool, because I'm pretty sure this will be the Snapdragon 800 powered beast that's been rumored for the G2.

Watch there be a home button on the right side of the LG logo and a back button on the left of it. Hybrid S4/One design cues ripoff.

Love it! I HATE the physical or capacitive buttons!
I bet this is gonna be the foundation for Nexus 5

1. We don't know for certain that this is the Optimus G2. Unlike yourself, the rest of the world isn't so gullible as to believe every single rumor as 100% fact.
2. As if you "know" what the specs of the Note 3 will be, and how it will "pimp slap" all other phones, when *no one* knows anything about the device. What a stupid fanboy.

Hope springs eternal... :)

When the future was grey and occluded, I said LG is the type of company webOS needs. They have deep enough pockets to push webOS back into the marketplace with real support. They strive for quality and market share. They are hungry and innovate.

Then they purchased webOS... They said it was for TV. Cool enough. But why put a stock car on the go cart circuit?

Stealth move, FTW?


Nothing wrong with dreaming. :)

No, the Nexus program is open to any and all Android device manufacturers; and it will continue to be so, at least for the next few years.

Future Motorola devices will use software that is "closer to stock" Android than all other OEMs. However, by no means, will these be Nexus handsets.

Unless the bottom bezel is completely gone, any virtual button wastes screen space, not to mention uses high-resolution, high-cost components (LCD) to do what cheaper capacitive buttons can do. Android's inconsistent "dot" menu makes a mess on different devices too.

The point of the virtual buttons is that they promote a standard button arrangement among all devices. The navigation buttons for tablets have already completed this objective, yet manufacturers are still rather stubborn when it comes to phones, ie Galaxy S4 and HTC One. I hope that navigation buttons become the major input method by 2014, since I find them to be the most comfortable input method on Android from 4.0 and onwards. Sometimes, you just can't hang on to the past I guess.

I'm calling it. This is a 5.5 inch Nexus 5. I say it gets announced next week at I/O and will be sold along side the N4.