8Tracks for Android 8Tracks for Android

We're playing around with the 8Tracks Android app this morning, getting our mix on and are pretty much enjoying the ad-supported service. The idea's simple enough: DJ's (that's you) make mixes of at least eight songs, which anyone can listen to. You can like and share individual mixes, follow DJs and be as social (or not) as you want.

It's a pretty diverse crowd, to be sure. And the service gets better the more you share, which makes sense for this sort of thing. You can also browse by tags -- sex mix anyone? -- which is a fun way for genre browsing. You'll need to either register with 8Tracks or log in with Facebook.

We've got more screen shots and download links asfter the break.

8Tracks for Android8Tracks for Android

8Tracks for Android8Tracks for Android

8Tracks for Android8Tracks for Android

8Tracks for Android8Tracks for Android


Reader comments

Music mix favorite 8Tracks now on Android


Awesome! I'm downloading it right now. I've wondered for a while if this would finally make it into existance. I love using 8Tracks to find random relaxation mixes.

Best Album of all time... Rap Genius - Keep the Glock by the Penis !?

WTF? How did someone get that on there, of all things?

Force closed when I tried searching the first two times. Not a great first impression. Evo 3D, Eternity ROM.

Hey rexdeaz,

Thanks for noting. Our dev is aware of the issue and we hope to get a fix for it by the next update.


Keep the Glock by the Penis?? OMG! This is how you shoot your nuts off... Keep your Glock in a nice outside the waistband holster on your hip with a coat or log shirt to conceal you moron!... Or open carry it if you are in the right State.