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We heard just two days ago that Canadian models of the Galaxy Note 2 would be receiving their multi-window update today, and that seems to be going along as planned. Our own devices have started to pull down the update, all 230MB of it, to be installed and others are finding it arrive on their devices as well. This update will bring the much-anticipated multi-window feature, along with Chinese language support. The multi-window function let's the device run two apps side-by-side on the large screen, increasing the potential for multitasking.

The update arrived on other Note 2 devices -- and even Galaxy S3's -- in Europe and the U.S. late last year, so it's about time Canadian users got their opportunity to try out multi-window as well. Seeing the update on your own device yet? Let other users know in the forums.

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Multi-window update rolling out to Canadian Galaxy Note 2s


I accidentally moved the multi-window taskbar to the bottom and I can't drag it back to the side. The user manual doesn't seem to have anything about this.

Any ideas?

Got it; it's tricky... when the tab is up, hold half-moon handle until it vibrates, then drag the to another side of the screen, using the stylus.