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While Motorola may have promised Jelly Bean updates for their most recently launched RAZR devices, for other Moto owners life isn't so peachy on the update front. The device software upgrade page has been updated, and it isn't going to make happy reading for some. 

The Atrix 4G and Atrix 2 now read as "further plans coming soon," having previously been pegged to update to ICS in Q3. The Xyboard 8.2 and Xoom Family Edition are also in the same boat, only the pair of tablets are still provided with a date sometime in Q4. Also slipping into the Q4 category is the DROID Bionic. 

We previously reported that devices such as the DROID 3 would remain on Gingerbread, and one has to only hope that the same isn't about to be said of some of these. The Atrix 2 isn't even a year old, so to see it left languishing in a pre-ICS world would be a sorry sight. Slipping dates leave us feeling less doomsday, yet still with a slightly ominous feeling. If Moto is already talking the Jelly Bean talk, one does have to wonder where some of these ICS updates are hiding. 

Of course, there is always the promise of a $100 credit towards a new Motorola phone should your 2011 onwards device not get updated to Jelly Bean. So don't go throwing away that Atrix 2 just yet. 

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Motorola updates device software upgrade timeline, several ICS updates delayed


Delayed is putting is nicely; it's more likely ICS updates cancelled. This whole Android update fiasco is getting very frustrating. While it may be true now that your average consumer doesn’t care about updates, this will change when smartphones become ubiquitous. People will start demanding/expecting their phones to receive timely updates. I've already noticed this trend amongst people around me who are switching to the iPhone because of it. I'm still hoping that Google and OEMs can solve this problem, but with all the devices out there, I just don't see how. committing to Jelly Bean in a timely manner (we hope) for their latest devices, maybe, just maybe they're going to turn a corner? Maybe that's just a pie-eyed dream, but on the one hand, they have to draw a line somewhere. Then again, devices like the Atrix 2 absolutely should get ICS, especially being less than a year old

Maybe they are working on an update to skip ICS and go direct to JB.

Any effort on ICS is wasted at this point, and anything that can run ICS can run JB.

Hey, I can dream can't I?

OS popularity by OEM updates :

1. Apple = updates everything at one time
2. Google = updates come from OS maker Nexus, non-CDMA
3. Samsung = updates most popular phones quickly
4. Htc = same as Samsung
5. Sony = they are at least trying
6. Motorola = just makes me cry
7. LG = who?

Hope you now have a good understanding of who to buy your next device from if updates are on your list of features.

Really? Someone hasn't heard of the Samsung Droid Charge. It got a large marketing push by Verizon, it was overpriced at $360 at launch for a single core CPU with paltry 512 MB of RAM.

It released half a year after Gingerbread came out in May 2011, and yet it launched on Froyo. Gingerbread finally did come, 7 months after launch, roughly on the one year anniversary for Gingerbread.

ICS is of course a no-show. Samsung does not deserve third place. In fact no OEM deserves it. Spots #3-#10 should probably be left blank, due to how bad all OEMs are with updates.

We really should have seen it coming, I knew their little $100 upgrade promotion was a cop out to upgrading this last batch of phones to ICS.

In typical Motorola fashion, screw everybody else but our biggest customer, and even some of those are getting screwed. I understand they have to draw the line somewhere but there's no excuse to not update the Atrix 2 and Photon 4G. Both very capable phones.

What is the point of the acquisition by Google if Motorola is not able to use the vast talent of engineers at Google to put out updates for their phones?
Motorola has failed us.
They are now officially worse than HTC

With Two Atrix 2 phones in the family, this is a tad disturbing.

In Asia/Pacific region as well as Mexico/Latin America the Atrix 2 says:
ICS Upgrade (Android 4.0.4) rollout scheduled to begin in Q4 2012.

Yet on AT&T, we get waffle language.

I swear to god I've bought my last carrier phone.

This will almost certainly be the last motorola phone I will own. The ENTIRE droid bionic situation has been ridiculous. Can't wait to go to samsung or possibly nexus.

By the time your contact is up, there's a good chance Googlerola will have its act together for updates. Pre-Google acquisition Motorola < post acquisition Moto.

I almost bought a Photon Q, but I remembered the time I had with my Motorola Cliq XT, and I decided against those type of OEM woes.

Skeptics, please note: Moto's new VP of Product, Punit Soni, said in his G+ thread that he would get that page updated (stale since July) and he did. It covers products around the world, not just in the US. There was apparently an 'interesting' meeting on Friday with G/M/Z in attendance - note which company I put on the bottom of that stack. So far my take on Mr. Soni's impact on Android/Carrier issues is VERY positive!

Actions speak louder then words. Many have promised faster, smoother updates, even Google. So far none have delivered.

Instead of just mentioning G+, if you have issues with your Moto device, go voice your concerns. What started with a simple image and a post of his, is now 370+ responses on his public profile regarding just the Bionic. When he got the date on the website updated to Q4, someone said "I guess you now have until 12/31/12 to get it updated!" Mr. Soni responded with "I expect it to be done much earlier than that." I'll give it a chance to see what happens. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If the second fooling comes to fruition, I'll gladly slam Moto with everyone else!

I have a feeling that $100 guarantee is going to come back and bite Moto in the ass. Just another reason why the RAZR HD and Maxx will be DOA shipping with ICS and not even worthy of consideration. You won't see Apple or any of the Windows Phone partners shipping phones with last years OS once the new one is released.

Pretty much this. I just want them to release what's necessary for a working kernel for my Atrix 4G, but as far as I am concerned this is the last non-nexus device I get for myself.

Maybe if they continue to delay and lie we will just forget that we purchased a $500 device less than a year ago that was promised to receive upgrades.

There should be clear and Concise Language with regards to Upgrades, and the Carriers should be "Forced" to maintain the same track as the manufacturer.
No one should be left in a position as Currently avails us all. If you purchase a new phone, it should be made clear prior to purchase what you are, and the Carriers cannot hold their.. (The new software) customer's "Hostage", and not at the Mercy of the Carriers.
A little good will on part of the Carriers would generate more revenue and gratitude from their consumers.

I felt this same frustration on my last phone (Samsung Epic 4G), shipped with eclair when froyo was already out, took forever to update then it was stuck on froyo for far too long. Gingerbread and a ton of leaks for it then again finally an update. I know it was lucky to receive 2 OS updates but the time it takes is just so frustrating. The Epic 4G even runs great on ICS but it will never get that update officially. All I can say is if you care about software do not buy a phone on an old OS.

By the time the new RAZR HD comes out it will be on ICS with probably Key Lime Pie right around the corner or maybe even already out. I for one kinda hope they stick with Jelly Bean for a while and just polish it up more and let some of the phones catch up. Unlikely to happen though, but Google really should try to slow things down a little bit on major OS releases. Jelly Bean is really good and would be a good OS to work more on minor things.

This made me realize that if I care about the software side so much I have no real choice but to get a nexus phone. It sucks because I like hardware too and the nexus phones are not known to be the cutting edge of technology. Even the nexus program is broken though if you have a CDMA version as I do. Though we still typically get the updates faster than most non-nexus phones. Hell the Xoom got Jelly Bean forever ago yet my Verizon Xoom 4G sits on ICS, same tablet just add a 4G Radio and the updates take 10x longer.

I'm really hoping for a Moto-Nexus phone, Give me the new RAZR HD MAXX with stock Android and for me it would be the perfect phone. I do like what Moto is doing to their Blur Skin very much and as they are doing things now it's the only skinned phone I would consider but I'm still afraid they will take forever to update.

Lol...I remember when I had the bionic. I sold it so fast when the nexus came out that my head spun. I'll never go non-nexus again...even if it means switching carriers.

The plan is to completely skip ics on all other devices that are capable of receiving JB but when? Who knows? I'll be rocking a Samsung device before we find out. They've improved on their updates by light years since a few years ago

Doubt it. They won't get anything. Moto doesn't even have JB ready for 4 brand new phones, 2 of which aren't even released yet.

I have been listening to the angry complaints about software upgrades since way back with the palm pilots. Without exception, every software upgrade has resulted in a less stable, more buggy device. I would definitely vote for keeping the software version the phone ships with.

This is why I switched to a Nexus. After having the Bionic and having countless ICS leaks, I finally decided enough was enough and got rid of it. I don't know if the Bionic even has ICS yet officially and don't care anymore. Motorola lost a long time customer.

I have a Thunderbolt; rooted more than a year ago. I tried 3 new ROMs this week after a long time of not loading any new ROMs. I tried a Jelly Bean variant but it just wasn't up to speed. No, it was fast but didn't have all its operations together. So I stepped back to ICS and had some small problems to the phone, I tether a lot and tethering didn't work so well. Next I stepped a little further back to GB the newest update I guess and it works great. It is fast and smooth. I will say the radio was new as well and I stayed with it through all the 3 changes. My speeds tethering are really fast (I did load an older version of the tethering app, but speeds are faster due to the newer radio and VZW doing work on their side.) and the tweaks done by the ROMs creator are very good. It is an Eternity ROM by the way.
I like this phone and how it works though it is not perfect. I think I can keep it going for a year or so more until the next best thing at that moment in time comes along...

My point is that the OS of these phones just needs to work well. We put our egos into some device but in reality the device needs to work in the way it does best. That is not necessarily the newest.

And just one more time, ALL Bionic users get a nice, BIG, FAT broomstick shoved up their a$$ by Moto with no lube at all. How's that feel Bionic customers? ICS no later than Q3 huh? FU Moto! Now it's Q4?
Forgetaboutit! What's the f-ing point now since most Bionic users (including myself) are running the ICS .232 leak and waiting now for JB????

Bionic phones will now for sure, NEVER EVER get JB officially... NEVER!!

I'll never buy another Motorola phone again!!! F-em

Now you know how the owners of the Droid X2 feel. It's Tegra 2 chip-set is more than capable of running Jelly Bean.

ATRIX 2 owner. I figured that since moto updated the atrix2 in India first
I would see it this month but looks like there scrapping u.s. update. SAD. First moto android and last. And Samsung is no better had worse problem with my captivate and there update schedule the only brand I've never owned yet is HTC so maybe the One-x is my new headset

Why don't they just skip ics update and put some phones(Atrix 2, bionic) On jelly bean? Less money and research than putting them on ics than jelly bean...

HTC is no better. I have been a loyal HTC customer for years, from an old DASH all the way up to the MyTouch 4G Slide. The Slide is only a year old and already HTC says it will stay on 2.3.4, no updates. Screw you, HTC. The only way I'll ever buy another HTC phone is if it happens to be a Nexus. From now on it will only be Nexus products for me. I'm sick of this crap from HTC, Moto and anyone else.

ICS has been out for almost a year and Moto still cant push the updates out... this is why Motorola is at the bottom of the Android barrel!

True, but Motorola SUCKS a$$... Always has been, always will be in the phone market. The Bionic should have NEVER been released with the RAZR released a month after.. Come on you Moto idiots?! Really? That was a f-ing slap in the face to EVERY Bionic customer. That was the start of their demise. RAZR's all got ICS, why not Bionic? F-em.. NEVER buy again the aholes.

As an Atrix 4G Owner, do they really think for a single second that people would want another Motorola phone after this kind of experience? That $100 isnt a good offer, its a slap in the face. Fool me once...

From a hardware perspective, I love my Moto Photon 4G. Love the kickstand, use it daily, love the FM Radio, use it all the time. Its been an extremely reliable daily driver for me.

The disappointing factor for me has been that I purchased it specifically b/c I was hedging my bets that the (at the time) impending Moto/Google acquisition would bring reliable & quick updates to new OS versions. That Google would lead by example, through Moto, as a model for the other manufacturers that *THIS* is how you do it.

So...I'm still hoping, based on the Moto head's speech at the Razr launch a few weeks ago, that we'll be getting the JB updates we all want.

Barring that, the $100 is a nice gesture, but I have to be 100% honest. I will forever go forward knowing that if I ever choose a non-Nexus phone, I can't choose an Android phone expecting OS updates. iPhone & WP8 have a proven track record...HTC/Sammy/Moto do not.

(Though I'm hopeful they're all figuring out that on their Top Spec phones they need to support them better & more quickly then they have in the past.)

I'm betting that any Moto device with the exception of the ones that just or will come out will be EOL as far as upgrades go. Enjoy what you got because you aren't getting anything else.


MOTOROLA XOOM WiFi-Only MZ604 - Jellybean Upgrade (Android 4.1.1) rollout began in July 2012.


MOTOROLA XOOM WiFi-Only MZ604 - ICS Upgrade (Android 4.0.4) rollout began in June 2012 for select countries and carriers.

This is why I will never buy another Motorola product ever again...

Yup, Moto gets the big FU shoved up their a$$es from all their loyal customers! In the immortal words of Michael Jackson, eeee heee!!! Grab deesh!

I had the RAZR Maxx HD on my list of phone I might get come February when my contract is up. Even with the bad experience I had or having with my OG Atrix I thought the acquisition by Google would get Moto in shape but I see that is not the case. I'm done with Moto. It's either the new Nexus or BB10. That's right. You heard right, BB10.

As a soon to be former Atrix 4G owner, this is just par for the course of my Android experience. The Atrix was hyped up as the first high quality Android phone for AT&T and was given all kinds of editor's choice awards and praised on this very site. It has been nothing but a let down from the moment I sold my Iphone 4 to buy it. The insanely priced and feature poor webtop dock, the fact that I couldn't get nongoogle apps for months, was first forced to wait forever for gingerbread, then ICS (which still hasn't and possibly isn't coming and let's not even mention jelly bean), I had to get three warranty replacements and now that my warranty is expired, the top of my screen is kaput.

Q3 has come and will be gone in about a week, and after stating that it will get upgraded to ICS (which is already a year old version of the OS, the Atrix 4G is now outside of Google and the OEM's commitment to give all phones updates for 18 months after release. Here I am two software versions behind and two upgrades to the phone (Atrix 2 and Atrix HD) in far less than 18 months with my phone being obsolete and replaced about nine months after release. I wanted to get off of this train when the most recent Nexus came out, but since there had already been a newer version of the Atrix released, my resell value was completely in the toilet. I sold my Iphone 4 eight months after release and got over $300 for it without even having to sell in online. Android phones are forced into obscurity and made obsolete so fast that you have to sell them within two months of release to get a decent return and are then forced into a seemingly never ending cycle of upgrading and changing phones. Always having to chase after the latest and greatest phone appeals to many android owners, but not me.

Usually the answer given by most people on the internet and the guys on the podcast (which I greatly enjoy) is, "Buy a Nexus." That would be great if the Nexus was, as intended, the pinnacle of android development. But even the Nexus isn't safe from forced obsoletion and being behind the curve. The debacle of no google wallet on the Verizon version, the delay in releasing the Sprint version, and the joke of a camera that they put in the Galaxy Nexus is just proof that they can't even get things right with the official unofficial "google phone".

I understand why people like Android and I had a few month honeymoon period where I spent a lot of time tinkering with and adding things to my Atrix that Apple would not have allowed in a million years, but 20 months later, I have neither the time or inclination to spend more time tinkering with my phone than actually using it. I would rather just have a phone that works out of the box, get support for the entire 24 month commitment that I made when I signed a new contract, one that I don't have to wait over a year with a first one and now two generation old phone, and a phone that I don't have to risk voiding my warranty and risk destroying by hacking into it just got get access to the "openness" that the promise of android has failed to provide. Sorry, but with all the iPhone's flaws and problems, at least I know that if I have a problem whether it's hardware, software, update, or functionality related, there are real people at the store that can and are willing to help. That seems preferable to a bunch of shady sounding characters in the darker reaches of the internet telling me to plug my phone into the computer and input a bunch of command scripts that I don't understand and don't have the time or the inclination to learn. If I wanted to be a computer engineer I would have gone to school for it.

So as a former apple fanboy, turned android fanboy, turned back to an apple fanboy, I now know that the grass isn't always greener. I'll continue to read the site, listen to the podcast, and hope that android continues to make strides toward becoming a more unifed and cohesive platform, but I cannot support their product. I guess I'm ordering an Iphone 5. I guess I am a sheep.

I got burned by Samsung way back when they decided not to upgrade the Blackjack to Windows mobile 6. Then I got the Palm Pre Plus when it came to AT&T (we all remember the palm/HP debacle, right?) I got an Atrix 4G when it was free with upgrade. I was pretty happy with it since by the time I got it Gbread was already availiable. Less than a year later I upgraded to the Atrix 2 since it was free with upgrade and my wife was getting one also (her first Android).
Maybe it's me? Maybe if I got an iPhone, horrible things would happen to apple? Thing is, I'll never know because with 5 lines (3 of which are parents whose phones can be replaced with $20 gophones) there is always an upgrade around the corner. I'm much to cheap to payout for an iPhone. I'll take whatever is free and continue to hope for updates they probably won't happen.

How long does one have to wait for the 100 dollar credit?

I mean, if the update page says "further plans coming soon" they could conceivably push it back and back without ever paying out.

I hate to say it but I'm almost ready to bail on android. Nothing wrong with the OS but I haven't been particularly happy with any of the manufacturers. I had trouble with my HTC Evo, tons of problems with both Samsung phones I've owned (the Moment and Epic Touch), I never saw new updates while I had my LG Optimus S and now I'm getting sick of waiting for the ICS update for my Atrix 2. Seems Android owners can't win.

I wouldn't fall for the $100 credit. Not only is the current selection too limited, but by using that $100 towards another Motorola device you're only rewarding them for doing this and telling them it's OK to keep doing it. As for the future of Android, there was once an 18 month update agreement, but it's likely Motorola has invalidated that and neither Google nor Andy Rubin have publicly commented on how this will impact that update agreement.

I hate to say it, but I'm also questioning my future with Android, especially considering how long it takes to get updates to patch vulnerabilities vs how long it takes to find them. Using a smartphone as intended shouldn't be so damned risky.

MOTOROLA XYBOARD 10.1/Xoom 2 (MZ615)
ICS Upgrade (Android 4.0.4) rollout began in August 2012

No Jelly bean update coming for XOOM 2 .. Pathetic.........