moto Droid X

What happens when a pre-released phone gets into the hands of someone who knows their way around the Android system is a beautiful thing.  Late last night we got a system dump from the brand spanking new Droid X out in the Android Central forums, and things are already springing up.

  • Android Central member mothy can hook you up with all the new static wallpapers HERE
  • The all new drrrroooooiiiidddd sounds can be found HERE
  • The Eclair Tips Widget (tested only on the HTC Evo) can be found HERE
  • You can find the multitouch keyboard HERE at droid-life
  • Kellen reported in that they now have the boot animation ported over to the Droid Incredible, check it out HERE at droid-life
  • And last, but not least, you can get the whole system dump and play until your heart's content right HERE

With over 500 downloads so far of the system dump, we expect big things out of the hacking community, and we can experience a little bit of the Droid X while waiting for it to hit the shelves.  Thanks heartagram616 for the keyboard tip!


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Motorola Droid X system dump available; hackers already hard at it


I will laugh my ass off if this gets rooted before release like the EVO 4G did. That would then make the Droid X the HOTTEST commodity in the smartphone world. Imagine this scenario...

1. Rooted before release
2. Purchase phone and root
3. Flash AOSP Froyo ROM and OC Kernel
4. OC to 1.5 Ghz and stable
5. WIN!

Good luck.. moto has signed all the bootloader and you wont be able to load custom roms.. yeah, minor tweaks like OC may be possibles (milestone has them).
They may have good hardware but the closed bootloader policy is a no go for me and most of the mod community.

Well then... If Moto has signed the bootloader and it cannot be circumvented then I guess its' time to wait to see what HTC pulls out of its' ass. I refuse to purchase a phone that has been locked down so IF the Droid X and Droid 2 cannot be rooted Motorola just lost a customer.

Where do you put the file for the multi-touch keyboard after you download it? I downloaded it from my computer, should I download it straight to the phone?

EDIT: Nevermind, I downloaded it straight to my phone, installed, and bingo. Multi-Touch on my Moto Droid!!

lol. someone needs to overdub them on a vuvoozuuzooloola thingy to make the most annoying sound in the galaxy.

While I love the hardware, and the android platform, I'm afraid I have to agree. I really don't like what Motorola has done to the phone, and I especially hate the droid branding...I don't want my phone to assimilate me. :(

With that being said, I'm still buying it.

Just FYI. Swype won't work on Droid Eris because of screen size. At least that's what the tutorial told me (and it didn't work, i tried to ignore it). If you know otherwise, help me out.

when i go to install the new keyboard, it says its going to replace an app, it is just stock keyboard? cause i never use that so it would be fine. just wondering

downloaded the boot animation to my Eris..yep that's right an Eris, takes a few seconds to load. Still pretty cool!One question is there a way to ditch the 3 droids on the skateboards and just have the eye?

PLEASE HELP! first of i need to be rooted to get any of the things above???

second: i have a sprint hero, i downloaded everything, but when i try to type nothing comes up. i leave it pressed and it gives me input method, then i click multitiouch....but again, nothing comes up.


no you don't have to be rooted... my Eris isn't rooted, and I have the boot animation. if you go to, you can register and it will automatically download the correct keyboard for you device.

Just a minor thing, pretty sure it's "Kellex" over at Droid-Life not Kellen, unless that's his real name or something.

Yeah, they've been calling him Kellen for a while now. I actually created an account just for the reason of pointing this out. :P

cant get the keyboard to work in my incredible

downloaded the file, emailed it to myself, opened and installed the attachment using "tAttachAplInstaller" from the app store, I now see the option to turn it on in my settings menu BUT it doesn't do anything -_____-

wont work

press and hold in type to compose box a window will pop up that says input method touch this then select muti-touch keyboard

niiiiice. thanks for the help man haha. noob question i guess huh. lol. im testing it out now thanks

Ok, I am running Froyo FRF57 ON DROID. I downloaded the .apk and installed it. Good so far. Openend Settings> Language & Keyboard> seleceted Muti touch keyboard. Before I could back out of settings, I get a FORCE Close that there is an error.... Anyone got any ideas

GUESS WHAT I FOUND!!! i was digging around the droid x dump and decided to try installing its music.apk (and then audioeffectssettings.apk) on my droid. It doesnt work correctly (probably just needs a little port work), but i can confirm that it has an EQUALIZER for the speaker and also for headphones!!!!!

what really is the multi touch keyboard.i put it on my droid to see what it really was but the only diff i see from the stock one is that the color is white?

It allows you to press more than one key at a time. For example, you can press "Shift" and the "a" key and it will give you a capital A. Without the multi touch keyboard, if you press one key then no other key is recognized while the first key is continued to be pressed.