Verizon's Droid X is the latest big-screen Android phone

Motorola Droid X

Here she be, folks, the Motorola Droid X on Verizon, fresh off its coming-out in New York City. If you missed all the hoopla, it'll be available July 15 for $199 after the usual two-year contract and $100 rebate.

Our initial impressions are quite good. Wanna read them? Mosey on through the break.

The 4.3-inch screen is crisp and clear and was a major bullet point for Verizon. The TI OMAP 3640 processor is speedy out of the box -- and this is all without it even having Android 2.2 and its just-in-time compiler. Yes, unfortunately we're going to have to wait for a bit for Froyo (and Adobe Flash). While both played a big part in today's announcement, neither will be on the Droid X until "later this summer."

Motorola Droid XMotorola Droid X

Motorola Droid XMotorola Droid X

Much has been said about the Droid X running Motoblur instead of stock Android. Thing is, it's not running Motoblur. In fact, don't use that word again in the same sentence as the Droid X. Yeah, there's a skin on top of Android, and there are custom widgets involved, but even after only a few minutes we get the feeling that it won't leave the same bad taste in your mouth as Motoblur.

Motorola Droid XMotorola Droid X

Motorola Droid XMotorola Droid X

The capacitive buttons of the original Droid have been traded for four physical buttons in the menu-home-back-search layout. There's a dedicated camera button as well. HDMI-out, 8MP camera with dual flash and 720p video recording, Wifi (and tethered) hotspots are available for an extra $20 a month.

Motorola Droid XMotorola Droid X

All in all, we've got a ton to dive into with the Motorola Droid X. We're just scratching the surface. So stay tuned, and hit us up in the Droid X forums for more discussion.

Motorola Droid X


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Motorola Droid X initial hands-on


Not even one Side By Side photo Phil?

When they say tethered for 20 bucks does anyone ever ask them if it includes more data?

Why do they charge more for the same data?

wow. Why not just get an EVO and hack the tethering option for FREE? And then you'll have access to unlimited data on a 4G network.........

this has got to be one of the dumbest comments ive ever read on this site. you do realize that the evo's tethering costs as well (without rooting) and the fact that the "x" will most likely be rooted within a week of release allowing for unlimited thethering as well. as far as you "unlimited 4g" comment now i cant speak for everyoen but, 2 of the guys that work for me have evos and at my house and our office (places i would most likely use tethering) my verizon 3g is faster than sprints wimax. keep it moving fanboi...

And if you want proof of 4g data speeds, I'll gladly post screen shot on the forum... Just let me know... Oh and I'll also post a screen shot of VZW's Data speeds right next to it.

lmao, I call shenanigans... I personally own a EVO, Droid and Iphone 3gs and when they all have a decent signal nothing is even close to being what the EVO as far as speed... Sorry, that's just a lie, my EVO pulls an average 4+ mbs and my droid won't even pull 1. my 3gs pulls 1.5.... VZW is not close to the EVO and you know it unless youre somewhere that 4g is not turned on.

all that being said. LTE will be faster but EVDO is not close to wimax... I like the Droid X as much as the next guy but there is no reason to lie about it's abilities....

Does anyone know if my NE2 is up this year if I can upgrade. My actual contract expires at the beginning of next year, but my NE2 is in November.

I'm with icebike, can we get a side by side? Maybe next to the original Droid or one of the classic next to a quarter or deck of cards?

If its not coming with Froyo, then why does it have it installed? The Android helper guy is in a lot of these this an add-on or did they put Froyo on for the media DX?

that droid x looks great i wanted to know if there is a front facing much as it would be cool to have face to face conversations i have my laptop for that. check out my blog mophomovementDOTcom all photos taken with the motorola droid 1

Is that the freaking Aria!? Good lord, the DX could EAT the Aria (which is a nice phone also). That's so cool, I love the size of this thing. I have big hands, so this is great for me. Great shot, Phil. :-)

I love HTC Sense. I love the added UI features and homescreens that come with the HTC Evo 4G. Evo 4G has the Droid X beat, easy.

i have an incredible and i love sense as well. but outside of that how does the evo have the x beat "easy". outside of sense, size, and the front camera theyre virtually identical. like i said i love sense but there are enough widgets/apps in the market that i could beat sense, easy. how much video callin do you do?? on the rare occasion that i do that my lappy works perfectly

"outside sense, size and front camera..." these are some the reasons it beats Droid X!! Did I mention 4G speed?! And don't act like these aren't major features.

Front camera- novelty, size- not too different, sense- droid x wont have sense but it also wont have blur, from what i read it has sort of a medley of the two. and 4g is great and all but sprints network blows

Is anyone else not impressed with this? I mean it will be one heck of a phone, a really nice phone, but I've got about as much excitement for this phone as I did the iPhone 4. Give us innovation please.

gotta know if you can use 3rd-party tethering apps first before committing. i dont want to pay an extra tethering fee

Hey phil could you please let us know about the music player? As in how it catagorizes music files and how the audio quality through headphones is because i use my phones as mp3 players so that is very important to me, and im sure im not the only one either so it would be greatly appreciated if you could give us some details, thanks phil!!!!!!

The Droid X really doesn't seem like much of an improvement over the Incredible from a performance standpoint. If anything, ditching the capacitive navigation buttons for physical ones makes it a downgrade in comparison

more of an opinion than a fact, but when it comes to the matter of gpu processing for games and such, the x wins hands down. i have an incredible as well so im not hating, just stating facts

Very impressive phone. It's great for motorola continuing the award winning lineup for android after taking that small break making the backflip & devour. I'm a happy droid incredible user and hope the friendly rivalry between HTC & Motorola continues. Steve J must be squirming in his seat right now.

Thanks for adding the side by side Phil.

Now talk to those verizon guys and ask them why their network doesn't know that time it is.

So it looks like this will be a true competitor to Evo. It is missing, however, the front facing camera that phones are coming out with now.

The processor is much better than Evo's, since it's a TI processor and not a cheap Qualcomm.

The screen I'm pretty sure will look just about as gorgeous as the Evo's.

I would prefer the Evo because of Sense and Front Facing Camera, plus it's a bit smaller. Not to mention 4G access, which works GREAT in Houston. Constant 4.5mbps with bursts of up to 6-7mb.

So Droid has better processor, but no front camera. And it won't support 4G AT ALL. Those are about the only trade-offs I think.

Wooow that thing is huuuge, he looks like he can't even hold on his hands, naaa I rather buy the EVO, I waited for nothing

This a better device than EVO. More speed in CPU and GPU. Better screen with more colors, maybe the camera will be better, better apps from VERIZON.

And your 4G is lower than VERIZON 3G in most places

i like both evo and dx but due to my area not having 4g and the fact of sprint having inferior service here as well means i will be going with the dx as far as the argument about the front side camera yeah its a nice feature but more of a novelty as far as im concerened if i want a video conference ill use a computer, battery consumption being the obvious reason but a great feature for your teenage daughters and their obsession with constantly updating their facebook pics hourly

I am in no way shape or form an expert like the other members, in fact, I can not even able to master my Pearl miny PC, blackberry.

My question is, should I wait for the 15th and purchase from Verizon the MotorolaX or should I go for the Incredible.

Seems like a couple feel the Incredible the better of the two?

I hate seeing Android people argue with Android..I love every Android phone, and you EVO people seem to have become another sect in comparison to the apple fanboys..I have my Nexus One and am just as satisfied if I see somebody with an Incredible or an Evo, they each have their ups and downs. We are all Android! Peace, please!