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It's time. You no doubt already know Motorola has brought back the RAZR brand, this time as the Motorola Droid RAZR and chances are you read our complete review if you were in any way interested in this device and if not -- you really should.

Now though, is the time to get your own. The Motorola Droid RAZR is now available on the Verizon Wireless website and ready to be shipped to you. You can pick up a Droid RAZR for $300 on a new 2-year contract or $650 with no contract at all. If you're not really feeling that price, Amazon Wireless will gladly help you out with the costs assiciated by offering it for $111.11 to new Verizon Wireless customers. Getting one? Let us know in the Android Central forums.

Source: Verizon; Amazon

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tim242 says:

Getting two from Best Buy, as soon as they open!

Why not the Rezound or The Nexus?......... Just wondering.

Why not get the Galaxy Nexus for the same price in the same size case but with the full 4.65" HD screen?

Why not get the one that will always be updated first?

whartpence says:

This is a great phone that will make a lot of people happy. I won't be getting it for the same reason I didn't get any iPhones, I can't rely on a phone with no removable battery. And one other thing thing...

Galaxy Nexus.

SabinBobo says:

My girlfriend got hers from FedEx earlier today to replace her old Blackberry. It's very speedy and very pretty. I'm impressed.

"Pretty"? Sure you're not the girlfriend?

kandiman1224 says:

Galaxy nexus doesnt have much on this phone, in fact this phone has more on the nexus. I want this soo bad but really wanna wait until ive held both

Both phones have their strengths and weaknesses. Can we just leave it at that?

whartpence says:

That's good that you are going to compare them before your final decision. I checked out the Razr at the Verizon store near my house. It's very nice, just not for me for both the hardware and software (blur).

rbess1965 says:

These phones are just like anything else you buy. Nothing has everything you want all in one package. You want Kevlar on a 7mm thick Samsung or Ice Cream, Face unlock and NFC on the Razr?

They do this to us to keep competition in the market place which also helps keep prices in check (somewhat that is).

When someone says that this or that phone is the best, it solely depends on which features are more important to the user. Nothing more, nothing less.

Just hope for a better, more refined and reliable group of phones this time around and for me any of them will be great because they all do so much more than any of us could have foreseen 10 years ago.

Have a Coke and a smile! Or a Pepsi. You know what I mean?

Don't worry, be Happy:)

li2327 says:

Very nice looking phone. I think it will be a big seller. The sleek design is killer.

patfactorx says:

For those getting the GN... What kind of job do you have that you are ok with paying $200 more for a superphone?

The Droid dev community is amazing and there has not been a Droid yet that hasn't gotten a ROM with the latest Android.

whartpence says:

My guess is it will be $50 more for the GN since I am an existing customer and can't get that new customer discount. If it is $200 more, that's fine. I will keep it for at least 20 months as I usually do with my phones. $200 is less than my monthly bill since we have four lines on my family plan so an extra $200 Or $300 for one month won't kill me. To answer your question, I am a Systems Engineer.


I have a job in which I make enough money to do whatever I want. For example, I can switch phones and carriers monthly and it doesn't hurt my checkbook. I think it's rude you even ask!

orlanka says:

o $30,000 - $49,999
o $50,000 - $69,999
o $70,000 - $99,999
o Enough to afford Cory Streater’s home
X Prefer not to say

heraldo says:

Thank you for that!

Cause it's funnY

moosc says:

Amazon price is awesome 111.11$

tim242 says:

Only for new customers. $249 for upgrades and new lines.

enigma2u says:

Im not rich by far but paying $300 for a phone or even $650 off of contract for this phone is a great value ...I use this 20 times more then I do my laptop and that thing cost me a bit more ...don't be cheap people this kind of tech is priced right for most people on this site if u think that its too expensive then ur a moron and need to have a feature phone like the envy or something ...stick to that or go buy a jitterbug if they still have thoose lol me ill be happy with my Gnex soon ...its just killing me to know the launch date

RAzR! Welcome to show the POWER!

jetsaredim says:

I totally would have bought it if the 111.11 price was for upgrade customers too. For $300, I'll just wait for the Nexus.

kelton says:

Any review on a fixed battery phone should include battery life. (especially since this is a mega-problem with all of these super phones)

What a lame campaign, "fall into the wrong hands"?? ...sigh...

Even worse than the Bionic's "Rule all Devices" slogan? LOL

ChuckG73 says:

If I brought a Bionic I would be very upset, however those that buy the Razr in a couple of months will probably regret it as well as I am sure Motorola will drop another new beast. That is why I am getting the Nexus. I know I will have the best software and in a year can upgrade to the next Nexus. Bye bye envy.

myester says:

Wife got hers yesterday. Had activation issues just like the Bionic. Turns out you have to turn off 4G to get it going. Nice phone but I'm going to check out the Rezound and Nexus before making a decision.

maxim730 says:

Disappointed it is not Global ready. I really need a phone that will work outside the U.S. (I have a Droid Pro and when I travel, I buy a local SIM card)

Hoping the Nexus or Rezound is global ready...

Nephar says:

Sure would like to get one... two actually. But, Verizon has barred their store doors until 11:11. How stupid is that?!!!

For all those that got the this phone, aren't you a bit upset you ONLY get 2gb of storage space for apps!?

cdf3 says:

For most users, that should be plenty.
I have a little over 200 apps installed on my Android phone,
and I'm only using about 475 MB of space.
Quite a few users will have far less apps installed.