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So, we've already seen today that Verizon has made available the trio of Droid RAZR devices -- the M, HD and HD MAXX if you're counting -- but let us not forget about that other RAZR device. That's right, alongside the regular RAZR devices going on sale is the Developer Edition. The contract-free, bootloader unlockable developer friendly RAZR HD is also available for purchase. It isn't cheap though, at $599.99 you'll be parting with a fair amount of your cash. 

It's a far cry from the release of the Developer Edition Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon too. The wait for the S3 went on so long that the regular one had been cracked open before it ever had chance to get into peoples hands. That made us sad, but the speediness of the Motorola release makes us happy. If this is the one you've been waiting on, hit the source link below and go get one. 

Source: Verizon


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Motorola Droid RAZR HD Developer Edition goes on sale for $600


I felt the same way. But I'm actually caring a little less now that the difference between them is ~800mah. The old non-maxx was 1780 vs 3300. Now it's 2530 vs 3300 which isn't nearly as stark a change. I'll try it out. It certainly will be an improvement over my existing RAZR

What's the point of "developer edition" phones? Why don't OEM's just ship all their phones with unlocked bootloaders? It's not like regular folk care one way or another.

It's the Carrier's decision on whether the device should be locked or unlocked. Not the OEMs. Blame Verizon.

I hope this is an official thing now. Since I'll be paying full price for my phones on Verizon from now on to keep unlimited data, getting developer versions instead would be awesome.

Too bad this isn't the MAXX HD though.

Yeah I agree - I love this trend. Hopefully the prices on the dev editions come down a little too. I'm already happy with Moto for making BLUR on ICS really close to stock, and this is even better.

What's the difference between developer edition phones and others. I'm not a developer but should I even consider getting one Since I still have to pay full price in order to keep unlimited data in with Verizon.

Developer edition has an unlocked bootloader, if you don't plan to unlock, root and install custom ROMs it probably won't make much difference to you.

Uhhh... That link takes you to Motorola & offers to sell the phone thru Verizon at the subsidized price. Is that a typo on the Motorola website? I thought the developer edition was full price only.

This probably does not come with a warranty either....if your gonna pay full price better to get one with a warranty......

i went ahead and bought the verizon razr hd maxxx for the extra battery juice. i'll still root it to get rid of some of the bloat, but otherwise i'm happy with the way it is.