What happens when you pile a bunch of people into a room and tell them to play with a just-announced Android device? Some folks will play with it and then quickly move along while others, will be bound and determined to test it out to the max and see what kind of limits can be reached.

The Motorola Droid Bionic shown above got put through its paces when tested via Quadrant installed on it sometime before or after our own hands on with it. While the Quadrant test isn't exactly the be all, end all of testing, the Droid Bionic did give off an impressive score of 2284 without Quadrant even being optimized as of yet to run on the device. You can hit the break and see a video of it running the test yourself. Thanks, lsramair, for sending this in!


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Motorola Droid Bionic Quadrant testing shows some impressive numbers


wow... that is some comparison u just did there!
just wait until quadrant is optimized on the tegra 2 cpus, and when it is hacked, it receives updates, and when it gets overclocked, it might do 4000?

Impressive? I think not.

Heck my CM6.1.2RC2 MyTouchHD is racking around 2010 on the Quadrant. For being a Dual Core Processor, it's leaving me asking for more.

I think not? Ha! You are comparing apples to oranges because you aren't running a stock ROM.

Look at the Nexus One in the picture. What is it showing..about 1300? That is around where yours would be if you weren't running a custom ROM. This unreleased phone is 2284 on a stock ROM without even being optimized yet! It isn't really known yet if this is a good score compared to other dual core processors running stock ROMs, but compared to everything available now running their stock ROMs..it is very impressive.

Edit: Sorry..I just reread. You have the MyTouch, not the Nexus One..but my point is still the same.

Nice to know something like the G2 can be easily overclocked to these levels which means it should be perfectly capable for a couple years.

When is the Bionic being released again?

Ummmm the Bionic is not fully baked yet so those scores a re little on the low side of what they actually will be.

I posted that video last night! Moto reps came over quick when they saw us filming it at CES. I dunno what their problem was but they had all their devices unactivated and without a wifi connection (except the XOOM.) Seems like they wanted the devices kept limited and connectionless, there was no market or maps.

Lucky for me the DroidX has hotspot... :)

I ran Quadrant on the ATRIX and the Thunderbolt, but i dont have video proof from those. Atrix came in in the same ballpark as the bionic, and the thunderbolt was in the high teens.

How did the bionic feel? Did feel solid or did it feel plastic like HTC? His it compared to the X build feel

How does the Bionic compare to the iPhone that's coming out on Verizon tomorrow? I would get the iPhone if it was LTE, but I suspect it won't be, so I'm not inclined to buy an obsolete phone. It seems like the Bionic could be the phone to own

I seriously doubt Apple is going to suddenly have a special version of their hardware just for Verizon.

I would expect more from a dual core. my stock nexus s clocks in at 2200+ w/o the 3d test in quadrant advance.

Ive gotten my G2 up close to 3000 overclocked...but that bionic is too impressive. Its not even rooted, or anything what it can be. But I wonder if it'll be difficult to root or make oc kernels for dual core phones.

Quadrant is not an accurate benchmark for real world performance. It continues to amaze me that benchmarks of Quadrant are still treated credibly.

That being said, we need an accurate benchmark for processors. I think that the best solution for now is to do what PC benchmarkers do - that real world games, run the same scene over and over again, measuring frame rates (take the median score) under controlled conditions.