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And so, we wait. But all hope is not lost, as Verizon told Phone Scoop yesterday that the update isn't delayed and is rolling out as planned, with the small, initial batch pushed out.

"The Android 2.1 upgrade for the Droid by Motorola was deployed to a small number of Verizon Wireless test users as scheduled. It is expected the broader phased rollout to all Droid by Motorola users will take place, but not just yet. No date scheduled yet."

That definitely goes against what we'd seen, but stranger things have happened. So hang in there, everybody.

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Anonymous says:

Thats it, Im getting a nexus 1 and switching carriers- just kidding.

PortareAF says:

Keep the carrier, and switch to the N1. All the good of VZW with none of the bad of people playing middle men to Google.

Godwell says:

I'm sticking with DROID.
Need my physical keyboard.

quinceya1013 says:

I agree I like keyboard; but I dunno I might have to learn to adjust to the on-screen keyboard. I really want some of the software features the N1 has to offer.

Anonymous says:

People go to bed, no one guaranteed an update, and as stated before we bought the phone as is, what would you all have done if none of these phones had ever hit the market and we all were still using old "brick style" phones???

Get out of your basements, go to bed and wait for whenever they are ready to give us the update, we will still be paying an outrageous price for the internet service as well as for the voice service, but no one put a gun to our heads and forced us to buy the product....

PortareAF says:

Interesting, they say there isn't a delay when everyone and their grandmother knows there is, perhaps if they say there is no delay people will not worry about one, just think that it hasn't gotten to them yet....although not sure what their plan is when a few days past and everyone realizes there is a delay...Oh well I am sure it will release as scheduled on the 18th of March....wait a second...

cj100570 says:

Verizon never announced that the update was being released on the 18th to start with. All the info about it being released was by "trusted ninjas" and not from any official at Verizon. Everyone needs to ratchet down the rhetoric because 1. Neither Motorola nor Verizon owe you an update. You bought your phones as is in case you've never bothered to read your purchase agreement and contract. 2. The update will get here when it gets here. The world isn't going to halt and your phone already works. Kick back and enjoy the awesomeness that is the Droid. That's what I'm doing.

PortareAF says:

Never said the phone wasn't awesome, never said they owed me an update. Just simply think when it comes time for me to get a new phone I will purchase straight from Google, rather than having to deal with with the middle men. I know that I signed the contract for a phone running 2.0 and thats what I have for a year or two if i decided to wait, but it also lets me know that Motorola doesn't plan on keeping up to date as quickly as my first impressions were. It isn't a big deal, its not the end of the world, it is just information I will use when I make my next purchase of a phone. Phone directly from Google will get new stuff before third party phone, makes sense, and thats what I want.

Anonymous says:

I completely agree with you, the phone works as it is right now, yes new features would be wonderful but all in all the moto droid is still an awesome phone and i love it and will never change my mind.

ebressi says:

Verizon did to announce. I called them and they said that it was released and that I should expect my update around 11:59pm that night. Then I went to work logged on to and saw that the update was TBA. I called verizon and he said thats all that he heard as well.

Anonymous says:

Unless it gets Flash, and better Exchange features, I could care less about this over-hyped eye candy update.

And to the people who are threatening to switch devices, switch carriers... good grief.. it's just a friggin' phone... get out of the basement once in a while.

PortareAF says:

Hey the light hurts my eyes...ok

Anonymous says:

It has much improved Exchange features and Flash is dependent on Adobe not Moto.

So you don't care that browser speed in page rendering and scrolling has a significant speed increase? And that 2.1 in general seems faster? Hmmm.

Agree about the switching devices / carriers bit. Totally stupid.

Anonymous says:

it will be the same with any other carrier as well. Im getting an Incredible and I am running Koushs rom, so I'm content.

Seriously people, if you can't wait. Backup all your phone shit. Download the 2.1 ese53 sbf and go at it. I mean its the same one your getting anyway.

Anonymous says:

"...get out of the basement once in a while", he said in his post to a cell phone discussion board.

Anonymous says:

Get Touchdown for better Exchange support. It's much better than the stock app.

AndroidBoi says:

And we wait...I think I might actually pass out when I finally do see the OTA update icon for 2.1 on my screen. Let's just hope I'm not driving.

Mitch says:

Verizon never said this update was going to be delivered to everybody on the 18th. As long as they are slowly releasing it (which is the smart thing to do) I don't see the issue.

chicubfan08 says:

Look at me. I'm Motorola. I abuse my power. You want this update? You know you want it. What will you do for it? Dance monkeys dance!!

Audiophile says:

Thats what most people don't isn't Motorola or Google that is delaying your update. It is your carrier. If you don't like it, switch carriers or suck it up.

I have been "patiently" waiting for Sprint to release 2.X for the Hero for some time now. I see 2.X Sense on other devices, why not mine? *Waaahhhhhh* /sarcasm

Toochief says:

I agree with Protagonist BUT....I'm always up for an upgrade. It's just so fun!

I'm not ditching my Droid, but I wonder if the Milestones 2.1 update is on track as was said to be hitting Europe starting tomorrow.

BadFrodo says:

I'm quite happy with my Droid as shipped and it's a vast improvement over my Samsung flip phone. I can wait for an update.

Anonymous says:

Everybody needs to calm down. It was reported that they were releasing the upgrade to 1,000 people and then 9,000, waiting 24 hours for testing THEN releasing it in batches of 200,000. Isn't it possible that the initial 10,000 are all Verizon Employees? I'm sick of seeing everybody get so pissed off at 12:01 when they don't have an upgrade pushed to them. 0.1% is a small number.

angledriod says:

I still think touchdown is a much better app than the built in droid app. It supports exchange folders, calendar is good, tasks, etc.

Anonymous says:

Hmmm indeed. Minute improvements in browser and scrolling performance don't blow my hair back. What about things that are actually useful? How about delete confirmation in email? Exchange Folder support? Exchange Notes? Yes? No?

CharlieL3 says:


Anonymous says:

Its not that much different. The delay isn't from the 2.1 code. Its from server capacity. The problem is with Motorola's code distributor which is owned by HP.

Anonymous says:

I may be being ignorant, but how much different can the code for the droid's 2.1 be from the N1's? They both are running stock Android UI, and the droid has been touted as a "google experience" phone. They both have similar hardware, eg similar if not the same processors, etc. I can see VZW scrutinizing the code to make sure it is secure and there are no 'wormholes' etc that can harm the network, but other than that, what's the hold-up? Again, I am by no means an IT expert, but how much different can the droid's 2.1 be from the N1's existing code?

graymulligan says:

They're not nearly the same processor. The architecture is different, clock speed is different, etc. It's not as simple as moving code from one to another.

LC says:

If the problem is with distributing it via the software update mechanism on the phone, why doesn't Verizon just have the file downloadable from their support webpage along with instructions.

That way they can still have a percentage of people perform the upgrade, and then roll the rest out once they get their distribution issues fixed with the third party company.

We've been waiting a long time for this.
One of the reasons I bought this phone was the thought of getting updates more frequently than I have been.
Updates don't make my phone feel outdated.

MakingSense says:

That info was added either late 3/17 or early 3/18 so you know they were gearing up for it.

Jon says:

Not sure if this is anything new but I checked the Verizon Website and found OTA update instructions for ESE53 no actual information on the update or it's release, but wondering if this could have been recently added?

Anonymous says:

Come one people, stop living a lie and get the Nexus One alredy. It is the only one true and real Android phone, everything else is second rate.

PortareAF says:

But the TV told me I had the best phone... :(

graymulligan says:

My droid running at 1Ghz kicks your nexus's butt. Same OS, better screen, and a physical keyboard.

But I'm sure your trackball and T-Mobile support are great. ;)

Anonymous says:

While I was waiting around for this update, I found a little nugget in the latest Google Maps update. I can now switch user accounts! Why does this matter, you say? Because I had to set my work's Google Apps account as my default (due to calendar sharing/control issues, not technical limitations) which meant I couldn't save Maps. Not sure if I was missing much, but I hate missing out on a feature simply because Google Apps is my default account on my phone.

Antonio says:

I just talked to verizon technical support and he just made me aware that if you want a software update to 2.1 you should be able to dial*228 from your phone (yea right.....) and if that doesn't work which most likely it wont you can go to a verizon coorperate store near you and they are able to do the upgrade from there.... let me know how it goes!

graymulligan says:

And This kids, is why you don't listen to the folks at VZW.

*228 isn't involved in the upgrade process at all. That's to program your phone. VZW corporate stores don't have the ability to upgrade your phone.

Please...someone edit or delete this post, it's going to confuse the noobies.

Antonio says:

They actually do have the ability to upgrade all software if it is a coorperate store I know cuz I did it at verizon for four years working there....

PortareAF says:

Just got a tweet from VZW to me...I know I was excited too. They said they are "working hard to get to you quickly" I asked if they were admitting to a delay then. I'll keep you posted.

kingofny#IM says:

I'm curious to know what the say...

PortareAF says:

They said "No delay-starting to roll out slowly with test group, more to come, stay tuned"

rtgnhjju says:

Ok, where's my

Anonymous says:

Another rumor, but the bug they had was when the droid took a picture it would take to long to load onto the 3d gallery. Corporate verizon rep is saying that they have pushed it back another month. He better be wrong!!!

quinceya1013 says:

Wow.... a whole month? Does that mean a month as in out of the first quarter of 2010...hmm someone internet gangstered me the other because i said its possible it won't come anytime soon...

Anonymous says:

well they releases the first 100,000 yesterday and took a 24 hour rest to see if there were any problems and starting tomorrow they are releasing it 200,000 every 12 hour intervals according to the information my verizon store has received.

Bilal says:

First off, I used to be a die hard blackberry fan with Verizon. I then took a look at Android and liked what it had to offer so I got my hands on a Moto Droid. I absolutely love this phone, blows all my other smart phones out of the water. It pretty much comes down to custimization; I'm a tech "whore" and love the fact that I have seemingly unlimited options to custimize my Androiddevice as I see fit. Now, where 2.1 is concerned, it is not as if the phone sucks and desperately needs this update. The phone is great and with or without 2.1, I'm a "Droidy". That being said, the techy in me would love to see these new features like live wallpapers, pinch to zoom, etc... I don't think waiting for the 2.1 update would have been a big issue if it wasn't hyped so much. Also, this game of giving people a release date and then postponing it over and over is bound to get people a little anxious. Someone made a good point about spending a lot of money on advertising but not being able to push out the update as scheduled. I guess I understand peoples' frustrations, but we have to keep in mind that as long as we eventually get the update in good working order, whats the big deal, relax and enjoy the Droid as is...

quinceya1013 says:

I agree whole-heartedly; from one tech hoe to another lol

Anonymous says:

I totally agree...I had 7 BlackBerry Storm's and 2 Storm 2's with Verizon and then I switched over to this awesome phone. We really don't have it bad people, we at least know the update is coming soon...BlackBerry users are still waiting for an update to correct the issue with the home screen updating and that has been an issue for over 4 months. Be thankful that Verizon is actually caring about this phone and really, are the lack of 2.1 features making your phone unable to use?? These are some cool features and improvements but nothing to cause you to jump ship!!

anon. :) says:

Well would you rather me not leak stuff then to curb anxiety???

anonymous says:

ok android central good morning. UPDATE THE GOD DAMN PAGE! Its day 3 and i want my file so go out there and find it. AND DON'T TELL ME TO BE PATIENT. I am sitting here at home obsessing and missing work waiting for this update! You can be patient but I can't afford to miss anymore work.

AndRoyD says:

I hate to state the obvious, but the Verizon claim that everything is on schedule is a joke. Even if they had sent out the OTA update to as few as 1,000 phones (quoted as high as 100,000), SOMEONE would have posted proof on YouTube by now.
Droid users are mostly male tech-heads (there have been real studies to back that up). I know that if I was blessed as one of the select few, I'd let the whole Droid community know within the hour.
If an in-the-know employee posted the internal screenshot showing the update as TBD (probably imperilling his/her job in the process), don't you think an in-the-know employee would sooner post the good news?
Add to the above, the new reports that Android 2.1 for the Moto Milestone have been postponed indefinitely.

Does ANYONE disagree with these simple observations?



mully says:

Personally, I don't mind waiting for the update, assuming the bugs are worked out BEFORE they release it. I had 6 BB Storms and let me tell don't want an update filled with bugs. Talk about frustrating.

Did VZW actually release the dates for the update or was it leaked? If it was leaked, sweet, quit blaming VZW for giving out teaser info. I'd rather get leaked info, although it seems it is usually misinformation on these forums :(

Manuel Ortiz says:

It was Verizon and Motorola and it was on there Facebook page and it wasn't leaked!

mully says:

Ahhhhh.....then ya....that blows.