Cliq 2.1 update

The Motorola Cliq is set to receive the Eclair (2.1) OTA update in a couple weeks, as the T-Mobile employee training guide for updating has leaked out. No word yet on specific dates, but Cliq users should be happy that they will finally receive 2.1. 

Even though there are no dates, there is some information Cliq users should be aware of. The update will require 30MB of internal memory as well as 100MB on the SD card. The update should also take about an hour to complete. (Unlikely, but that's what they say.)

We will keep you updated with the more information we hear. Rest assured Cliq users, Eclair is coming! [TmoNews]


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Motorola Cliq to receive 2.1 update soon


well my mom took my cliq and i have the vibrant now. this will be good her. motorola took way too long with this and kept making false dates and pushing them back and back and back. it was originally announced for like february i think.

haha, I remember the days of waiting for my Cliq upgrade... then I bought the N1 and never have to wait.. good times... goooooooood times.

2.2 has been out since what, May? Well I know at least one person who will be happy with this, regardless.

But the source link specifically said this will not be an OTA, I'm not sure why it says it will be here.

Talk about bad timing! I ordered the G2 2 weeks ago and I'm in love!! I had the Cliq since it first came out in Dec 09...I just got sick of waiting so I gave it to my least she'll be able to reap the benefits of 2.1

So let me get this straight you kids paid full price for a new phone? Spoiled kids! I bet your parents bought them for you x) well anyway this is gooodnews cuz the backflip is next and it should get me buy come upgrade time nextyear(: I hope people learn there lessons to never trust a motorola phone again. Sucks that supposedly the first gingerbread phone out next year with dualcore processors might be a Motorola Phone though :/

I'm already using a 2.1 rom. I wonder if I'll need to go back to stock to get anything I'm missing.

It’s infuriating that it has to take this long. Ever since the last update of 1.5 (which was when, April?) only six months after the phone was released on the market the Cliq has been rendered useless for several important applications from the marketplace (for instance, there is no way we can join the rather big Kindle for Android movement) and nobody is in any hurry to actual make this work for the customers. Meanwhile new phones have been released from Motorola as well as other brands, not even a year after the first Cliq entered the market, which already feature Android 2.1 and 2.2. Thanks, T-mobile, way to treat your loyal customers who supported the first Android smart phone coming from Motorola. Not to mention the fact that it’s absolutely frustrating that we, as consumers, are powerless and at the mercy of t-mobile and Motorola while locked into a 2-year contract, unless we want to risk losing our warranty and modding our phones. I can’t say it enough: it’s infuriating and shameless.

Meh...i got my Cliq for free from tmo in september after replacing my G1 a million times (i miss you lil guy *sniffles*). it will hold me down till feb when my contract is up then i'll get me some newness lol maybe a G2 or a WinPho7.....or both hmmm....