We're getting reports that the Motorola CLIQ is receiving an OTA software update as we speak. It's still stuck on Android 1.5 (not 1.6, 2.0, or 2.1) but it looks to solve a lot of problems that have plagued CLIQ owners. The firmware fix will address battery life, improve touchscreen response, improve bluetooth pairing, and much more. The whole update weighs in at 8 MB so if you get the update, you should probably do it.

Check your System Update on your CLIQ to see if you have the update! And be sure to tell us how your CLIQ is working after!



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Motorola CLIQ Getting A Software Update


Definitely improves screen response. Mostly noticeable in the happenings, messages, and news widget. No more flicking 5 times to get it to scroll through.

Oh and another comment. It makes me think that 1.6 or 2.0 update is a long ways away. Otherwise why wouldn't they just wait a little while and do it all in one big update?

My cliq works a lot better now as far as screen response. My biggest problem was my games wouldn't work correctly but I believe the update has handled that. Thanks!

That´s right. The touchscreen response is BS and we are not getting updates. WTF. They sell it like the best phone ever but it has a lot of issues that could be corrected with a software upgrade.

"There is no available updates for your phone" That's from Mexico's Telcel, and motorola support told me that the phone can not be updated.

I wish there was a direct link to the update or something.

Why do people think this phone can't be updated. Um hello... it just did. And also it is still an androind phone! The android OS is built to be updated. So those of little faith CHILL and quit thumbin around everyday lookin for answers. It will come it will come... peace

yes, the update is a massive fix for the screen. before it would have random dead spots and it was so inaccurate i couldnt use the onscreen keyboard even if i wanted to. Now it seems to be on par with the nice sensitivity of the mytouch and other good touchscreen android phones. good thing, i was getting ready to throw this thing through a wall. :)

Went in flawlessly and my initial tests with screen accuracy show marked improvement. Labyrinth and accelerometer 10x smoother. 2 fat thumbs up! Woot! Here’s another vote for 2.x on the Cliq – only thing stopping me from purchasing one for my wife.
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After the update, I have noticed a better touchscreen response. The battery settings is good, too. The only negative thing I've encountered, which is a very frustrating problem, is that when I click either my Messages or Happenings widgets, it not only takes longer to pop up than it did prior to the update, but when I exit and try to access anything else my phone Force Closes. This has been very annoying.

Yes I have a few problems with my cliq. My. Letters. D f g h. Don't light up at all and my screen flickers when u close a page. Also when u touch a widget to read it takes forever for it to open. Also my phone has froze and I had to take the battery out to restart it.

hmm i had the same problem about the letters d f g h not lighting up after the update, i thought maybe it was a hardware problem but may its something else.

I updated my Cliq today and indeed the screen os much more accurate. I was hoping the update would fix the phone very dim backlight problem. Called T-Mobile and getting a "like new" replacement next week. This is the 2nd Cliq which has a bad keyboard backlight.

Anyone else having keyboard backlight problems?

I spoke to a T-Mobile rep yesterday who volunteered information that the donut upgrade would happen
Endo of this week. We will see if this happens.

can someone tell me where to download this update? i love the cliq, but its starting to lag as the day progresses. thanks

Ha .. Figures . . . I could not stand the dead spots and REALLY BAD Battery life. I hated this SO much that I went back to Blackberry and Bought a 9700 because I could not stand this phone that much because of all the issues.

Oh well…

This phone was a little too bulky for me too. …. Then again i'm use to a blackberry so there you go.

I have FW Vers 1.5, and I still have what seems to be a dead spot in the middle of the screen,and it lags which causes all kinds of "phantom clicking". . its really annoying, but i don't want to give up on this phone.. :( when will 2.o come out?!?

I have had my phone since November and I have never received an update. Only problem I have issued is the battery life sux a**.

Did a alot for screen response and battery life for sure, can't wait for 2.0 and android flash!

I have this stupid cliq. I updated to this phone after my contract ended cuz I heard this phone was supposed to be the ish and its been nothing but a dissapointment. After ONE week of having this phone my keys backlight stopped working so t mo sent me a "like new" replacement. Now this phone is slower than crap and it never updates myspace apps on time after I had a hell of a time getting it to sync w all of my networks. It force closes all the freakin time! Its so annoying. I wish I never re did my contract for this phone! I feel dooped big time

This android OS sucks, I'm so sick of big companies just doing what they want. They never listent o the consumers. Every other phone gets new updates this is advertised as their "Better Phone" this is lame! I feel like motorola is texas in america, ten years behind. MOTOROLA LISTEN TO THE USERS GIVE US AN UPDATE YOU MULTIBILLION DOLLAR COMPANY YOU HAVE THE RESOURCES! Lol I just hope it comes soon lol my phone can't do half of what the other phones do it sucks! Were gimped guits ys, motorola blows!

I had a motorola phone years ago and it was always having problems but this one is fine, now the only problem stopping me from buying another one is their inability to keep ucstomers happy with the new techbology. Its old and outdated. Enough said....

The update is not relative to the actual OS. It's just a software update that fixes bugs and such. Hopefully, we'll get Android 1.6 or 2.0 soon. (It would make no sense for them to update to 1.6, but then, it makes no sense that they're still sticking us with 1.5 after all this time either... so who knows.)

So, is there an update for Moto cliq with an Android OS higher than 1.5 or not? I'm so confused. Some people said they have updated already, to what version? While some said there's no update yet. Which is true and which is not? Thanks.

well my motorola cliq has definitly increased its performance in battery life, touchscreen, and everything else its great now. the only thing is to update the firmware to 2.0 or the latest version send us a link to update firmware

All performes well. EXCEPT the keys do not light up uless you press the ALT key. This is my second cliq, is there any update for this problem because it is obviously not a hardware problem.

** The patch fixes some problems but winds up causing a boatload of text messaging issues with hangs and force close messages. Report problems to the Motorola Cliq forums so that they know it's a big deal.

** One thing not mentioned in the patch is that pictures taken now automatically are saved in the direction your camera was originally held in (landscape or portrait). Previously it auto saved all images in Landscape mode only.

** Motorola told CNET that they were planning on updating the OS for the CLIQ XT to version 2.x sometime in Q2 (spring). Being that it's nearly an identical phone w/o keyboard, we may expect our normal CLIQ phones to get the same update (crossed fingers).