We can all agree that the Motorola CLIQ is a pretty sweet device, right? What with MOTOBLUR ready to re-define the way we use social networks on our mobile device, slick hardware, and our favorite Android OS--the CLIQ is most certainly a wonderful first step for a soon to be blooming Motorola and Android relationship.

So how can the Motorola CLIQ get even more amazing? What about if the CLIQ came with pre-loaded applications from heavy hitters all around the web? Yep, you heard it right. It looks like the CLIQ will have a who's who list of applications pre-loaded onto the device. We're talking:

  • LastFM
  • Digg
  • Yahoo Mail (what?)
  • Mint
  • TeleNav Navigator
  • Rotten Tomatoes
  • Gizmodo, Gawker, Lifehacker
  • QuickOffice (typically $9.99)

..and a whole slew of other applications. It's really an amazing list that you should check out for yourself. And don't worry, your typical Google Apps will absolutely be included too (this is still Android, after all).

Though some of these applications can be downloaded via Android Market, the out of the box experience for the CLIQ will be incredibly user friendly if these applications are pre-loaded onto the device. And though we all might lament the fact that these apps will make the CLIQ bloated and we're going to delete half of the apps anyway, creating a friendly first-time Android experience for new users is always a good thing.

We're not entirely positive that all these applications will be full fledged apps, but whichever way these services may come--widgets, bookmarks, full fledged applications--we're ecstatic that Motorola is going to these lengths to ensure that the CLIQ be a successful device.

What do you guys think?

[via phandroid]


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Motorola CLIQ Comes With Pre-Loaded Apps -- Digg, Mint, QuickOffice & more


hmmmm, hope this isn't like all the crapware that comes preloaded on any computer you bring home from the big box store. Just bought a new HP and it came with trial MS Office, trial virus stuff, links to ebay, trial snapfish, etc. I won't be buying this amazing blur click whatever because I want to select my own stuff. Yeah, I could just delete it but why bother.


Yeah, it comes with Google Mail as standard and also, I believe, an App for Yahoo Mail if you want to use that instead of Gmail or as well as Gmail.

For exmaple, say you have a business account on Gmail and a home account on Yahoo, you could have both of the stream into the messages Widget on the desktop, but to do more complex things such as mail filters you could open up each application.

The addition of Yahoo mail shows what "open source" can be like. In addition there are many who have Verizon Fios or DSL and they offer Yahoo as an interface so they are use to the Yahoo mail. I think another Baby Bell also offers Yahoo, its a smart move. I was going to go for the Hero but now I may wait to compare and go CLIQ, if it comes out soon enough and T-Mobile get 3G up and running here.