Moto X developer edition

Carrier-free and unlockable, the Moto X Developer Edition still looks and feels like a Moto X

If you ordered a GSM Moto X developer edition, you might already have yours in your hands. If so, you're probably playing with it and will just smile over this post. If you haven't received yours yet, the good news is that they're shipping out — you'll probably have it soon. Run and check for a tracking number right now, if you like. We'll wait.

Essentially, this is a pentaband, SIM unlocked Moto X. There is nothing different about the way it's built, there is nothing different about the features, and other than the words "Developer edition" engraved into the back, it even looks like a white and black Moto X from Moto Maker. There are two differences, though.

The bootloader is completely unlockable. You're free to get in there and fool around with stuff if you like, and doing things like flashing a custom recovery or rooting should be fairly easy. 

The second, and to me, equally as important, difference is that there is no carrier branding or involvement. No T-Mobile or AT&T "value-added" applications are present, and software updates will come directly from Motorola without your carrier doing months of testing. It also means little to no support from your carrier, so keep that in mind if you're thinking of going the dev edition route.

Enough talk. I wanna play with my new phone. Hit the break to see the unboxing video.

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You know, I really wish they'd release this thing in the UK.

ste1164 says:

Agreed I'd love to buy one.

AbuYazeedUK says:

Really thinking of getting one shipped but cost too much, there's a website in UK that sells them for £500. I'm thinking of getting a Razr HD because I can't but this!

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ne0ne says:

I am big on rooting and roms, custom kernels, etc. When I thought the off contract att price was 579 plus tax it was about an 80 dollar difference. That's when I pulled the trigger and was ordering it. I hate the white back, but wanted to tinker. Come to find out the att variant is only 582 out the door without contract. I picked that up instead and will continue to tinker with my HTC one and nexus 5 when that comes out. The hundred plus price difference was not worth It. This will be one phone I use without unlocking the boot loader.

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lensgrabber says:

I want this phone really bad. still hoping they will cut $200 off the price for the dev edition.

codiusprime says:

Why would they?

Do you think they have a reason to cut $200 off the price of the Dev Edition version?

tantai says:

350 for this mid-range or free.

mathiasjk says:

Calling it a mid-range phone are just plain wrong.

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NYCHitman1 says:

Some people just don't know anything about anything.

moises1204 says:

So what do you want to call a mid-range phone? no matter how you cut it it's a mid-range phone!

TheDu9du says:

May be wrong, but it has several midrange features including:
Dual core (even nexus 4 is quad)
312 PPI (Even nexus 4 has higher)
10mp camera (other highrangers: 13, 20, 41)
Battery (not great, thou it may be true it can last a full day)
Also, the back looks great, but the front looks like a kids phone. I haven't seen the front in black, but the white is not good at all.

When you're making enough excuses as to why the phone is a high-ranger you might as well have bought an iPhone.

tantai says:

You are correct.

Full HD screen, I will never turn back to 702p at Moto X.

Seriously tantai... A life... You need one.


lensgrabber says:

Last week the Verizon version was showing a red box with the price at $449 and a slash through the $649 price. It was later changed back but because of that I still have hopes that a price drop will be here soon. They appear to be selling a lot at the $650 price though so I may just be waiting for nothing.

lockwyn says:

That phone just looks so nice. Sadly i am not able to by it in Norway :(

on galaxy nexus^^ o-jea!

ne0ne says:

I love my HTC one. But the moto x is amazing in its own regard.

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mhmmdy123 says:

So all the Developer Edition phones are GSM only?

Tyson Fulton says:

No, there's one for Verizon, which is CDMA.

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ChillFactorz says:

So this means that Google Wallet will work on this?

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Vetdoctor says:

"Carrier-free and unlockable, the Moto X Developer Edition still looks and feels like a Moto X"

Unlockable? Sounds like a security issue, who wants a phone they can't lock?

plumhead says:

Unlockable as in unlockable boot loader.

Dr. Bombay says:

By unlockable, they mean the bootloader can be unlocked and not that a user cannot lock the phone!

sjpaul says:

I'm pretty sure they were trolling, guys. I mean... I'm hoping..

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planoman says:

Looks sweet and I like the part about no carrier entanglements. Still waiting to hear about the next nexus but this looks cool. Glad to see 32 GB models more and more.

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Saw the unboxing video, the SW version(57) installed on the dev version is the new software which has camera fix. Thats sweet.

Ancyl S says:

They should have kept the LTE bands support

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HSPA+ on T-Mobile and AT&T (850/900/1700/1900/2100)

LTE on T-Mobile and AT&T (700/1700/1900 bands 17, 4 and 2)


Sweet, thanks Jerry.

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anthony2558 says:

"The second, and to me, equally as important, difference is that there is no carrier branding or involvement. No T-Mobile or AT&T "value-added" applications are present"

I just wanted to point out that there is nothing t-mobile on the t-mobile moto x. No branding, no apps, nothing. I believe since it's sold directly from Motorola they don't care or want to add any of the bloat. It's not even branded with the t-mobile logo


Well, why would Motorola put T-Mobile branding, on a handset directly sold by them?

Out of the kindness of their hearts? /s

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anthony2558 says:

Well you can buy the at&t version directly from Motorola also, and If you do it will be branded with the the at&t logo. My point is, that the T-Mobile version is basically the same phone as the developer edition just without 32gigs. Also you can go on Motorola's website to unlock the bootloader and void your warranty. With the developer edition you get it unlocked with no warranty out of the box.

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ne0ne says:

Actually the bootloader comes locked. And it does have a warranty. But you can easily unlock it.

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anthony2558 says:

my bad, thought it was unlocked from the factory.

joe767 says:

Jerry can you tell us if the Google Wallet with NFC purchases work on the DE. I purchased both the t-mobile version and the DE, but I have to return one. I wanted the DE for the 32GB, dont want to root the phone but want Google Wallet. Can't stand tmobile disabling GW on their phones.

moelsen says:

I think I remember reading it doesn't have a secure element, so even though it has NFC it won't work..

ceric20 says:

it does have a secure element hence why the Sprint Moto X works... its a good question i have the AT&T version but i want google wallet to work

Motorola Moto X on Sprint
Motorola Moto X on US Cellular

tomcat5325 says:

Jerry, this is probably one of the best phones I have used. It just works. So tired of everyone calling it a mid range phone. Motorola has finally got it right. It is not all about specs, but the user experience. I was all about those specs until I got this bad boy in my hands.

You did not say how much it costs or what the differences really are other than the build date and the fact the it has some words etched on the back of the phone.

anthony2558 says:

zero blaot, black/white, "developer edition", 32gigs. $649.00 Not really a hole lot differences. but thats them.

edit: forgot sim unlocked

zx128 says:

My dev. edition will arrive in just a few days! yooooo
Nice review Jerry, but short. We need full review from you!

younger996 says:

I have my Dev Edition a week now and I love it. I went to a lot of trouble to get my hands on it as I am in Ireland and it's not available over here. The build quality is fantastic and the battery life seems to be very good. It got updated to 4.4.2 almost immediately after powering it up!!
The notifications are brilliant and it is so so smooth/fast. I would not let the spec sheet fool you, this not a mid-range phone.