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Nexus One T-Mobile 3G issues, Moto Droid battery covers, Nexus One improvements, Sense UI on Droid


Google should allow users to change the Gmail account passwords on the Nexus One. I changed my account password on the web, which caused the Nexus One to cease syncing with the Gmail server. I tried to change the password on the Nexus One, but could not. As I painfully discovered, the only way to change the password on the primary Gmail account (the initial account opened) on the Nexus One is to reset the phone to its default state. Fortunately, if you have downloaded any Android apps, the reset process will save them to the MicroSD card. Also, if you've saved any notes, you should export them to the SD card, too. I don't know if the Nexus One will automatically save notes or not, but I didn't want to take a chance of losing them.

Another problem I've noticed is the SIM card for T-Mobile is set to 0000. However, there is no mention of this in the literature--as far as I have seen. So it is exceedingly easy to lock the SIM card--PUK lock--when initially setting a personal SIM code. When PUK lock occurs, neither T-Mobile nor HTC can provide any assistance. In order to unlock the SIM card, you must place it in another cell phone (I used my old iPhone) then use that phone's reset procedure to reset the code.

After you update your password on the desktop, you should get a notification in the notification bar, saying that the password is incorrect. Clicking on this notification will allow you to update your password. Not the most intuitive, but at least it's possible.