Moto 360 shows up on Best Buy's website for $250

The Moto 360 has made an appearance on Best Buy's website, complete with a price and specs. According to the retailer, Motorola's Android Wear-powered device will retail for $249.99. While this could be the final price, there's also a decent chance that it's merely a placeholder.

Best Buy also lists the apparent specs of the Moto 360. First, it seems that the device will be powered by a Texas Instruments processor. The Moto 360 will also apparently be water resistant up to 3.3' and the back will evidently be plastic, which makes sense for wireless charging. Best Buy's listing does not include a release date, saying only that the device is "coming soon". Check out the video of our hands-on with the Moto 360 below.

Will you pick up a Moto 360 for $250? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Best Buy

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Moto 360 shows up on Best Buy's website for $250


And I just realized that I don't need a Smartwatch.
$250 is a lot of nice phone accessories. (cases, tempered glass screen protector, battery cases, external sdcard readers, and skins)

Posted via t he Sprint LG G2 Android Central App

Skins, battery cases, external card readers, glass screen protectors, etc. are a lot of things you don't need as well, most would argue you don't need those more than you don't need a smartwatch.

Most if not all of those are more useful than a smartwatch. It's gonna be quite some time before the smartwatch is actually useful.

Posted via my Huawei Ascend Mate 2 :)

Odd, none of those above are useful to me. The smartwatch on my wrist right now, is invaluable to me. I use it to notify me instead of my cell phone wasting battery notifying the inside of my pocket. It tells me if I left my phone (will vibe if I lose BT sync). I can see who is calling and deny the call if needed on it. To each his own. I saw this earlier, "Don't knock a smartwatch until you have owned one."

Or it could go towards my Verizon bill.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Were you expecting the Moto 360 to cost less? I'm surprised they would leave under $300.

Besides, if you have a smartphone, you already bought all that stuff on day 1.

That's a pretty great price - I expected $300.

I still won't get it (my over 50 eyes had a hard time with the Gear Live - it was just as easy to pull out my phone as to pull out my cheaters when I got a notification)

Then why not ask what the battery life is instead of what processor? Oh, that's right, if you don't know what processor it is you can't complain that they should have used a different one(which we all know will happen as soon as its announce what processor is in it)

So much salt for such a simple question. Why does it matter if i want to know or not. The watch will be optimized for that cpu so if you knowwhat cpu can give you an insight on the watch.

I'm personally not going to buy it unless it can play Battlefield 4 and Skyrim at the same time while also preparing a meal for me.

Posted via the Android Central App

Come to think of it, I'm probably not going to drop $250 on this thing if it also can't double as salt shaker. Samsung thinks their hands free features make your friends jealous. Wait until I make everyone's meals taste better (although I'm sure health groups will be all over Motorola for that one). I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore.

I was all set to get one but I have lost interest for now. My pebble works fine. Maybe once it is available I will get more intrigued again but for now...meh...

I like Wear, and I love the idea of voice control, but Pebble does notifications just fine, plus has multi-day battery life and is visible in the sun. The sun readability of the existing Wear watches is really bad, and I have no reason to think that the 360 will be any different. I live in Florida and am outside all the time, so outdoor readability is really important.

I was planning on getting it, bypassed the LG and Samsung watches. But now that an Asus announcement is just around the corner, I will wait to see what they have to offer. Motorola may just lose out by waiting so long to release it.

Posted via Android Central App

The Asus one is rumored to be $99. I'm sure it won't look as nice as the 360, but a $150 price difference is a big deal to a lot of people. I know personally, I'd never spend $250 on a smartwatch, so the 360 is out of the question for me. If Asus really can make a decent Wear watch for $99, that even undercuts the Pebble, which would make it affordable for a whole lot more people.

It's true that I am more intrigued by a round watch, but yes, price may very well play a part. It is also rumored that Google said the Asus watch is the best looking of the bunch.

Of course, it's all speculation at this point, so we will see.

Posted via Android Central App

I love Asus for computer products and trust them the most as far as quality price comparison. They also tend to make things look nice so I would wait to see.

Posted via Android Central App

Based on what? If they both run Android wear... they are in competion. That is like saying that the Nexus phone line doesn't compete with the top of the line handsets... just because it is half the price.

Based on if they skimp on the internals and the battery lasts less than a day and it is made of plastic instead of metal, etc...

That said, I have several Asus products and am interested in what they can come up with.

Bingo. If one watch is being sold for $99 and another for $250, you've got to skimp somewhere. Materials, processor, etc. You can take a smaller profit margin to a point, but that only goes so far, and it isn't going to account for a $150 price gap on an product at these price points.

Posted via Android Central App

Yes, but you are trading in the value of the leather strap toward the cost of the stainless steel strap. It shouldn't be a $50 difference in price.

Where's the pre-order button. My wallet is immediately ready at first notice.

Posted via Android Central App

Lol don't buy from best buy, they always delay in getting inventory and shipping new stuff.

Posted via the Android Central App

Well that means you can wear it in the shower and in the rain if you want. The real question is why would you need more than 3.3' of water resistance? I doubt you'd want to go swimming with your smartwatch.

Posted via Android Central App

Why wouldn't you want to go swimming with your smartwatch? It might not be useful for notifications away from your phone, but it should still tell the time, and my local swimming pool is 2 meters deep at the deepest point. Is it really that hard to make it water resistant to 2m rather than just 1m?

Posted via Android Central App

So now I need to change my watch when I go swimming, how inconvenient. Saying that I should just not wear my smartwatch is a very trite response. I want to wear it while swimming.

Posted via Android Central App

Trite? How about being so lazy you can't be troubled to take off something that's only going to slow you down while swimming anyhow. Do you need to carry your phone with you in the pool as well? Is taking that off some kind of hardship? Yeesh. Additional waterproofing costs money and, more important, takes up room in the watch casing. You want additional waterproofing? What are you willing to give up for it? It's easy to whine about "I want this feature!" It's a lot harder to actually make it happen and decide what other features get cut for it.

Posted via Android Central App

Well said. I'm very impressed with it being water resistant to 1m for a 1 gen device and looking as good as it does. I was thinking more splash resistant and dust proof. Win in my book.

It's not that I'm lazy, it's that I would like to wear it in the pool. It is just a convenience, nothing more, because it isn't always easy to see the clock.

It really won't slow me down appreciably anyway, I won't be swimming in any competitions, I swim for exercise/fun so I really couldn't care less if I'm half a second slower per length, so long as I get a good workout.

Yes, I would be willing to pay more for extra waterproofing. Is it really so wrong for me to say what I want from this smartwatch? It would be nice to at least have a technical explanation of why that extra meter of water resistance is a real problem to implement when lots of cheaper non-smartwatches can manage much more than just the 2 meters of water resistance I'm asking for.

Posted via Android Central App

1. If you were a real swimmer/triathlete you would NEVER swim with a smartwatch. You would swim without a watch, or maybe with a swimwatch that counts laps etc. I'm using Garmin Swim for my triathlon training....

2. If you're not a swimmer you look like a dork using a watch in the pool.... .

3. There should be a law forbidding hippos (slow swimmers) to wear fancy watches while "swimming", lol :)

1. If I was a "real" swimmer? Really? That's just a variant of the "no true Scotsman" fallacy.

2. I don't care what you think I look like while swimming.

3. I don't see what that has to do with me. I'm not a slow swimmer and wearing a smartwatch won't turn me into one. Besides so long as slow swimmers swim in the appropriate lane, what's the problem?

I realise you were just trying to be funny with the last one, but I guess i don't share your sense of humour.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, was just poking you .... it's ok you didn't like my fun.

Anyway, I still think that "swimming with my smartwatch" is around position 300-350 of things I want of my smartwatch.. after all, you don't swim with your phone so what good is that watch to you?

I just don't get why you're making such a big problem out of it, but I guess we have different priorities. Battery, design and functionality are top of my list, and "swimming with my smartwatch" is pretty far down the list... but to each his own, of course.

Now if you don't mind, I'll go swim, and I'm leaving my Pebble in the bag

Cheers from Copenhagen

Yeah. This is really going to put a damper on my scuba diving lessons.

Posted via the Android Central App

It's certainly tempting. I wonder if there will be any bundling deal or financing when buying directly from Motorola.

Posted via Android Central App

I've seen a few people around the web comment that they were able to score one at best buy today. Can anyone confirm this? I've had experience getting things early at best buy so I have hope. If anyone can confirm this, I'm running out the door to pick one up.

I would say take my money, but don't want a leather band. I want the metal one and that's probably a $50 up charge...

Posted via NSA Spy Van 37...... Free candy??

I hope Amazon officially sells this day one. I have a $500 gift card waiting specifically for this guy! Haha.

Yeah I will be going for it the first day it is released. Been getting away from Samsung Eco system after the sg3 and this will be another step, glad to hear it will be flying colors with my One M8.

I don't know. The only people that know about the watch are us tech fans on the Internet. Moto needs to market this on a massive scale for this to sell well.

Posted via Android Central App

Most likely it will come and go with no one any the wiser until apple do theirs. Then everyone will assume all these android watches are cheap imitations. Just like how the phone market used to be.


I want a bundle with the X+1, the 360, a bluetooth headset, an extra Qi charger, a Chromebook and a sandwich for under $450.

This makes me a bit proud to work at Best Buy. This is awesome. Not surprised about the price and I'm not disappointed about it either. I'll probably get one.

Posted with my LG G3.

I've noticed that people who don't go for the smart watches on this site get flamed pretty well. I see the maturity level isn't that high when fanboys get offended...
Posted via Android Central App

No, I mean, I'd understand if you said they're not necessary and don't really add too much functionality that a basic smartphone doesn't have. But simply saying "My phone works perfectly well" implies that the point of a smart watch is to replace a phone when really it's more or less an accessory. I'm not attacking the idea that you don't need one, just your reason for not needing one.

It's more like people who don't want to buy it, absolutely have to tell the whole World about it.

I'm not gonna buy an iPhone, but you don't see me troll iMore telling everybody that I won't buy one...

Get it?

My phone works great. My Pebble does also! I'm happy your phone is in good repair!

Posted via Android Central App

250 seems reasonable. Here is to hoping that is the final price. 300 or more is too much to be a beta tester for a platform that still may flop. I don't care how nice it looks.

Posted via the Android Central App

Just picked up a new G Watch for £99 here in the UK, no way I'd pay extra for a round face with wireless charging!

Most definitely will. I already have the Gear Live (a Pebble Steel too), but a lot of people have more than one watch. Why not more than one smartwatch? It is primarily a fashion accessory for some people anyway.

When I was a teenager in the 80's I wore a watch, and was always looking forward to the next new digital watch coming from Casio, or Timex etc. My interest in watches dwindled over the years, and when cell phones came on scene I stopped wearing a watch altogether. Now phone makers want me to wear a watch again, and all I can think of is why. I have a nice large display device in my pocket, but you want me to look at a tiny screen on my wrist instead. No thanks.

Posted via Android Central App

@Zig261 Put your toys back in your pushchair and zip it. Just because you don't agree with them doesn't mean you can be a moron about it...GROW UP!!!
Posted via Android Central App

Smart watches definitely aren't necessary, but they're pretty cool if you you have the extra money or are getting one as a gift. Real watches are more or less just for fashion these days, so at least smart watches have some sort of function beyond that. I personally just love the futuristic aspect of smart watches.

Posted via the Android Central App

So that means we can expect to pay £250 here in the UK... or the equiv of $417. Since EVERYTHING that's released just swaps a $ for a £.


I still want to wait for future generations of Wear but the price and look is tempting. Might be a good way to break into the wireless charging game as well....might have to pair it up with the Note 4

Hurry up and get it out I've just broke my watch and really fancy this. Hopefully with the option of a metal strap.

Posted via Android Central App

AC editors are the only surprised with this price tag and they were mentioning some crazy prices. Moto is not stupid to overprice it.
And the reason moto 360 took little time is because they thought about design before putting out a watch. Where as LG and Samsung just put the OS on some hardware and just released.

Posted via the Android Central App

First off, it was pretty much ready when they gave them out at the Google even awhile back. I am guessing that they wanted to build buzz, but instead they pushed early adopters to LG and Samsung since Moto was not an option.

Moto has already shown that they are not afraid to over price things, and then discount the hell out of it for months on end...

But they didn't give them out at Google I/O. They allowed attendees to preorder. Last week attendees who did received an email to confirm shipping info and tell them it would ship by the 5th of September. One day after the moto event.

The design was likely final. I suspect that manufacturing the parts was purposefully delayed so it could simultaneously release with the X1. It'd be dumb to just make several hundred for I/O months early.

Posted via Android Central App

I am sorry you are correct, they did not give them out but the "final" product was front and center on display.

I agree, I think that they were looking to make a big splash at IFA with the X1, 360 and now the earpiece (not to mention the G). I still do think it may have backfired a bit...

I just want to mention that the 'final product' as you so called it, was NOT in fact on full display. If you watched the videos of the Moto 360 you would see that it was a very VERY limited version of the watch. They were only able to use about a quarter of the watches functions at Google I/O, basically a preset function list. And Motorola people were there constantly saying, we can't show you that and we can't talk about that. Fyi.

Posted via the Android Central App

Or they saw how awful Samsung and LG watch battery life was and usability in the sun and decided to fix that.

Posted via Android Central App

You do not do a major revision like that in 2 months. It just is not possible. What we are going to see in a few weeks was "mostly" final in April/may.

That is the perfect price point for it. Not too high and not too low. Hoping that the metal band doesn't cost too much. Definitely picking one up.

The Motorola employees at Google I/O said it will absolutely be changeable with a standard watch band.

Posted via the Android Central App

Hopefully verizon carries it at launch and has it in their system as an accessory like the gwatch is so I can get 25% off like I can with the g watch. If I do get the discount then I think I will own a moto 360 otherwise I don't think I will as 250 is too much for me.

Posted via the Android Central App

That was a bug in the system and they fixed it as soon as it was all over the tech blogs. I had to pay full price for mine :-(

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

And it's a bad thing?

With Motorola's current financial situation. They need all the buzz they can get to gain more potential buyers. No matter what the case.

Posted via Android Central App

And what happens if this was a placeholder price and the actual price is more? That would tick them off because it would basically force them to lower it and cut into their margins.

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

on the whole very few people have seen or will hear about this. It will not cut into anything MOTO has going on pricewise.

I sincerely doubt that it will be much higher. You are always going to have variance of 20ish dollars depending on the buying power of the chain involved...but that is about it..

I've been waiting for this watch, for what seems like, forever! I wouldn't pay for any other smart watch!

Posted via the Android Central App

Way too expensive is right. And I am still waiting for a reviewer to say how it does in direct sunlight. And is it shock-proof/impact resistant? Asus is sounding better and better.

Posted via Android Central App

OK, I'm sorry, but my comment was the one that was deleted and not this one?

Posted via the Android Central App

I saw a YouTube video from Google I/O that had it paired to 2 devices simultaneously, not sure if it's true though...

Posted via the Android Central App

Meh. This thing looks nice, but its useless without a speakerphone feature. A front facing camera a la Dick Tracy would be ideal.

I was just looking around on and found 2 screen protectors for the moto 360 and both say they will be available on Oct 18th. Could it be that my new watch comes available on that day?

Posted via Android Central App

Naw. Many brands like to release product accessories
later than the actual main product. This is nothing new.

Posted via Android Central App

I'd imagine they'll have screen protectors just like they do for smartphones to deal with scratches. I've had screen protectors (and cases) on all my phones and when I've gone to sell them they look like they did the day I bought them. And I'd imagine the final cost difference between GG and sapphire would be more than a screen protector. Just saying...

My citizen echo drive has sapphire crystal glass... bumped it into things many times, no scratches, still beautiful. Just saying.

Posted via Android Central App

Already have the G Watch (And a GadgetWrap for some style) but I plan on getting this as well later this year, I'll use both (like the work/home phone organisation many people use). I prefer the 360s style but I worry about functionality, so many great apps like Wear Mini Launcher are going to be hard to implement I think.

That is unless another company makes a better watch, or maybe google glass at a fairer price although I'm starting to think that's a 2015 launch now.

I knew that this was going to happen. $250 is too much for a watch people. For that much my phone can have all the cases, screen protectors and apps that I need. If they take $100 off then it is a lock for me to buy.

Posted via The Awesome AC app and my Awesome Note 3

Once I buy this, it'll actually be one of the cheaper watches I own... $250 is nothing for a nice watch. Extremely cheap. I'm happy about this price point.

Posted via Android Central App

No, its not a computer. It is a notification device, which would appear to be useless without a smartphone.

Posted via Android Central App

Looks like something is wrong on this site's comment system, because I appeared to be you, when I'm really me. :)

Posted via Android Central App

Meh. I'm still not excited about these watches. Maybe this time next year, I'll be interested.

Posted via Android Central App

Yep...I plan on getting one. I returned the Gear Live in preparation of this being released. I actually got alot more use out of Android Wear then I thought I would

To all those people complaining about the price: If you're like me and already wear a watch daily and are looking to spend ~$300 anyway on a watch, why not buy a smartwatch for the same price? If people didn't spend a lot for watches, Suûnto and Rolex and the like wouldn't still be in business.

I just hope the 360 can tell time without a connection to a smartphone. Can the G Watch/Gear Live do so?

I think my current Swiss Army Victorinox watch was about $200, maybe $150, not entirely sure as it was a gift years ago... I only really wear it when I go out at night on social occasions, it looks nice and it's super light since it's built out of Titanium. If I had to replace it I'd probably spend $100 on whatever Seiko or Citizen looked the nicest for the money.

Before that I had another Victorinox (made out of stainless steel) that got pretty trashed as I wore it constantly thru high school and some college, part of the reason I stopped wearing my watch constantly (mobile phone being the other reason obviously). So yeah, $250+ (if you want a metal band) seems a bit on the high end to me for a watch, probably to a lot of people...

However, $250 seems perfectly reasonable for a well built smartwatch IMO tho, emphasis on well built... I'm actually chomping at the bit to get a 360. I know I'm paying a bit of an early adopter tax and in a year or two something far better will come along, but I find the concept appealing and I just wanna try one. Been waiting patiently, hopefully Moto doesn't run out of stock in like 2s.

I'm well aware that any classy/mid range watch would probably be $300 minimum btw, I'm just not sure how many people are cross shopping that against a smartwatch tho... If you're the type to spend big on a fancy watch you'd probably keep it and use it in place of the smartwatch depending on the occasion...

Kinda like people who're really into photography will still use a camera (possibly with interchangeable/multiple lenses) rather than a smartphone or people who're really into music may have multiple pairs of $200+ headphones (while someone with no need for personal audio will balk at paying that much for even one pair).

Point is I don't see smartwatches becoming the de facto option like smartphones, which will surely replace feature phones completely in the future. A smartwatch can be a game changer for some (in regards to phone use, notifications etc) but it's wholly irrelevant to many more consumers.

If I am reading the tiny print correctly on the Best Buy web page (via Engadget), it would seem to indicate there are 3 special offers to go along with the watch.

Posted via Android Central App

Twice as thick as LG which personally I prefer thin. If I worked in the industry still I would be tempted but now they still have a ways to go as far as screen tech and battery life. There are some obvious growing pains all contenders need to overcome and I'm not interested enough to dispose of 200 + dollars yet to say I have something that is just going to plain piss me off all too frequently. I've donated my share of money already to technology. I'm going to sit and wait this one out and let you guys have the fun with this one. Good luck to everyone and good times.

Posted via Android Central App

Uhh, the comparison photos that popped up recently showed them at identical thickness, did the Best Buy specs say differently? Twice as thick would be gigantic, like carrying a first gen Android phone on your wrist... Photos that showed up a week or two ago actually showed it to be slightly smaller than LG's overall.

I agree that it is an amazing looking device. I think that so far Moto has the best smart watch as far as industrial design goes.

excellent price though I'm still waiting on ASUS's smartwatch before I make a decision. It's supposed to be between $99 to $150

Posted via Sony Xperia Z Ultra on Metro-PCS

Perhaps a few months at most if the Moto X is any precedent. Honestly that's the only thing that might keep me from buying on launch day. At $250 I doubt it.

I like the idea and the style, but can't deal with charging and cleaning another item. I stopped wearing a watch years ago. I broke them and they got sweaty if I didn't clean it everyday.
The only exception is I still need a diving watch. So it has to be good to 100M.

Posted via Serenity

This giant watch reminds me of those 1980s cellphones. Sure, it's round. Still huge and ugly with a flaw at the bottom of the screen. Wear this, and it's worse than walking around with the stupid bluetooth on your ear. I'm happy to wait for something that resembles a real watch.

wait the 360 doesnt resemble a real watch? what kinda watches have you seen? idk but to me it sounds like you just dont like agreeing with the masses.

It's not that large, it's no larger than LG's which is actually smaller than the current fashion trends for lots of men's watches. It's also about the same size as my Victorinox which looks pretty normal on me and I have super skinny wrists despite being 5'10" (and 160lbs right now, quite out of shape, all in the gut tho).

As an Android fan that was forced to an iPhone by my company, I'm wondering if this will work with an iPhone 5s.

I'm more tempted but I may still wait for the second generation, there will be more functionality, better prices, more designs and Android L. A whole lot to consider. I'd rather save the money at least until I find out if the Nexus tablet is coming soon. However, if these drop below $200 and they release the grey face with the brown band I'll have to bite.

I'm not upgrading my phone nor my tablet this year (N5/N7 FYI), I've already budgeted for some Christmas gifts and some headphones I wanna splurge on this year (because I don't have enough!), and my recent desktop GPUs upgrade came out a little cheaper than I expected...

Which means there's $250 burning a hole in my pocket, TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY Moto! Seriously, I hope they're actually available to order the day of the announcement and they don't have some ridiculous site/stock issue... They need to put up a pre order or something.

Size was my main concern (besides price) and that Italian site's photos satisfied me on that end, I'm ready to buy it sight unseen but Moto is moving slow as molasses. Silver or black tho? Hmm, still haven't made up my mind on the account...

I feel like black might look less blingy, silver might look less mismatched with third party bands tho, and black will probably show scratches more (specially if it's anodized).

$250 is a better price than I expected. But is this going to stay Motorola, Googola or Lenovola? Either my seach-foo is having a bad karma-day, or Best Buy pulled the 360 off their consumer site. So now I'm distracted by the Martian Victories, for the time being.

I was expecting $300 plus, so this is an easy decision for me as I was already willing to pay more. It might be more for the metal strap and require additional accessories, but this is really nice.

$250 is halfway to a premium tablet (iPad, Xperia Z2 tablet, Galaxy Tab S), for something with much less capability and screen space. I'm not saying I don't want one or like the idea, but when comparing that price to other, much more capable devices, it doesn't seem to measure up in terms of value.