Sony Xperia Play

The Sony Xperia Play, dubbed the 'Playstation Phone' has been leaked quite a bit in the past couple months, and more pictures have surfaced of the unannounced device.

The pics appeared on a Chinese forum and are further evidence an official announcement shouldn't be too far off. The devices pictured are running Gingerbread (2.3), suggesting that Sony will indeed release the gaming phone with the latest version of the OS.

Stay tuned for more info on the Xperia Play; there is bound to be more in the coming weeks. [HKgolden via Engadget]

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Reader comments

More pics of the Xperia Play surface


So is this a "Playstation Phone" or not? It seems stupid that Sony would have such in fighting that they couldn't agree to have an actual playstation phone and instead call it a Xperia Play. I read that the Playstation folks wouldn't licence the name to them. Seems odd.

This is NOT a playstation phone. They are not allowed to use the PSP logo and you will notice no toggle sticks. It will not sync to your playstation account. It is just a phone that can be used for more games because it has a d-pad. Please Android Central please stop calling it a playstion phone.............

Thanks for the clarification but it's still strange that they would let them use the Triangle-Circle-X-Square control scheme. That coupled with the name Sony will cause a lot of misunderstandings if you ask me.

This is going to be such a terrible idea, I hate to see SE or Android fail, but this will certainly fail. Why? Battery. Nuff said.

^ I'm sure that aftermarket battery will fix that. What I don't like about this phone is that it'll be outdated hardware wise by the time it comes out. In an ideal world where stars align I see 720p SLCD & dual core CPU.

This was going to be the the Playstation Phone but Sony thought it over. "What if it doesnt sell well? We already have a system that is struggling (PSP) - lets not ruin the brand ''PlayStation'' any more and just release it under Xperia.