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Well, this is very interesting to say the least. Just a little while ago we received several pictures of a reported LG-E960 device running stock Android 4.1.2 with on-screen buttons, reportedly said to be the next Nexus device. What we've got our hands on now is several more pictures of a reported LG Nexus device that seems to be more of a cross between the previous design (which is very similar to the Optimus G) and the current Galaxy Nexus design.

The design is interesting to say the least -- with camera, flash and speaker placement similar to the previous leak, but with different design lines otherwise. As if the "not for sale hw rev 1.0" printed on the back wasn't a good indication, the hardware itself looks pretty prototype-like. There are a lot of rough edges and what looks to be screw holes on the bottom edge.

Other than the design differences, looking through the FCC documents based on the FCC ID listed on the back of the device, there are 31 results in the FCC's database (which can be found at the second source link below). Diving into the labeling listing, the FCC documents confirm the location of the ID label, which also states explicitly that the back cover of the device cannot be removed. Charging certifications list that along with a standard charging port, the phone incorporates inductive charging. The radio certifications for this model indicate that it's triband HSPA, with only 850MHz, 1700MHz (AWS) and 1900MHz frequencies -- that means no AT&T LTE or T-Mobile HSPA on this specific device's certification.

We've got a few more pictures after the break. What do you guys think, does this help or hurt your opinion of the device?

Source: Baraholka.onliner; FCC

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More LG Nexus pictures leak


If this is in fact the next Nexus, I'll have no trouble at all moving on to this as long as the battery life is good. It's beautiful and follows the great design on the GNex.

C'mon. You grab it with your thumb and your forefinger of your left hand at the top left corner if it's in your left pocket, or right hand/top right corner/right pocket, pull it out of of it, and as you turn you wrist upwards, the phone in your hand is automatically in the right position. Sounds complicated, but it's absolutely convenient and natural. I do that all the time. Can't hear that upside-down-controversy anymore. That has never been a problem until the iPhone 5 came out. Absolutely ridiculous.

I dont know about you, but without a headphone jack in the phone, i put my phone in my pocket with the top pointing down. every once in a while i put it with the bottom down, and it just feels awkward pulling it out. a bottom headphone jack is just natural IMO.

i just dont see a top headphone jack being useful unless you have the phone out of the pocket for the majority of the time sitting in a portrait dock.
but that is just me.

OK. I love how this has *never* been an issue until Apple decided it was 2 weeks ago. LOL.

First off, I would hate the headphone jack on the bottom because them I *couldn't* set it on the little cradle on my desk. I had this exact same problem with my iPod. Admittedly, I almost *never* have my phone just "in my pocket". I have a belt holster. But even if I did, I have to agree that flipping the thing over as you pull it own is way less of an annoyance that not being able to set the device on a stand in portrait mode. Just my opinion on the subject, not that it really matter.

All said, the entire discussion is silly. Put it where ever you want. What does it *really* matter. Talk about trivial. If having to flip your cell phone over when you pull it out of your pocket is the biggest inconvenience you face during the day, I want your life.

Am I the only person in the world that uses wireless headphones? I hardly ever plug anything into that 3.5 jack. It's darn near obsolete. IMO

Never been an issue? I've always hated headphone jacks on the top and I know plenty of others that hate it to. Typical that Apple has to be brought into it for no reason.

1) I do not understand why you *feel* the need to put "*" around about a half dozen words... was there a point to that? It literally has no meaning and adds nothing to your mini-essay; I do not think you understand English.

2) Headphone jack on the bottom is significantly more convenient for keeping said phones in a pocket (as many other posters have pointed out).


Seriously though. The Nexus S had the headphone jack on the bottom too. I preferred it that way.

Rotating/Spinning the phone isn't that hard you know.

It's all the matter of opinion with the placement of the headphone jack. I despised having the headphone jacks on the bottom of my iPod Touches for the good 3-4 years I have used them. I like the headphone jack on the top.

Well this is upsetting my tmobile contract ends in like 2 months and i was hoping for good flagship phones on tmobile, but unfortunately there are no flagship phones coming to tmobile at all in the next few months.

What a disappointment, I LOVE ANDROID HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME!@?#@!?# i dont want to switch to a wp8 phone, i dont want to get the sgs3 as 4 maybe released soon. Argh this is wack.


The Galaxy S4 won't be releasing until the middle of next year at the earliest. But the Galaxy Note II is just around the corner, so you can wait for that (like I am, for Verizon's variant).

If you dont mind Edge or T-Mobile did their switch to AT&T HSPA in your area for the iOS users, this is still an option.

the GS3 won't be replaced soon and the GNOTE 2 is going to be released soon. With those options aside, smartphones have evolved to the point where VERY FEW new features will be added that will change the game. My GNex can call, text, watch video, email, play music/audiobooks, play most games (not high-end 3d), etc just as well as the GS3 can. Switching to WP8 because your perfect next-gen phone won't be out in exactly 2 months is a preposterous notion.

Looks much better without the case. Although the lack of T-Mobile HSPA isnt good news to me... I was planning on jumping to that carrier when my contract expires and was going to pick up whatever the next Nexus would be to run on it.

I may still do that and live with edge and Opera Mini while hoping they switch to AT&T band HSPA in my area soon, but this changes things from a no brainer to a likely but not sure type thing.

Just because this particular device (clearly a prototype) has FCC clearance for only AT&T's HSPA bands, that doesn't necessarily mean that the final product won't be pentaband like the Galaxy Nexus. It's all just speculation of course, but it'd be a severe step back for them to not release a pentaband Nexus this time around.

They surely want the Nexus to run on T-Mobile, and they'd likely rather build 1 pentaband phone than 2 different tri or quadband phones, one for AT&T and one for T-Mobile.

I really don't think it's a nexus device. They seem to follow the pattern of just saying "Google" on the back. No trade mark and no "with Google". Just my thoughts on the situation.

+1 I noticed the "with Google" branding on the back, suggesting a "Google experience" device rather than a true Nexus. The previous 3 Nexi have the Google logo on the back, a little above the middle, and the OEM logo near the bottom of the back cover. This one fits the bill perfectly, except for the "with Google" branding.

It's an early prototype... A few friends of mine that make accessories for Android, said that Google was impressed with LG and the Optimus G and that they already contracted them for the next Nexus device. The only thing is, Google supposedly doesn't want to have more than 16 gb memory for the device, much like the Nexus 7.

It will almost certainly be a Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core, and 2 gb ram.

The front just...I hate the way the front looks. Maybe it's just too plain, maybe it's the curves, or maybe it's just the angle of the picture, but I don't like it. On the other hand, the back looks interesting (if a bit gaudy).

I'm sure it'll perform well since it's a Nexus, but purely aesthetically speaking, I'm not really liking the overall design.

Really? It looks a lot like the front of the Galaxy Nexus, and I think a lot of people (myself included) think the front of that phone is the most aesthetically pleasing on the market.

The back does look a bit gaudy, I'd have to see it for myself to determine whether I like it or not. I can't tell if it'll look cool or if it'll look like a high school girls bedazzled iPhone. The back of the phone looks pretty unique, and I'd be surprised if that was the final design.

The bottom bezel is larger than the Gnex, it is way too much wasted space. I am hoping that is just be a useful its a prototype

while it resembles the Gnex in a lot of ways, i still think the gnex is better looking. the curves are more smooth, and the earpiece at the VERY top are not appealing to me at all.....but as this is most likely a prototype, i surely hope they change it a little bit.

keep the gnex front the same, but change the back to what i see here with a slight camera and LED redesign and i am sold.

although it looks like they are using a LCD display instead of the SAMOLED...which is going to be hard getting used to.

God damn. When is Google going to get balls. Their phones suck, sorry fan boys, but they suck. LG is a fine manufacture, so is Samsung, so is HTC. Why do Google devices get lamented with plastic fantastic? It is embarrassing. Ball up and craft us a real watch piece of a device....not more of the same plastic crap and generic radios...DAMNIT! love Asus nexus though, at least Google got that half right....what an ugly piece of junk that looks years old.

+1 The quality of the Nexus phones have been horrid. I am still copping the MAXX HD. Now that google owns MOTO maybe (just maybe) it will end up being some mild version of a Nexus phone (as far as software updates go) because the build quality is >*

Yeah I want a glass on back of phone to shatter into million pieces like the iPhone 4...right..there is nothing wrong with plastic...Looks better than the GNEX

No one said anything about glass lol. Just better build quality. We all know it is out there because we have seen it.

Joke post or serious? Plastic polycarbonate is one of the best materials to use on a device. It is sturdy enough to feel solid, but also has enough give that it can handle drops and pressure.

The best build quality I ever saw, was on this old camera of mine by Sony. It was their flagship cybershot, and it was the DSC-W300 I believe. It was titanium coated, and virtually scratchproof. I think I even took a knife to the thing at one point and it didn't scratch. That type of coating would be PERFECT for phones, especially those that go in our pocket, brush against keys etc.

I think we also need to remember that plastic equals lower manufacturing cost. This allows Google to sell it at a lower price in the Play Store. GNEX is $349.99 in the play store while the Iphone 5 is $550 (or something close to that).

The Nexus line is first and formost a line of dev phones. If plastic can drive the price down while still delivering solid internals, I dont see what the problem is. More devs being able to get these phones = better apps = better Android ecosystem for everyone.

It's a phone, not a piece of jewelry for insecure metrosexual men. Finely crafting a phone is about as useful as tits on a bull.

I wish I could agree with you, but the iPhone has made it clear that an aesthetically pleasing phone is enough motivation for your average consumer to make a purchase. Because everyone has these, how your phone looks/what phone you have is now almost as important as what clothes you wear. Again, I wish things were different, but they aren't.

It outsold the 4S just a couple of months before the released the iPhone 5, so lot's of people waited for the new iPhone, making sales drop. And Apple releases 1 phone every year, while Samsung releases 1... million! That's why Samsung is ahead of Apple in phone sales, it's not a fair comparison by any means. Now that the iPhone 5 is out compare how the 2 phones are doing.

Umm... how is it not a fair comparison? Because Sammy makes more than one phone? That's really stretching credulity there. Nobody is stopping Apple from making more than one phone.

Personally, I wouldn't want a phone made the way the new iPhone 5 is. It looks pretty enough, but that aluminum back is gonna get scratched all to hell *quick*. Plus, it's a soft metal, which means it's going to bend and get little dents all in it, too.

I'm more concerned that my phone work well and hold up to a little abuse than I am that it look like a fashion accessory.

"Fashion is a form of ugly so intolerable that it must be changed every 6 months" -Oscar Wilde

Haha Iphone is for metrosexual sheep who have no brain for themselves or for old people and teenage girls. 4 inch 640p screen roflmfgdao

Looks like I will be covering the whole speaker again while in landscape -_- and is it just me or does the first leak look a lot more squarish than this one?

That looks quite nice, but too bad its not Amoled so no curved screen. No removable battery, I suspect its 2100mAh like the Optimus G. I'll skip this device regardless of being a Nexus.

Androidandme contacted the tipster who said he played with the LG Nexus and he confirmed that this is 100% the Nexus he played with except on the back it said Nexus with the X being "colorful"

"The radio certifications for this model indicate that it's
triband HSPA, with only 850MHz, 1700MHz (AWS)
and 1900MHz frequencies -- that means no AT&T
LTE or T-Mobile HSPA on this specific device's

Actually it means T-Mobile HSPA which is on 1700MHz (AWS) IS supported.

T-Mobile requires the combined 1700/2100MHz AWS frequencies for HSPA+. 1700MHz for uplink and 2100MHz downlink. Unless you have both, it won't work.

Actually it will work. Do your homework Andrew! From Tmonews in comments on a story about the Galaxy Note II also not listing 2100:
"It's the FCC. The tests will only show the bands that are used in the U.S.
GSM-900 and/or 1800 are not used in this country, nor is UMTS-900 and/or 2100.
Nokia usually makes a mention about other bands in its documents.
From the Lumia 920:
Outside of USA and Canada, the transmitter of the device is capable of operating also in GSM/GPRS/EGPRS900, GSM/GPRS/EGPRS1800, WCDMA900, WCDMA2100, LTE845 (Band 20), LTE900 (Band 8), LTE1800 (Band 3), LTE2100 (Band 1) and LTE2500 (Band 7) bands which are not part of this filing.

"...all that's needed to be listed is the 1700 part. We automatically know it includes 2100. Plus when 2100 is listed, that means the Euro band 2100."

It specifically includes Band IV, as stated in the FCC filing, the AWS UMTS band, which is what T-Mobile uses. It WILL work on T-Mobile 3G/"4G". It probably also supports at least band I (as well and having a quad band GSM radio), but these are not tested by the FCC since they will never be used in North America, and thus are not listed in the FCC filing. For people wondering, the actual FCC filing can be seen here:

Note band IV WCDMA.

Now look here:

Case closed.


FCC RF Test Report
: LG-E960, E960, LGE960
: LG-E960
: ZNFE960
: FCC Part 15 Subpart C §15.247
: (DSS) Spread Spectrum Transmitter

Product Feature


Brand Name

Model Name
LG-E960, E960, LGE960

Marketing Name


EUT supports Radios application
WLAN 11abgn / Bluetooth / NFC

EUT Stage

Production Unit
Remark: The above EUT's information was declared by manufacturer. Please refer to the specifications or user's manual for more detailed description.

Product Specification subjective to this standard
Tx/Rx Frequency Range
2402 MHz ~ 2480 MHz
Number of Channels
Carrier Frequency of Each Channel
2402+n*1 MHz; n=0~78
Maximum Output Power to Antenna
Bluetooth (1Mbps) : 7.27 dBm (0.0053 W)
Antenna Type
FPCB Antenna type with gain -5.3 dBi
Type of Modulation
Bluetooth 3.0 EDR : GFSK, π/4-DQPSK, 8-DPSK

The first thing I thought when I saw this is that this is what RIM would come up with if they had to update the GNex design. Definitely much better looking than the rectangular slab of the Optimus G.


Yeah not sure yet whether it's a good thing or not. One reason why I always hated the silver trim around some of the BB's is that over time it wears of or I bang it into something and it chips..making it super obvious. Even with a case it seemed to magically come off that once in a blue moon I removed it to access the battery, or clean it. Hope that if this is'll be a bit tougher than that!

/end of rant by aesthetics ho

I would buy this phone in a second if it was on VZW.. having got a G nex about a year ago i would have to do an early term fee to switch carriers to get it which I obviously dont want to do.

That place is here, now
Good times have been had by all
plastic is fantastic

second hacku (yes I said it that way)

Put another OS
and it becomes railroad junk
thank god for the OS

This phone looks so beautiful, wow, it has almost made me rethink getting the Galaxy Note II, however I don't see how it can possibly be as functional as the Note II, On a side note certain things have to be included to make this phone an absolute, undisputable winner:
1. 33OOmAh battery (Can't stress how important this is)
2. LTE and pentaband (like the Galaxy Nexus)
4. 64gb internal storage version
5. Keep the 13MP camera
And everything has to work well out of the box, like the SGSIII. If Google and LG can pull this off, then this is the phone I'll recommend to all who can't deal with the size of the Galaxy Note II.
LG and Google, don't screw up!

Im not surprised at the battery capacity, there is a battery on ebay you can buy for the Galaxy S (i9000) that has 2430mah for under $7 in OEM size.

I have the G2x and it has a great camera and great hardware, but the software was horrendous, but after changing the filing system and applying "low memory killer" from the google play store it is a great phone (just 2 months ago i got it running stable and quick). Point being, at the time it came out it had the best camera and great battery life for the time and now being a nexus phone i think its going to be a fantastic phone.

Anyone else thinking this may purposely look exactly like a gnex from the front so it can be out in the wild and not noticed?

Sexy looking device can't front just hope this ain't the only Nexus device and we'll get more OEMs versions also:)

Only thing holding me back from being completely excited is the non-removable battery. Inductive charging sounds cool though, and it does look beautiful!

God please ... The only thing I want is big battery capacity.

At least 2500 mAH, or better of 3300 mAH.

That's all I want!!!

I am OK with plastic body ...
I am OK with no SD card ...
I am OK with no tv out
I am OK with not-so-thin body ...
I am OK with not-so-light body ...
I am OK with non-removable battery ...
I am OK with 5mpx camera ...

But, I am NOT OK with small battery!
Don't give me 1750 mAH crap battery!
Even 2100 mAH is not acceptable!

3300mah is laugh worthy

That type of battery size is unnecessary on current chips.

Also, stop complaining about plastic.

Not all that impressed thus far. If this indeed is the new Nexus, I was hoping LG would give it a fresh new look. I love my Gnex but I wish it didn't look and feel cheap. This device seems to be going the same route.

(speculating of course)

I like the fact it looks iterative from the Galaxy Nexus. It looks great and I'm quite excited to see this unveiled. Now, the only rub here is the lack of LTE. I think that would be a mistake.

I was shocked when I knew that LG is going to make the next Nexus. I was expecting Motorola or HTC. I don't say that LG is a bad company, but I think they don't have that experience. But I'll wait the specs and how the device is. Then I'll decide. I have galaxy s2 and I started to hate few months ago as there are many problems appeared. I'll sell it and get the LG Nexus if it was good, otherwise I'll get the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx because of its very high capacity battery, not like my s2 as I need to charge it twice a day.

"With Google" typically meant it was a Google Android-based device. Nexus devices have always said "Google".

Google choosing LG as a Nexus manufacturer is disappointing. To say the least. To say the least, it's another reason to be suspicious of they're corporate bedroom. To say the least.

While I won't be getting this device, I'm glad there's no camera hump here. It always bugs me when I see a camera hump protruding from the back!

No AT&T LTE is heartbreaking. I hope that changes. I was set on the G Note 2 but this has the potential to change my mind if it comes to market with LTE.

I have a feeling the Nexus name may never be the same..
LG is a deal breaker for me. I don't care specs. I don't care battery. I don't care design. Every LG device my family has owned has been absolutely poor quality, from frail, brittle plastic to horribly dangerous batteries.
I was hoping all these rumors where just that and Google would choose a suitable manufacturer, but alas I'm afraid the Nexus line just won't ever be the same.

i like it. the design is clean, sleek, minimalist, and beautiful.

what is that language in the Settings? Russkie???

This is killing the nexus name imho. Look at every LG device you've seen. Ugly, square, boxy, no eye grabbing aesthetics. It time for HTC to bring another nexus to the table. No nexus thus far has matched the build quality of the Nexus One. I'll give up build quality for a sleek design like the GNex but I'm not giving up both. The back of this does look interesting however that chrome band around the front, the tackiest look for a phone.

you've got to be kidding me. I have owned all the Nexus. The Nexus one is the most problematic. Battery calibration is buggy, the phone at most times turns itself off at 17% instead of 0% battery. The softkeys are off for a few millimeters. Touchscreen is also unresponsive sometimes.

Weird, I've also owned all the Nexus phones and I've never experienced any of the problems you talk about..

Must be you.

Google is slumming with the LG as the next Nexus. Terrible phones, all around.

Actually, with a Lithium Polymer battery (any lithium-based battery, really) if the voltage drops too low, the battery is dead and cannot be recharged. Just like a lead acid battery like you'd find in your car or your home alarm system.

That's why these phones start warning you at 15%. At that low of a battery level, continuing to use the phone risks damaging the battery. And that's also why most phones will automatically shut off somewhere between 5-10%.

Ugly device, crap plastic materials. What is the matter with Google? If they would build a premium device they could have a HUGE phandroid following and sell millions like Apple does. No one wants another cheap plastic brick from LG. Disgusting Google, should a had Motorola or HTC build it. Those new Moto phones are built like tanks and look amazing.

I just hope it has more than 16GB of storage if it doesn't have a microSD card; 32 is my minimum at this point. My phone now has 16GB internal plus a 32GB SD, so even that would be a step down...

The rummered specs that I have read seem impressive, I like the overall design of this phone, and I like the idea of inductive charging (a lot!) but I was REALLY hoping that the next Nexus would retain a curved display...

LG makes and has made fantastically well built phones out of metal, carbon fibre and glass so I thought they would relish at the thought of building the Nexus phone.

How wrong was I?

It now seems clear that the only manufacturer who cared enough to make a desirable phone was HTC.

Since then there has been curved screen gimmicks and plastic glitter nonsense to hide the fact that no one gives a rats ass about building a beautifully designed and considered Nexus Phone and would rather exude as little effort as possible.

Look at the randomness of the camera position. Its two holes off to one side and reminds me of something a boffin would make from the parts he bought from RadioShack.

The size of the bezels top and bottom also seem to have little care or thought as to there role on this Google Flagship Phone.

The curves on the edge of the phones is the only discernible effort the naked eye can see.

I simply don't think the effort put into this phone deserves the price tag this phone will command.

This is how it should be done: Google should spend half the year with product designers carving and shaping scale clay models with the love and care of a craftsman.
Then they should hand over the model to the manufacturers with six months to go and the manufacturer who put there hardware in the model the best get to produce it.

Because otherwise what we get is the Manufacturers hand me downs which is the cold hard truth of what a Nexus phone is and always will be until something changes.

As a GNex owner and professional designer, I can say with authority and confidence that you don't have the first clue what you're talking about. Someday you'll realize that as well.

Very true but when I see a camera with android as its OS and the hardware looks gorgeous, considered and crafted and then from the same company (Albeit a different division) I see phones that look lets face it bland boxes with rounded of corners my first reaction is to not simply nod my head and believe that's the best that they could come up with.

I want to know why I could potentially pay £400+ ($639.19+)for a device and it not look as good or feel as good as a point and shoot camera.

Designers (which I am one myself) look for challenges to overcome, better solutions in general and combine these elements refinement of the aesthetic otherwise they could simply work at a checkout.

Sorry, I'm gonna call BS. I don't believe for a second that you're a professional designer. You don't even seem to grasp the basic concept that this is a prototype.

You're welcome to your opinion brendilon but I'm almost due for a free upgrade on my (Exynos)GSII and I'm in no rush mostly because my phone is older than your GNex yet it has a better camera quality, isn't pentile infact its the last phone to have Super Amoled Plus, It STILL runs amazingly fast and many have seen it running faster than the GNex (Hola at Zeedomax video's), still looks smoking hot to the extent that the LG phone this (hand me down) Nexus phone is based on looks like a carbon copy of the GSII only bigger and I run CM10 Nightlies as my daily driver so forgive me if I find it hard to invest in a device with visible possible failings before its even been release.

Please don't take offence to my opinions. I struggle to to what I'm saying so wrong when the basis of my comments is the want for a phone that was built to wow anyone who see's it especially if it is supposed to be a flagship device for Google.

Rounding off the corners of a phone that's gone to market isn't what I expect from any flagship phone and essentially that's what's been done before and it looks like that is what they are about to do again.

As a GNex owner you should want better for yourself, better than what's out there.

I guess 'Someday you'll realize that as well.'

You sound like the guys I see at Home Depot picking out their newest tool because they match their other tools.

Here are three quick lessons in design.
1. Know your target audience. In this case, Google's target audience isn't the yippie-dippie iPhone crowd. The Nexus line is classically a developer phone. Hardware and accessibility (cost) trump aesthetics. As far as hardware goes, this phone's specs has it to spare.

2. Form/function - The constant balance in design. They inform each other and they take away from each other. The guts of a phone are going to have more to say about the positioning of such things as cameras and sensors than any aesthetic choice.

3. Taste is subjective - In other words, you can't please every loudmouth with a keyboard on the internet. In fact, you generally can't please ANY of the loudmouths on the internet. They're whining because they're miserable whiners and will always find something to kvetch about.

Finally, your suggestion of what amounts to a design competition is foolish. Investing that much time into the aesthetic design of a single phone is a great way to flush a lot of money. The product designers getting paid to endlessly iterate designs would love it, but they'd be the only ones.

In conclusion, I'm going to go ahead and posit that the product designers at LG, Google, Samsung, HTC, and Motorola know a little bit more about the design situations that they're dealing with than you do, especially as you don't seem to even grasp the most basic principles of design.

Re: the SGSII... If that's what floats your boat then amen to you. I'll take the larger screen, higher PPIs and pure Google experience of the Nexus over two year old hardware, I'll pass on CM too, been there, tried that, came back. Your commentary on design is particularly amusing given your choice of an iPhone knockoff.

But hey, what do I know, I just design stuff for a living...

1. It doesn't seem, that only google ambition is to develop a Nexus phone, which would be basically only for few chosen ppl.

2. Aesthetic provides functionality. It gives comfort. Everybody knows that.

3. There can be found common ground, on which most of us would be pleased.

Nexus is going to be line of phones, what you will learn in designing of the first phone, you can use in the next phones.

The quality of SGII build seems to be higher. The power button of the GN is not firm enough. The back of the device makes cranking sound. Vibration of the device is weak. Sound of the device is weak. Side panels next to lcd are badly situated as every hit has potential do to great damage to them. Battery could be better. There is not smart to put as a referencial design something that is sub par quality s that doesnt lead to become as an example.

This are thoughts that come to my mind after I have red your reply.

I could rise to your non original put downs or even try to see why you choose to label "the guys I see at Home Depot" of which you work with "As a type of person" but your narrow views and your out n out bigotry are a different debate altogether and don't interest me at all. Its school yard fare.

What does interest me is your opinion as a designer in whatever manufacturing organisation you work for.

In your opinion is this the best phone LG could produce for Google's needs seen as they only have one mass market consumer device brand (Nexus)?


Is this phone the outcome of compromise and trade off's?

LG wont make this phone as good as the phone they are selling as that makes for bad business sense.

Please bare in mind that although the Nexus brand is Developer friendly I've not seen a TV advert with geeks (I count myself as one) hanging out at the Android BBQ exchanging Animated Gif's via NFC. If only. Google's Nexus adverts are filled with many demographics from young to old but I don't recall the advert touting the merits of the nexus lines openness for developers.

It would be amazing if Google rocks up to a manufacturer and gets the best phone for their needs but I believe there are too many conflicts of interests at work for the Nexus phone to be anything more than a rehash of whichever manufacturers product line but with something missing. As if have no removable battery and storage wasn't bad enough.

To a large extent you have ran away with what I wrote, cherry picking topics to best suit your interests in conflict.
I never said that I was depicting the process of product design. I said this is what Google should do to achieve a product the consumer would happily buy over some other oblong phone with the corners smoothed off.

Re: My SGSII... I was simply saying it was a flagship phone done right which is why it's lasted so long so that I'm in no rush to buy a phone with compromises. Its sales speak for themselves and alas retailers don't hold the GNex with the same regard.

GNex Pricing:

GSII Pricing:

I reiterate. Shouldn't this be the goal of ANY phone that represents a brand such as or equal to Google because anything short of that only damages their brand in the long run.

I'm a designer at an international Digital Agency. What brands do and the directions they take in the aim of increasing the costumer base through advertising, consumer engagement and brand development is lead by the work I and my fellow colleges in my industry produce.

Re: This so called Prototype. As I understand this is a pre production unit not a prototype. Prototypes tend not to me made on a assembly line (which this unit looks like it has rather than been pieced together by hand) and are mostly never seen in the general public arena blog or otherwise.

All bullshit aside I def see the point h0ruza is making. I'm a utility kinda guy but there's nothing wrong with your phone working great AND looking and feeling great too. Why are we talking as if you have to have one or the other?

One of the best points made in this exchange (IMO) is that this phone is Google's flag bearer for the next year. Above and beyond a developer unit, it's supposed to set the bar. Now the best way to make sure the android ecosystem has top notch high quality options is to set that bar high. Maybe not for the absolute latest hardware but for a combination of factors that lead to a great phone. Great design, hardware, and build quality. And lets stop talking about materials and build quality like they're one in the same. They complement each other but aren't necessarily the same.

I love my GNEX but I have to admit, cach of the models that have been released to date truly do seem to be kind of an after thought design wise. Based on whatever the manufacturers flagship of the current year is. Realistically I understand that R&D costs would keep the manufacturer from developing what would essentially be 2 flagship devices so it really IS in Goog's best interest to design the damn thing themselves.


Actually it will work. Do your homework Andrew! From Tmonews in comments on a story about the Galaxy Note II also not listing 2100:
"It's the FCC. The tests will only show the bands that are used in the U.S.
GSM-900 and/or 1800 are not used in this country, nor is UMTS-900 and/or 2100.
Nokia usually makes a mention about other bands in its documents.
From the Lumia 920:
Outside of USA and Canada, the transmitter of the device is capable of operating also in GSM/GPRS/EGPRS900, GSM/GPRS/EGPRS1800, WCDMA900, WCDMA2100, LTE845 (Band 20), LTE900 (Band 8), LTE1800 (Band 3), LTE2100 (Band 1) and LTE2500 (Band 7) bands which are not part of this filing.

"...all that's needed to be listed is the 1700 part. We automatically know it includes 2100. Plus when 2100 is listed, that means the Euro band 2100."

Very strange that it seems to say "with Google" like skinned phones rather than just "Google" like all other previous Nexus devices. Unless that's just a regular Optimus backing...

Looks like uninspired Samsung design from the front and that glass on the back looks goofy. Say what you will about Apple and the iPhone but at least have some interesting designs. I don't know guys... every LG phone I have ever touched has felt and look pretty bad. I had really hoped they would get away from Samsung's uninspired plastic pop-bottle felling hardware, I didn't think they would go in the wrong direction. :(

Non removable battery, eh? As of right now? That's kind of a deal breaker for me. VZW is sending me a 32GB GS3 in pebble blue to replace my Nexus. I may be, for the first time, passing on a Nexus device if I can't replace the battery. Sometimes you just gotta pop a fully charged battery into a phone.

I really like the look of the back, but having gone from a RAZR to my GS3, I have to say I much prefer curved edges on the side than sharp ones like that. And with no sd slot (I know, I know), a non-removable battery, and the lack of any type of 4g, not to mention Verizon bands, mean that I'll be sticking with my S3.

But Linux 3.4 in Android 4.1.2??!! Now that's something to get excited about! It'll be easier than ever to run multiple OS variants of the Android kernel!

The sparklies ("Hey! You've got ... SPARKLIES!") on the back make-a me a-wanna barf.

People need to stop crying about missing MicroSD cards. I'm personally quite happy with an entire phone's storage formatted as ext4 with nothing removable. Good security IMHO. My HTC Sybil is crazy with some apps writing their stuff to /mnt/sdcard/ and some to /mnt/sdcard/ext_sd/ . I'm weary of the bifurcation.

What in God's name are you talking about?

"People need to stop crying"

Really?? It seems as if you don't understand the fact that many people (such as myself) prefer Android over the iCrap because we want removable batteries and SD expansion. We want Options. If you personally don't care, than that is your decision. But, I would not suggest calling others cry babies for being upset that the device is lacking important features.

But, since we're not in communist China, I will consider your opinion.

He's trying to make the point that no one phone can please everybody. This is Google's vision, so maybe you don't like Android as much as you think. You are being irrational at this point simply because everyone knew how Google felt about this. I don't know what else to tell you.
Just because you don't want to accept it doesn't mean they didn't have good reason to do it. You're just beating a dead horse, and creating a really hostile environment for those who come here to enjoy themselves.
Also, your perception of communism is really skewed, as to how you think it relates here.

No Tmo HSPA+? (Unless the whole new thing that says if 1700 is listed, 2100 is implied is true)... No removable battery?... Yawn

Whats with the big bezel at the top and bottom. Looks out of proportion. It had better come with 32GB storage or I am buying the Note 2.