Verizon Sony Xperia Z2

Only a couple of weeks after Sony accidentally outed a Verizon version of the Xperia Z2 on its official Facebook and Google+ pages, a Z2 with Verizon branding has once again slipped out into the wild. This time the company's Korean microsite for the phone is the source of the leak, which shows a barely-visible Verizon 4G LTE logo on the back of a rain-drenched Z2.

It's difficult to make out the logo in the original, but zoom in and enhance and things become clearer. Sure enough, that's Verizon's logo on the back of an Xperia Z2, once again.

Verizon Z2 leak

Sony has since pulled the image from its microsite and swapped in a non-Verizon version.

As nothing's been announced just yet, the only official Z2 release plans in the states involve a GSM unlocked model being sold directly by Sony this summer. But with a second Verizon leak from an official Sony page, it's looking increasingly likely that Big Red could also be getting its own version of the Sony flagship.

Source: XperiaBlog, Sony


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More evidence of a Verizon-bound Sony Xperia Z2


If correct many Americans will be happy as the Z2 is one brilliant smartphone :-)

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You have to knock it down a couple notches because it is on Verizon though. Basically they treat your phone as if you're renting it.

Sony shot themselves in the foot. I would have bought this phone if it was available a month ago, but with the G3 coming, the Z2 will be way late to the market.

Your comment does not make sense. The G3 won't be out until August September and the Z2 is coming within a couple months beating the G3 to the U.S. market.

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Uhh...I think "September" is a bit late for a guess. Anyway, Sony is always late to market.

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I am buying a phone off contract this year and all evidence points to this being expensive off contract. That thing is like $800+ when you buy it from anywhere.

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It'll be between $600 and $700. There's a reason that it's $800 now. It's scarce until Sony launches it unlocked on this continent ;)

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I really do have a feeling that when the Xperia Z2 finally does come out, it may be Available on Verizon, Att, and T-Mobile. I believe Sprint will be left out in the cold on this release.

It's about time Verizon gets a good phone from Sony. That xperia play was horrible.

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I'm willing to pass on the S5 and M8 to see if this comes out. If not, it wont be too much longer for the Note 4 and the new Moto X.