With AT&T now getting their LTE push underway they're now getting prepared to light a bunch of new areas up for the services. The list, come November 20th will grow quite a bit:

AT&T 4G LTE Footprint

With the Nov. 20 launches, AT&T 4G LTE will be available in 15 markets: Athens, Ga., Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Washington, D.C. 

AT&T is the only U.S. carrier providing 4G using both HSPA+ and LTE technologies. HSPA+, when combined with enhanced backhaul, provides customers with compatible devices 4G speeds, meaning customers get a faster and more consistent 4G experience, even when outside of an AT&T 4G LTE area. Customers of other carriers that have transitioned to 4G LTE without further speed upgrades to their existing networks are likely to see a jarring drop-off in speeds when they move out of LTE coverage.

Those compatible devices they speak of, being the HTC Jetstream, HTC Vivid and Samsung Skyrocket -- are the only ones to take advantage of the offerings if you live in a 4G LTE area but over time as the cities expand -- so will the device line up.


Reader comments

More AT&T LTE locations set to go live Nov. 20


Get to Denver already! Att de activated the mobile data on their vivid and skyrocket demo phones in store. I couldn't test how fast hspa+ was on these devices. I'm assuming they're just hiding it until lte is active here.

Say what you will about AT&T and their pricing but "real" 4G and "fake" 4G on the same device sounds awfully good if you ask me.

Live in Boston with the "where can I find LTE NEtwork" from AT&T? They say they have the HSPA+ for when you are out of the LTE area or when you don't need it, only problem there is no way to shut the LTE off to use the HSPA+ Network. The LTE NEtwork is having so many issues, many websites are not able to use the LTE Network, AT&T has screwed this up big time. AT&T's LTE Network is a complete joke, thheir phones will not hold the signal, costantly loosing the Network even if you are across the street from tower. This Network needs so much work. I called and asked if I was in the LTE area because according to their LTE map I was in the "BEST" area, what a freaken joke. Their Network sounds great on paper, if they can get it to work, I will wait and see before buying into it, I suggest everyone wait.

Expanding it to Denver's metro area is equal to over 1.5 million people. I do not understand why they gave it to KC and Oklahoma City but not us? That doesn't make any sense.