LG G3 Burgundy Red

Although LG announced five colors for the LG G3 — Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Moon Violet, and Burgundy Red — during the device's unveiling in May, the last two variants are yet to see the light of day. LG has announced today that it will be launching the Moon Violet and Burgundy Red coloured versions of the G3 next month in select markets.

If you've been holding out on these color variants, then you're in luck as we have some hands-on images of the upcoming color variants. Head on over to our hands-on post for more details.

Currently, the G3 is offered on all four major carriers in the US, with AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile offering the white and black versions of the G3, while Sprint has the gold and black variants available. We should have more information on which carriers will receive the new color variants in the coming weeks.

Which color variant are you more excited about?

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Moon Violet and Burgundy Red color variants of the LG G3 launching next month


I'd take the violet. Fun to have a phone with color so hopefully it actually comes here and on a carrier I can use.

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i don't understand these colour variants being released at different times... maybe i do i just don't agree with it... people like choices... why risk making people wait for a new colour when there are better devices coming out very soon!! i.e. Note 4 and iphone 6....

and for tech hoarders like myself who have no issue changing a device every 6 months... I am still waiting for the G3 to arrive in Stores here in Canada!! and guess what? there is rumor it's only coming int BLACK! not even Black and White.. just Black!

the market here i understand is pretty low for LG and maybe that's why... but by the time these new colours come out they will be competing with the iphone 6 and Note 4... due to the lack of choices for me i will probably end up buying this G3 just because i've had my temp phone for 2 months waiting for this device and couldn't get my hands on a Oneplus...

but as soon as the Note 4 comes out I will jump on that cause at least it'll come in White...

maybe i am just being naive and upset that i can't get a gold G3... or even a White one... i haven't bought a black device since i had a BlackBerry...

Some carrier exclusive as usual and pretty sure it won't be T-Mobile. I can't recall T-Mobile getting any color exclusive.

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Verizon is selling the: OUR LOGO ALL OVER THE PLACE, one. My favorite, J/K.

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Midnight Blue with gold accents like the HTC E8 would be really attractive to me. I was hoping for a grey/silver version but I'd settle for the black version out of what's currently available.

Best Buy offers the G3 in grayish-silver through Verizon, which is what I have. Looks like many of the pre-release global units that were initially pictured.

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Thanks! I went to every US carriers website looking for it. Forgot about those exclusives offered from stores like Best Buy and Radioshack.

The in store model looks like a real bright silver, but what actually comes out of the box is definitely grey, almost a titanium color. Regardless, I pre ordered it and have had it since it's release and love it more every day. Oh, and I think they still have them for $99!!

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Good news, they are going for $99 w/ new contract. Bad news, only the black and white are available now. Bummer...guess I'll still hold off and wait to see the Moto X+1 and Note 4 next month. My S3 is on it's last leg.

I would love to see some vibrant colored replacement rear covers offered. I've noticed some popping up on Amazon over the past few days but I'm kind of reluctant as they are noted as "generic" and a couple make note of not having NFC antennas attached.

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