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Monument Valley, the popular and critically acclaimed optical illusion based puzzle game, will be getting some new content in the near future that could double the amount of its current game time.

The $3.99 game, from the London-based team ustwo, currently has just 10 levels but, in a chat with TechCrunch, Monument Valley's producer John Gray says that the upcoming "lost scenes" levels will be placed in a separate section, away from the main game so that it doesn't interfere with its narrative. At the moment, the new levels could be released sometime in October or November, but it's unknown whether or not they will be offered for free or via a paid update.

The app, which launched in April for iOS and for Android via the Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore in May, has now racked up 1 million total downloads. Revenues from the game paid for its development within a week after it first launched, according to Gray, which is far faster than the 12 months that the team expected.

And what about a full sequel? Gray stated, "Monument Valley 2, if it ever gets done, it's not going to be done for a good while." Even though a sequel may not be made, are you excited about the prospect of getting some new content for Monument Valley?

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Monument Valley to get more levels, could double playtime


Great news for the best game I've played in a long time. Short, yes. But absolutely worth the price. And I will gladly pay for the extra content.

I've really enjoyed this game and have played it more than once (age tends to make you forget things...) but one of the biggest reasons is, it's very calming. I like the blow-up and action games but sometimes, it's nice to play a challenging thinker's game rather than one where you're racing the clock to see which big fish gets eaten by a bigger one ;) Will happily pay for more levels.

I was hoping they would make more levels! A short yet very sweet game. I can't wait for new levels. I just hope they're not unlocked via an In App Purchase...

Great news. I was holding out to get this game until they've added more levels, but I just bought it yesterday and today I hear this news. Looking forward to it.

The main reason I didn't buy this was cause of its short play time. This may convince me to get it.

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Love me G3, but gutted that this game doesn't work on it. Hope the update fixes it. Not holding out a lot of hope though.

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