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im glad WebOS went open source. hopefully that means CM9 or above might include some webos features...hint hint hint

theGseries says:

I'm glad her hair is covering her eye brows. It freaks me out that the one side is higher than the other. Most of the time I catch myself starring at them and not listening to what she has to say LOL.

ScottJ says:

I'm sure you are a veritable Adonis. After all, tech geeks are known for their handsomeness.

opjones says:


opskmallory says:

Glad I'm not the only perv. Kept hoping the camera would zoom out or pan down a little. Hot tech chicks w/ big boobs rock.

garmiblis says:

Debounce Time!!!

jackinit says:

I just watched the video on mute and took care of business

opskmallory says:


Is she preggors?

Nah. I just like tacos.

Alex949 says:

Hey Ashley, let's date..Yea? No?..okay.

ScottJ says:

Tech geek pervs wonder why they can't find a date.