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Monday Brief: A BB10 update, webOS sold to LG, more MWC, and more!

Oh, boo hoo. Either be a decent human being, or stop watching because you're a gross creeper who watches the show for all the wrong reasons. Honestly, you all act like 13 year old boys sometimes. You DO realize I'm a real person, just like your mother/girlfriend/wife/daughter, don't you? Oh, right. I guess not.

I think Android Central should enforce strict policies with regards to posts of this nature. I don't want to see these types of comments here. That's not the purpose of this site. It is my opinion that these types of posts should be removed and the posters reprimanded in some way. I would hate to see comments being blocked on this series simply because of a few mindless people.

I think you do a great job. Let me aplogize for the jerk offs who responded earlier. You see some of people on this site are still living in their parents basements & have no idea how to speak to a beautiful lady like yourself. Keep doing your thing girl. Haters gotta hate right. ;)

Just started listening to Techfoolery. Ashley has so much tech cred it's ridiculous. You juvenile twits should be fired out of a cannon into a big wall.
Please, someone, ban these sexist ninnies.

I was referring to the fact that it's already 2013 and still no Monday Brief videos in 1080p?

Every device that I currently own has 1080p resolution. (PC monitor, projection TV, smartphone)

I got to admit, the old videos showed a lot more than was needed. Either way I like your verbal skills and execution more than your looks.

I thought I heard that the WebOS purchase did not include the Palm Patents? This report says they did get the patents. Which is it? I understand why LG would make this purchase if all they really wanted was the patents.

Well, that just stinks...
HP isn't DOING anything with the patents, and LG makes, um, what are those things called again? PHONES!!!!

And to the Trolls commenting on Ashley's wardrobe, Do you speak to your Mom that way? (if you spoke to my mom that way, she'd beat ya... she suffers no fools) What would you say if someone spoke to your mother that way or your wife or girlfriend?

Just because you are somewhat anonymous, doesn't give you a license to be rude.

Ashley is a real girl? I thought she was an android robot with a raspberry pi core iTunes for media and ouya controllers for arms. Guess I need new glasses...
Seriously though, you should just block the idiots.

Seriously guys its way to early on a Monday for this shit. If you dont have a comment relating to the topics discussed in the video, shut the fuck up.

Ashley video well done as always, and comments handled with elequance.

I would gladly sign up for a comment moderator position.
PM me if interested.
By the way Ashley... you know it all happens because you are hot.
And that's a good thing.