Phil at Mobile World Congress

It's tough enough that Mobile World Congress is at least six time zones away for everyone in the United States. But for our intrepid bloggers, it means long days and many miles at the Fira de Barcelona, long nights at events, parties and the occasional, erm, entertainment venue.

And all the while, I've been pulling down data like I never left, thanks to AT&T's roaming in Europe.

Let's have a little fun. I'm going to writing a big fat check to AT&T as soon as I get back. And if you can guess how big or little I end up spending on data here in Spain, I'll send you a free case or charger from the Android Central Store.

Leave your guess in this thread in the Android Central Forums. I'll let you know the damage just as soon as all the damage is done.

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AusFest says:

$751 LOL muhuhahahahah

matt57017 says:

haha nice!

voiceonly says:

I'm thinking it's non-stop data pulling... $3723.43

matt57017 says:


JamTheMan says:

No doubt it'll end up at $1337

fatboy97 says:

Great picture Phil :)

I left my guess on the thread like you requested above.

icebike says:

I was thinking we should be guessing Phil's Bar bill.

ScubaNitrox says:

OK, $2,000.01 . A high guess but what the heck! Phil, you look like you could use a cup of coffee! :-)

PortareAF says:

$799 one of the most infamous numbers as of late.

suizman says:

Cc``cc``cc Phil Phil you should but a SIM card from Spain for 20€ you got 1 month Internet from Vodafone.

Hmm let me gues your bill is 666$ :D

AeroCmdr says:

I'll go with $599 US dollars. /Riiiiiddggee Racer

azdmelani says:


DubA says:


Naris says:

$627. At least you'll be able to write it off as a business expense right?

BeefyDoc says:

I'm gonna say $243.

evoss05 says:

He said at&t roam charge!!!!

But your guess is actually the taxes.



evoss05 says:

Again. This are the taxes. He wants the full charge!!!!


rlbrooks says:

edit - the thread....ahhhh ok.

habanero61 says:

It's Over 9,000!!!

dtreo says:


There. I said it.

Robbzilla says:

I've never seen a pic of Phil before...

Now I'm going to think of John Belushi every time he speaks!

Oh, and I'm guessing $600 (US)

dtreo says:

Bluto: [grabs the guitar and smashes it against the wall] Sorry.

Jonneh says:

And if you listen to Jerry Hildenbrand without seeing him yet, you think Andy Richter is on Android Central! :D

Uncle Louie says:

I'm gonna a guess... $650

kevlars9 says:


gmoney741 says:


Mr.Froyo says:

Um people please tell me that ur also posting IN THE FORUMS LIKE THE ARTICLE AND LINK SAY TO.

roguespy0 says:


vtgrad03 says:


F350Bear says:


frozencloud says:

im gonna be the odd person and say nothing =)

fkpalm says:

I am going to say 1500


jws0318 says:


I know when I went to the F1 race for 10 days and uploaded a video of the race from Sao Paulo, my bill ended up being around $2000.

So I'll guess $2,000.00

Cuneyyy says:

I would say $6790

jmaher1023 says:

My guess is that it will be somewhere around $5000, unless you have some kind of special rates with AT&T.

hmmm says:

I'm going to go price is right and say $1 Bob.

robnaj says:

Why don't you must buy a loacall SIM for like $40 and call it a day?

onixblack says:

8 million dollars

AndroidGuy says:


Sam K says:

In order to make an educated guess I'd have to know if Phil added one of the AT&T international data packages before he went to Spain. The Spanish carriers France Telecom Espana (Orange), Telefonica Moviles and VODAFONE are included in the plan. I would have added it before I left and then taken it off when I returned.

Assuming he was there 4 days and he didn't have an international data package on his account, I'll guess around $1600.

S1LENT says:

My estimate of your roaming data costs are $2,160.

I'm going to say around $4k if you didn't use a local SIM or WiFi.

I assume that your hotel and the conference center has WiFi though, so it could be as little as $1k.

I used roaming data to download a Google map in an emergency down in Argentina and it added $80 to my bill (for about 2 minutes of access).

dougE2483 says:


$427 :)

dcviper says:

Heh, Phil looks tiiiiired. Hey, if you want to set a record or something, I found out that Pandora works, even overseas if you've got it on your phone already. At least, it does with Verizon, because they trunk all your traffic back to the US, so your PoP doesn't change at all. :D

Kromen says:

I'm going to say one dollar, Phil.

bobaka says:

why the heck would you do this?
you couldn't just buy a local phone because.....?
they don't have free wifi at this event?

uansari1 says:

I'll guess $400.


Timelessblur says:

I am going to go wiht $638.

Why? Just because that is my guess.

n64kps says:

This has to be one of the greatest contests I've seen!

Sexy pic Phil

greygoose0 says:


cajunchicken says:

Over 9000!

dixiehuntr says:


papermonkey says:

Once had a $5000 bill from Sprint after they mistakenly changed my unlimited data plan and I was tethering the whole month.... so ima go with $2500 (since he's only there for a week or so)

tomas#AC says:

my feeling tells me it might be big ...$823?! i used a company called fonmigo when i travelled from spain to the uk in summer - they rented mobile wifi and worked pretty good and i saved on roaming. (sorry telefonica - you can keep your roaming bill to yourself!) those guys might offer something similar for spain. good luck phil!

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valmitchell says:

$2550 ? ))





wplantz says:

$1983. My birth year.

rkeenan says:


jcrus says:

Given the fact that 2 days a few years ago in Guam with an iPhone for me resulted in a ~$2000 phone bill, I'm going to go high and say roughly $7640 (That's my official guess, the range being somewhere between $6k-$9k)

zenguppy34 says:

Phil knows better. Sets his nexus for Wifi only and no network data.

kirblar#AC says:

$3305 with your normal bill also.

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pantos says:

Hi, i'm from Barcelona, (sòc català) and.. it's going to be HUGE.

my guess is around 8000$