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sandplasma says:

Man I forwarded 3-4 times and stil the boobs did not make an appearence. :(

Titanius says:

If you came here to see boobs, you're at the wrong place...

arcadelion says:

Lol, did the same thing. Her facebook may have pics for your liking.


Little hiccup in here regarding PlayBook 2.0

As long as you own a PlayBook, you'll definitely be able to download OS 2.0. It's no different than any other PlayBook update. Done OTA.

BBM - The clarification is that on OS 2.0, there will be no native BBM. To get BBM on your PlayBook, you'll need to own a BlackBerry also, and get it via BlackBerry bridge (as you do now). A future update will make it native (once RIM figures out multiple device management via the BBID.