Once again Mobile Nations has assembled at CES, and we've come together with the Cell Phone Junkie to talk NVIDIA's Project Shield, 4K (2160p) televisions, giant phones, low-end phones, and all the rest of the news -- and the show hasn't even officially started yet!



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Mobile Nations at CES 13: Day zero


Could someone please slap anyone from Google and see if they will spill the beans on when the Nexus 4 might ship again as I'm getting board of waiting now...

or are they moving to a single shipping model where they only ship what they have and then leave it until the following year?

It's because of their poor sight that their bodies have compensated with super abilities... it's a give and take kinda thing.

So are you saying that their flabby mid sections and overall lack of muscularity is in compensation for bad eyesight? That makes ME a superhero!!

Where is Epic Beard Man? Jerry stayed at home? That can only mean one thing... lookout Mobile Nations Avengers !!!! Dr Doom Hildenbrand is plotting something nefarious !!!!

Wow, Phil...you only rated *Hawkeye*?!? Good Lord, man! He had to be rescued... I'd have thought you at least deserved to get Cap.