Batter up for the MLB season with a new monthly subscription rate

Spring Training is underway ahead of the start of the 2014 MLB season, and the official At Bat for Android just got a useful little update. Now, alongside the one off subscription payment of $19.99 for the season, you can choose to pay in smaller chunks of $2.99 per month for full access to the app.

For Baseball fans there's no better one-stop shop to follow the season right from Spring Training through to the World Series. subscribers still get free access to At Bat – so long as you're on the Premium tier – as well as being able to watch live video content and more. Snag the app at the Google Play link up top


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MLB At Bat gets new subscription model for 2014 season


That's like saying the Cubs are winning the World series. Not gonna happen

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

...and Cleveland and the Jaguars will play in the Super Bowl, which obviously will be held in London this year

all about the pitching and if we can figure out short and first base then they may see .500 if all goes well.

new ownership would be stellar but that won't be happening either unless they are forced out by the new commish.

At least you guys are still in the National League (Astros fan here) plus you can see your team on tv, Houston is still dealing with the crap from CSN
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Another great year with this application which started so innocently on my famed Evo 4g in 2010.
To my Evo 3d in 2011 and Galaxy Nexus, To my Galaxy S3 in 2012 and Galaxy Note 2, To now my Galaxy Note 3 in 2013 and the start of 2014.
It wouldn't be right without this application on my Note products listening to those Yankees.

Plain and simple NOTHING beats SAMSUNG or TMOBILE Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 via Android Central App

Bought the month pass last week so I can listen to Spring Training this month. The rest of the season I can watch on TV at night, works out good. Only thing g is you can't use Google Play credit for $2.99 like you can with $19.99.

Question for those who have this: how is the streaming quality? I am thinking for $20 I can stream all of my team's games to my GS3, then use my AllShare Cast to watch them on my TV. Sounds like a great deal but if the quality is poor so it won't look at least decent on my TV, then may not be worth it. Or is this compatible with Google Chromecast? Thanks!

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The games look great on my N7 and Razr Maxx Hd. Have not tried to go to a TV yet but see no reason for bad quality.

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Beware! 20 bucks is for radio broadcasts of all games. MLB.TV is a separate subscription of $120 or so per year. If you get that, this app is free and you can then watch on your phone.

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I really wish the NFL would stop favoring one carrier over all others. I'd love this same set-up for NFL games.

Great app! It's the best way to keep up with your favorite team (go Royals!) while on the road or at work.

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Anyone think T-Mobile is going to step up like last year and give the $19.99 subscription away to T-Mobile users?

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That would rule! Especially since T-Mobile never implemented the bull pen technology that I assume they were advertising with the promotion.

I'm holding out to see if this happens, also. Last year I bought a full subscription, only to find out that I could have got it for free if I waited a month into the season.

As an A's fan who lives in Texas, I have bought MLB.TV every year for the past 4 years, was so glad when they said people who purchase MLBTV automatically get access to the paid version of the app, that saved me $20 a year. This app is single handedly the reason my data usage is so high from April until September.

I have a season subscription for MLB Gameday audio on my PC, which also costs $19.99. It really sucks that I'd be expected to pay an additional $19.99 to have the same product on my phone.

If you buy the app, then you get the audio access on your computer too. You should email MLB and see if you can get a refund or something. I was surprised to find that out last year. I always enjoyed listening on my phone. Just NY chance I tried listening on my PC and it worked great.

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I just wish they didn't blackout local games. They should allow you to log in with your cable/satellite provider info so I can watch at work or when I'm not @ home.

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This I would love, there are at a minimum 19 A's games I can't watch since I live in Texas. The Rangers are 2 hours from where I live and it is understandable that I am in their home market, but I get their games on TV. The Astros on the other hand are not that close, and I don't get their games on tv, but am still considered in their TV market so I can't get their games at all.

I stream the defending champs on my s4 and shoot it to my tv with an all share cast dongle without problems-think repeat Sox

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Just purchased MLB ATBat for my Android phone and was hoping to stream it to my TV through Chromecast. I saw you did this, but it doesn't appear it is available for me. Is there something simple I am missing? Also, can I access this account on my computer to watch games? It seemed it is only available for mobile devices.


I share an Premium subscription with 3 others. For $33 each we all get access to the app in addition to every game on and all audio only feeds.

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At bat is worthless unless you live outside the viewing area of your team. But if you want to watch your home team then the is worthless as its blacked out. Better off spending your money on a place shifting device. I've gotten 4 seasons of my Flyers and Phillies with my Vulkano box. Not to mention red zone channel on the tablet awhile I watch my Eagles on the big screen during football season.

Having a VPN at home and using FakeGPS app on my phone makes blackouts a thing of the past.

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Damn it, when can we see MLB come out with a "MLB the show" game on Android. Loved the games on my psp

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